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Thai Food Recipe - How To Make Larb Pet, Spicy Minced Duck Salad

Updated on January 24, 2011

Larb Pet (Spicy Minced Duck Salad)

Larb is a common dish served in the northeastern Thai provinces as well as the country of Laos. Larb is most commonly made from minced chicken, pork, or beef. Larb Pet (made with duck) is a specialty served in many Thai restaurants. In some cases this dish is made with raw meat and blood. Most commonly the meat is boiled and served in a spicy salad with fresh chili peppers and crispy duck skin served with a side of fresh vegetables and sticky rice. There are many documented health benefits from eating Larb, due to the high protein and low carbs. Larb is an excellent choice for people looking to shed a few pounds on a low carb diet, however you may want to leave out the crispy duck and stay away from the sticky rice if you are trying to lose weight.


How To Make Larb
You can make this dish with any minced meat, this recipe is for minced duck, you can substitute with chicken, pork or beef. You don't want to use skinless duck (unless you are on a diet) as we will use the skin to make crispy duck. When you boil the minced duck meat you want to be careful not to overcook it, it will be dry and lack flavour if it is overcooked. You can adjust the amount of Thai chili flakes you use depending on your taste. You should serve this dish with sticky rice, sliced cucumber, cabbage and yard long beans.


2 duck breasts (skin on)
1 large lime
1 tablespoon of dried Thai chili flakes.
half of a red onion very thinly sliced
2 green onions chopped
6 fresh mint leaves
1 tablespoon of fish sauce
1 teaspoon of MSG (optional)

Cooking Instructions

1: Remove the skin, and fry in oil until crispy.

2: Drain the oil and chop the crispy duck into bite sice pieces.

3: Boil the minced duck 3-5 minutes in a large pot.

4: Drain the water and place in a large bowl.

5: Add the chili powder, onion, fish sauce, crispy duck and MSG.

6: Squeeze the juice of the lime into the bowl and stir well.

7: Add the chopped green onion and mint leaves.

8: Serve with sticky rice and sliced cucumber and green vegetables.

larb pet
larb pet


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    • profile image

      Chrisjoy 2 years ago

      wow that is impressive. i agree it would have been more chglienalng if you could have done the cutting but still looks like you learned a lot with the class. will you make these dishes at home?

    • profile image

      Terrah 2 years ago

      We've areirvd at the end of the line and I have what I need!