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Best Kure Beach Restaurants

Updated on May 13, 2014

Best bets for eats in relaxed beach town Kure Beach, North Carolina

For six summers my family has spent a lazy week in Kure Beach, NC, and sampled Kure Beach restaurants. Right upfront, I've got to tell you there's not a ton there. We like to cook every other night in our small beach cottage rental, but when we're ready to go out, Kure Beach does offer a few decent options. You can head next door to Carolina Beach for more choices, but if you'd rather stay in KB tonight, here's the scoop.

(photos: my own, 2012)

Freddie's Restaurante

Intimate and very popular, Freddie's might make you wait. Ask locals & repeat visitors, though, and they'll tell you it's worth it for the inventive pork chop dishes and generous pastas.

Freddie's menu, hours & details

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Jack Mackerel's

Here's the local hot spot for festive drinks & a varied menu. I like to keep it simple with the shrimp steamed with Old Bay, but my kids prefer the coconut-battered version. Fish & steak specials aplenty, and you can get a decent burger here, too.

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Big Daddy's Restaurant & Tiki Bar

The only thing to get here, in our humble opinion, is fried seafood -- and you can get that singly or in many combinations. Portions are very large, but so are the prices. The new "tiki bar" out front, with live music the last time we went, is a nice addition.

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Kure Beach Diner

(formerly Old Pier House)

101 K Avenue


We did not stop here on last visit to KB but have experience with its former incarnation, the Old Pier House -- and the new menu looks similar. Fried seafood and burgers for lunch & dinner, simple but yummy diner-y breakfasts. Refuel here after a sunrise walk on the beach.

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Beach House Burgers

118 North Fort Fisher Boulevard


I'm sad to have missed this place, but our cottage owners talked it up toward the end of our visit. Reviews look very promising, too. Please try it, as I want it to get enough business to stick around 'til our next trip to KB!

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Kure Beach Pier

Not a restaurant by any stretch, the wonderfully laid-back Kure Beach fishing pier -- reputedly the Atlantic Coast's oldest -- is a perfect place for a late afternoon treat & stroll. Our habit is to go for ice cream every day around 3. Flavors rotate, so there's an element of surprise, and the pelicans that hang out at the pier aren't too bad about trying to steal your food ;)

Kure Beach restaurants are all within a couple blocks of each other. If you're staying in KB, no car is needed :)

show route and directions
A markerFreddie's Restaurante -
111 K Avenue, Kure Beach, NC
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B markerJack Mackerel's -
113 K Avenue, Kure Beach, NC
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C markerBig Daddy's -
206 K Avenue, Kure Beach, NC
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D markerKure Beach Diner -
101 K Avenue, Kure Beach, NC
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E markerBeach House Burgers -
118 North Fort Fisher Boulevard
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stopping in Carolina Beach?

Our musts in this more developed but still family friendly beach town next to KB are Britt's Donuts and Frank's Pizza on the boardwalk. We also like El Cazador for a friendly Mex meal. Have heard good things about IDA Thai but have yet to try it. Next time!

Which Kure Beach restaurants have you tried? Any recommendations?


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