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Key Lime Pie Dessert Shooters

Updated on October 2, 2014

Key Lime Pie Dessert Shooters will delight any crowd!

Dessert shooters are simply mini desserts served in small glasses, such as 2 ounce shot glasses or even small jelly jars. The key to the best dessert shooter is to use the freshest ingredients, add interesting layers, and, most importantly, keep it simple! These key lime pie dessert shooter mini desserts are so good that you'll want to prepare at least two per person so you don't run out.

I've perfected the art of the Key Lime Pie dessert shooter over many years, and have taken it upon myself to conduct the deepest research by sampling all of the variations of key lime pie in the conch republic. John and I vacation in Key West at least 4 times a year so I know of what I type.

Any dinner guest will be thrilled to dig a long handled spoon into a key lime pie mini dessert shooter so they can get every delicious drop out of the bottom of the glass. Besides being delicious, these mini desserts are a great way to get just a taste of something sweet (or tart, depending on your tastes), but still reduce the amount of calories going in. That's a win-win situation.

My favorite photo of Key West, ever!

My favorite photo of Key West, ever!
My favorite photo of Key West, ever!

If you can't get to the Conch Republic...

....bring a bit of it to you in the form of a Key Lime dessert shooter!

Anyone who has ever visited Key West, Florida, the Southernmost point of the US, knows the feel of the ocean breeze, the sound of the island music, and the taste of Key Lime Pie.

Made with the smallest of limes, the Key Lime, eating a slice of key lime pie encrusted in a delicious graham cracker crust is like eating a slice of sunshine.

Key lime pie lends itself very well to becoming a dessert shooter as it has 3 distinctive layers - a graham cracker crust, the key lime filling, and whipped cream. Layering these items in a shot glass (or any small dessert glass) not only makes a beautiful presentation but is a delicious way to "visit" the Conch Republic without leaving home. Just right to mix up for your next staycation.

Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart. ~Erma Bombeck

Making a key lime pie dessert shooter can be as easy or as involved as you prefer. The below recipe is one that I use from scratch - that is, I make my own key lime pie filling as I like it extra tart.

Prep time: 10 min
Cook time: 50 min
Ready in: 1 hour
Yields: 12


  • 3 large egg yolks
  • 1 can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk
  • 1/2 C Nellie & Joe's Key West LIme Juice
  • 1 T melted butter


  1. Add the sweetened condensed milk into a medium sized saucepan. With a whisk, mix in the egg yolks until well blended. Place over medium heat, stirring constantly, until the mixture boils.
  2. Mix in the lime juice and butter until well blended. Pour into a glass bowl and refrigerate for at least an hour or until set up.
  3. Note: if you're a cheater (and, remember, cheaters never prosper but they do save a lot of time), mix up the filling with Jello's Key Lime pudding. It's delicious and, with a squirt of extra lime juice, it will be more tart too.

Make the graham cracker crust and...

...Assemble the Key Lime Pie dessert shooter

Mix 1 C graham crackers with 1/2 cup sugar and 2T melted butter. It should combine and be a bit wet and crumbly.

Make fresh whipped cream by adding heavy whipping cream to a cold bowl. Whip on high until you have fluffy whipped cream. Add in enough sugar to make it the sweetness you prefer or, if you really like a tart Key Lime Pie dessert shooter, add a bit of key lime juice to the cream before whipping.

Place enough of the graham cracker crumb mixture to cover the bottom of your dessert shooter glass. If you're using a taller glass, tap the crumbs into the bottom with a pestle or a demitasse spoon.

Add in 2 T of the Key Lime Pie filling and add a bit of whipped cream. Add in more graham cracker crumb mixture, more pie filling and top with another dollop of fresh whipped cream.

Garnish with a slice of a key lime (or a red cherry) and sprinkle with more graham cracker crumbs.

Cast your vote for Recipe for a Key Lime Pie Dessert Shooter Filling

Merritt 5 ounce tumbler

This is my favorite dessert shooter glass. Although the above picture isn't key lime, it was delicious!

Made of heavy duty acrylic, this Merritt tumbler makes a healthy sized dessert shooter but, then again, is there ever too much Key Lime Pie dessert shooter?

Merritt 5 ounce tumbler acrylic glassware

Merritt 5 ounce tumbler acrylic glassware
Merritt 5 ounce tumbler acrylic glassware

Dessert Shooter glasses on Amazon

Stock up on some of these pretty dessert shooter glasses so you're ready for the hoards.

Topping Ideas for Key Lime Dessert Shooters

Any, or all, of the below items would make a great topping for a delicious, tart Key Lime Dessert Shooter.

Key West Island Memories

I put this video together as a compilation of many trips to the Conch Republic. Hope you like it.

More Key West Photos - Don't hate me because I'm here 6 weeks...

Click thumbnail to view full-size

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