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Ngau Cheong (Beef Rice Rolls)

Updated on July 11, 2016
Beef rice noodle rolls
Beef rice noodle rolls

What is ngau cheong?

Ngau cheong is a type of cheong fun that has beef filling inside. The filling is soft and a little fatty. It is wrapped in a thin sheet of rice noodle which may be sticky and chewy depending on how much oil was used in the recipe. Cheong fun is traditionally eaten with a sweet soy sauce, rather than a salty one. The soy sauce really completes the flavor of the dish and helps with the stickiness of the rice noodles.

This is a classic dim sum dish to order at Chinese restaurants. Different places make ngau cheong with slight variations. Some have thicker rice noodles and some are less sticky. One restaurant I went to added cilantro to the beef filling, and it wasn't a pleasant surprise for me. I have no problems with cilantro, but it wasn't something I expected to find in my ngau cheong! That was probably the first time I had a ngau cheong like that.

Ngau cheong is definitely something you should try the next time you go to a Chinese restaurant or bakery that sells dim sum. I have a feeling that you will like it!

Chopped ngau cheong
Chopped ngau cheong


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