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Kitchenaid A9 Coffee Grinder

Updated on September 20, 2013

Kitchenaid A9 Coffee Grinder - Also Known as KitchenAid KCG200OB

The Kitchenaid A9 Coffee Grinder is considered the first electric coffee grinder for in-home use. The unit features a powerful 200-watt motor and die-cast metal construction for durability. Its stainless-steel precision burr grinding mechanism has 16 grinds to accommodate every brewing process, including espresso, automatic drip, and French press. Its no-cling glass jar holds up to one pound of coffee beans and is designed with a twist-off sealed lid. Four rubber feet offer added stability. The coffee mill comes with a cleaning brush and a graduated, glass measuring cup. However, this model is no longer available for purchase new.

The Kitchenaid vintage grinder pictured here can be purchased at Personally, I just love the look of the original antique models (like the one pictured here). It would be a great purchase even if it doesn't work. There are instructions on how to refurbish your own A9 grinder, replace parts, and how to make it more efficient.

The best thing about Kitchenaid A9 is

it looks fantastic in a retro kitchen, the older models ARE antiques and sometimes you can even get it in green or pink!

History of the A9

In the late 1930s KitchenAid started selling the A9. They made it until the 1950s. These are the real antiques.

More recently, they started making A9s that looked the same but made of aluminum (and then painted). These grinders work much faster and come with a glass measuring container or the coffee grounds and a burr cleaner.

Another really cool option (to have a Vintage A9 refinished in your choice of colors). does just this (and not just for coffee grinders either.

Kitcheaid A9 Grinder
Kitcheaid A9 Grinder

Where can I buy a retro Kitchenaid A9 Coffee Grinder?

Ebay is probably your best bet for snagging a kitchenaid a9 coffee grinder. However, make sure to watch the descriptions. You want to know what you are paying for (is it new in box, has it been used for 20 years, or does it need repair). You'll also want to know if you're buying a vintage A9 (made from 1930s - 1950s) or one of the more recent models (still no longer available for purchase). It's also good to ask if all the accessories are included (the burr cleaner, instruction manual, lid, glass storage jar, etc). If the instruction manual is missing, no big deal, you can download the Kitchenaid A9 manual here.

You can also sometimes purchase a vintage A9 from or in an antique store.

If you're just looking for a vintage/retro looking coffee grinder (and aren't attached to the Kitchenaid A9 click here to find some great looking retro coffee grinders (both manual and automatic).

New Kitchenaid Pro Model - Not the same look and feel, but just as functional.

This is the model that Kitchenaid has replaced the A9 with. I don't think it looks as stunning as the A9, but it does have all the functionality (I think it has one setting less than the A9, though).

KitchenAid Pro Line Series Burr Coffee Mill, Onyx Black
KitchenAid Pro Line Series Burr Coffee Mill, Onyx Black
Obviously, the newer Kitchenaid Pro Coffee Grinder doesn't have that retro look to it. However, it does have 15 settings and can do what the older model did.

Kitchenaid A9 or Pro? - Which coffee grinder do you think is a wise investment?

I'm just curious what everyone else thinks. Or do you already own a Kitchenaid A9? Would love to hear from those of you that do. All the reviews I see online are mixed as to whether the vintage model is more functional than the newer models.

Tell us which Kitchenaid coffee grinder you would purchase, and why?


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