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Kosher Toronto Restaurants

Updated on April 26, 2012

Check out Toronto's kosher eateries

Toronto boasts many great kosher restaurants. What does it mean to be a great kosher restaurant? Great food, great atmosphere, and great service. If you're from Toronto and have eaten at these places, why not leave your thoughts on them? If you're visiting Toronto or looking for a place to take a kosher observant colleague, than I hope this lens is helpful!

Fine Dining

Along Eglinton Ave, in Toronto's prized Forest Hill neighborhood, three restaurants stand out as Toronto's best kosher eateries - 398 West, Marron Bistro Moderne and Bistro Grande.

These are the places you go for...

- A romantic dinner

- A very special family occasion

- Closing important business

Bistro Grande

1000 Eglinton Ave W Toronto, Ontario - (416) 782-3302

Love pasta? Love handmade pasta? Even you didn't before, you will after you visit Bistro Grande. Located a few doors down from Marron, Bistro Grande is a fantastic venue for a celebration with family.

Service is friendly and professional and the staff make an effort to thrill. Try the vodka penne and soba noodles with tuna. The spaghettini is made to perfection.

Bistro Grande is a dairy kosher restaurant, meaning that it's also great for all ovo-lacto-pesco-vegetarians.

Visit for menus and directions.

Your favorite classy kosher restaurant

Of the fanciest kosher restaurants in Toronto, which is your favorite?

See results

Good for a family outing

Many fine kosher restaurants fall within this category. Most are concentrated around Bathurst & Lawrence (Forest Hill) or Clark & Bathurst (Thornhill).

These are places you'd go for a casual family meal or a quiet evening.


441 Clark Ave West Thornhill, Ontario - (905) 709-2132

D-Lites offers fresh, light dairy fare as well as some of the best kosher sushi in Toronto. Their in-house sushi chef is amazing. Best value is a platter. Try the ikura maki!

View a menu here.

Hamizrach Kosher Restaurant - 6233 Bathurst St.Toronto, ON (416) 800-1345

A really good meat restaurant where you can get Bukharian Cuisine. This restaurant is under Badatz Toronto. Is also open 1 hour after shabbat - even in the summer.

Miami Grill

441 Clark Ave W Thornhill, Ontario - (905) 709-0096


This kosher meat restaurant is one place where you can get a good beef ribs, steak, wings, chicken balls, and grill.

The the restaurant is clean and usually quiet earlier in the day or late in the week. Recommended... chicken balls with cherry sauce. Places are neatly presented on red kale.

Visit their website here.

Cafe Sheli

7700 Bathurst St Thornhill Ontario - (905) 762-0640

Cafe Sheli doubles as a bakery. This is a dairy restaurant that's great for breakfast (closes a bit early for a long dinner).

Recommended - omelets (especially mushroom) and bourekas.

Sundays are busy, especially after lunch. Try late week in the morning.

Menu and directions can be found at their web site.

Dairy Treats

3522 Bathurst St Toronto Ontario - (416) 787-0309

The ambiance and decor of this restaurant is similar to Cafe Sheli (same owner). This restaurant, just south of the 401 on Bathurst, is a great breakfast venue.

Check them out here.

Chicken Nest

3038 Bathurst St Toronto Ontario - (416) 787-6378

Chicken Nest is a great for a quiet lunch or quick sit down dinner. The service is friendly and homely.

Recommendations - go for the grilled chicken breast. It's light and moist.

Chicken Nest's web site

Joe Boo’s Cookoos - Joe Boussidan is the hands-on owner and creator of Cookos

Woodfire rotisserie chicken is rare. Kosher woodfire rotisserie chicken... extremely rare!

Joe Boussidan created a unique kosher treat for Thornhillers. Although there's some seating, order a few chickens for a home meal on a special occasion.

Learn more about Cookoos here.

Favorite family restaurant

Which is your favorite kosher family restaurant?

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Quick meals and take-out

Quick meals and take-out aren't limited to non-kosher fast food. These pizza parlors, cafes, and take-out restaurants mean that you can get quality kosher food quickly

Here are a list of a few...

Golden Chopsticks

7000 Bathurst St Thornhill Ontario - (905) 760-2786

Kosher Chinese take out... Simple, sweet, and oily! Delicious! Take out menu here

Have a recommendation? Add it here...

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      dellgirl 4 years ago

      Fantastic - Congratulations on making the TOP 100 â Food & Cooking/Restaurants page!

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      smartkidzclub 5 years ago

      Anything in Richmond Hill or near by??

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      beseen-better-1 5 years ago

      I have found more kosher restaurants in toronto on this site very helpful every time i come to visit Toronto

    • LeorG profile image

      LeorG 5 years ago

      @DentalTourism: There a number of "kosher style" restaurants around Bathurst and Steeles. Probably the most famous is Me Va Me. Thanks for checking out the lens!

    • profile image

      DentalTourism 5 years ago

      We used to go to a great family place in York region. It was on the West side of Bathhurst St. right around where it crosses Highway 7. Which I suppose would place it either in Vaughan (if S of 7) or Richmond Hill (if N of Hwy 7). I can't recall the name, but the matzo ball chicken soupd was great. Anyone know the name?

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      enjoyed the tribute your doing here.