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Korean Snacks - My Shopping Adventures

Updated on April 12, 2013

Finding Treats at a Korean Grocery Store

I live close in an international district and there are many Korean stores. Recently they opened up a new Korean supermarket.... I was curious so I decided that I should go buy some things! I came out with some snacks... They were all delicious and nothing like I expected!

So far, Korean snacks seem to be not as sweet as American, but my opinion might change as I try more of them.

Happy Promise Custard Cream Cakes
Happy Promise Custard Cream Cakes

Happy Promise Custard Cream Cakes

Made in Soul, Korea by LOTTE Confectionary Co

These treats are delicious! They are like a low-sugar version of "twinkies." They taste so fresh. They are soft and easy to eat.

I had three test tasters - my husband, myself, and my mother in law. We all couldn't resist them!

They are described as "moist cake filled with soft custard cream."

Each one has only 105 calories, 6 grams of fat, 12 grams of carbs, and 7 grams of sugar.

Yummy! I think I will be buying these again.

Mix of Korean and English on the Packaging

Happy Custard Cream Cakes
Happy Custard Cream Cakes

Korean Snack Food on Amazon - Easy way to get the snack food you love!

NongShim Shrimp Cracker, 2.64 Ounce Packages (Pack of 30)
NongShim Shrimp Cracker, 2.64 Ounce Packages (Pack of 30)

Lots of shrimp and fish flavored snacks in Korean cuisine!

Orion Choco Pie 12packs
Orion Choco Pie 12packs

This is a really popular snack! I think I'm going to give this a try next time. It's described as "not too sweet."

ButterRing Cookies
ButterRing Cookies

Butter Ring Cookies

Haitai Inc, Product of Korea

These cookies look like Danish Shortbread Cookies but they actually taste more like fortune cookies, but thicker and much softer. They crumble in your mouth and they don't stick to your teeth.

The packaging says "Delicious and premium cookies with the perfect butter taste. Ideal for parties, predinner, or as an everyday treat."

There is a picture of a caucasian woman and child on the package... I'm thinking these would make good cookies for tea time.. If I were british I might call them biscuits.

So, we have here a very tasty cookie, not very sweet, and perhaps it is supposed to be similar to western cookies. A serving size is 4 cookies, which is 150 calories with only 5 grams of sugar!

A "Predinner" Treat!

ButterRing Cookies
ButterRing Cookies

Corn Chee

by Crown Confectionery Co Ltd

I bought these thinking that they might be like cheese puffs, but I was very wrong.

These are very hard to describe... They're like an extra soft noodle that has a strip of sweet cheese on them. They're mildly sweet, NOT salty, and not very cheesy.

The first ingredient is corn flour, and they also contain cheese powder, cheese flavor, and cream flavor.

I can't think of a similar American food....

Choco Pie
Choco Pie

Happy Promise Choco Pie

Made in Korea by Lotte

When searching for Korean snack foods, this is one of the treats I found online. Since they were popular online, when I saw them at the store, I decided that I had to try them!

These are like 2 chocolate covered cookies with a smooshed marshmallow between them. It's sort of like a smore, but not as sweet.

I like these alright, but not as much as I liked the custard cream cakes I reviewed above. You can buy these on Amazon as well, but it's the Orion brand - and one reviewer says that the Orion brand is the best. So far, I've only tasted these made by Lotte.

Each individually packaged Choco Pie has 125 calories, no trans fat, and 10g sugars.

I will be going back to the store to buy more foods to try. If you can tell me about a Korean food and maybe compare it to an American one, that might be helpful!

What snack foods from South Korea do you recommend?

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    • mojoCNYartist profile image


      5 years ago from CNY

      I wonder how much influence America had on some of these snacks.


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