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Lazy Cooking: Chicken "Stoup"

Updated on September 7, 2014

Yes, I meant to put that "t" in there!

I cant decide what to call it. Is it is soup or stew? No matter how you spell it, its easy. And thats just my favorite kind of cooking. I like for it to be fast. I like it when it doesnt require a whole lot of steps or chopping. I like shortcuts, to say the least. But if anyone can cut a shortcut short, its me!I am a wife and a mommy. The way our duties fall in our household, I do most of the cooking and my husband does a lot of the cleaning. I work from home, using my computer. Since my time is flexible, I tend to run over into dinnertime with my work. While my family is out playing in the sunshine, I am in front of a glowing computer screen. Often, when I am writing, I lose track of time in the late afternoon. Before I know it, I have sweaty, dirty-faced boys standing in front of me, asking whats for dinner. Uuuuuhhhhh, I say, glancing at the dark, quiet, clean kitchen. Ill get back to you on that. Go ahead and take your bath. It will be ready when you come back downstairs.And . . . GO! Now I have about 20 minutes to whip up something and save face, to show my family that I do actually love them and think about them! This is one of my quick whip-ups that makes everyone happy.

I’ve posted some of my other quick, go-to recipes before, like my chicken and black bean chili. That’s a winner in wintertime. Well, I have to say that this one, my Chicken Stoup, is the tastiest. It’s my favorite, and I think it’s my family’s favorite, too!

  • Prep time: 20 min
  • Ready in: 20 min
  • Yields: 3-4


  • Great Value Chicken & Rice soup from WalMart (larger can)
  • I can of cooked chicken breast pieces
  • 1 cup of dry rice


  1. Method: First, I get a cup of rice and two cups of water going in the microwave (in a covered Corningware dish). 5 minutes on high. Then I adjust the power level to medium and microwave it for another 15 minutes. While that is going, I pour the soup and 1 can full of water into a pot of the stove and heat it up. I add the can of chicken to the soup.Serving: I put a serving spoon or two of rice into the bowls, then cover that with the soup.Delicious, filling, and a big hit with my fellows, big and small.
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Photo mine
Photo mine

Why I use what I use

If you have read some of my other recipe lenses, you already know that I like quick-fix dinners using things I tend to keep in my pantry. This recipe would undoubtedly be great (and healthier) with fresh ingredients, but the cans are so quick and easy when you are pressed for time.I am not generally a Wal-Mart shopper for most items, but I recommend this Great Value brand from Wal-Mart because I think it is the tastiest. I love my old-school Corning Ware dish with the blue flowers because it was my grandmother's. But I also love it because it seems to cook the rice just right. The glass lid fits, but it is not airtight. Something about the loose fit of it makes the rice come out perfect.As far the health factor, this recipe could be better, but it could be worse, too. I realize that the veggies aren’t fresh, and the sodium content is probably fairly high, but I don’t reach for this one more than about once per month.

CorningWare dishes similar to mine

This is the modern version of my grandmother's CorningWare dish that I use for the rice.

What are your favorite "lazy" recipes?

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    • profile image

      dellgirl 4 years ago

      Love this recipe, that's just my kind of cooking...opening cans and dumping it in! Thanks for sharing this.