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Easy Salad Recipes

Updated on June 28, 2016
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I'm Ramona. I was told I am a workaholic. I start businesses, build websites and enjoy the internet.Never stop getting knowledge.

Fresh Lettuce from the Garden

Salad Side Dish

Can't think of what to make as a side dish for dinner?

Leafy salads are a good choice and go with any meal.

Salads are fast and quick to prepare and best of all they do not need a stove! Not to mention how Healthy they are.

Sometimes just a Steak and Salad is enough. There are many things you can do with Lettuce. Salads don't just have to be side dishes either. They can be the main course, depending on how you prepare them.

Plain Salad

Lettuce becomes salad as soon as you add a Vinaigrette

Sometimes just a plain, green, leafy salad will do the trick. Just add a nice Vinaigrette over it and you will be on your way.

Add extra flavor with some chopped onions , garlic or fresh shredded Parmesan cheese..

Any kind of Lettuce is fine except "iceberg" it really has no nutritious value and doesn't taste well by itself. It contains a lot of water and has virtually no flavor. But that's my opinion. It is good to use on hamburgers and other sandwiches.

I personally enjoy Romaine, Arugula, Oak Leaf, Butter Lettuce, Spring cuts and such. These types of lettuce hold dressings better too.

A simple Vinaigrette Dressing

Make it yourself

Salad Dressings can be Sweet, Sour, Creamy, Tangy.

So many Vinaigrette Dressings available it really is hard to choose. You'll just have to go with your taste buds.

Here is my specialty recipe very simple and tangy.

* 1/2 onion chopped real fine

* 1/2 of a fresh squeezed lemon juice

* 1 teaspoon salt maybe a little extra

* 2 teaspoons garlic powder or fresh cloves chopped extremely fine

* 2 tablespoons Light Olive oil

* 3-4 tablespoons Vinegar. Your choice ( Red wine, apple cider, white vinegar) maybe a little extra

But there is a secret to this. You don't mix all the ingredients together and then pour over the lettuce.

You have to make it this way:

* Dump the onions in a large salad bowl

* Add the lettuce and toss

* Then drizzle the olive oil all over the lettuce - toss evenly

* Sprinkle half the salt and garlic - toss

* Squeeze the lemon juice around it - toss

* Sprinkle remaining salt and garlic on salad - toss

* Add all of the Vinegar - toss


add more of salt, garlic or vinegar to taste

Always Toss

Have the right Tools at hand

Never stir salad. It should always be tossed. This keeps the salad from wilting, bruising and going limp thus distributing the vinaigrette evenly.

Easy Honey-Mustard Salad Dressing

So Simple!

* 1/2 cup Honey

* 1/2 cup brown mustard ( my favorite is "Guldens")

In a small bowel mix all ingredients and stir . Done, easy, simple and quick.

If you need to make more just remember do half and half equal amounts.

Example; 1 cup mustard- 1 cup honey.

Need more?

Do, 2 cups mustard - 2 cups honey. You got it....

* Tip: This dressing also tastes great with chicken strips/nuggets!

Extra Toppings on the Lettuce

If you prefer more than just leafy lettuce then add spring salad, celery and tomatoes.

Cut the celery in diagonal 1/4 inch strips and enjoy the crunchiness.

Honey Mustard Chicken Salad

A Full Meal

If you just can't think of what to make for dinner but you want something light and easy to prepare and is also full-filling, then try making a Chicken Salad with a home made honey mustard dressing. Don't toss together until you are ready to eat it. FABULOUS!!! Just think, you made it yourself it was quick and easy also affordable.

Here's how to put it together

* 1 pack grilled ready made chicken ( the kind you can put in Microwave)

* 1/2 head of leafy lettuce cut into strips (Romaine is good)

* 1/2 chopped onion

* any toppings your choice if any, maybe salad sprinkles-croutons, bacon, cheese so on and so forth

Lay some lettuce on a plate, top it with onions and your other favorite toppings. Lastly microwave the chicken to it's directions and lay on top of the salad. Drizzle honey mustard salad dressing all over the salad.

Variety Toppings

Here is a tasty vegetable topping.

Everything cut in small cubes.

* 1/2 red onion

* 1/2 red bell pepper

* 1/2 green bell pepper

* 1/2 package red cherry tomatoes

* 1/2 package yellow cherry tomatoes

* 1/2 cucumber

Put all veggies in a bowl.

Sprinkle desired amount of salt and garlic. Mix. Pour desired amount of ranch dressing all over. Mix. Serve alone or over leafy lettuce.

Lettuce and Onions the perfect match

Eating a salad with out onions can taste good since some people don't like onions.

They are really missing out eating a salad with out onions. Can't imagine.

I tried it once but it just made the salad taste bland, less flavorful. The onions are what puts the pizzaz in it.

Not to mention, onions are very good for you. If you don't like the taste they leave in your mouth then eat some fresh parsley behind it. The enzymes in the parsley will help the after taste of the onion. Or, brush your teeth with good old Baking Soda.

Spring Lettuce with Feta Cheese

Feta Cheese is a crumbly, strong tasting cheese and goes well on salads. Adding a few thin slices of red onions, your favorite dressing, a few sprigs of spring lettuce is all this exquisite salad dish consists of.

Always wash your lettuce in cold water - Then spin it dry. Lettuce spinners are a very handy kitchen tool.

Need more easy recipes? Join me on my Blog

Don't know what to cook? Don't know how? My blog has my very own recipes for easy cooking.

Thank you for stopping by


© 2014 Ramona

What's your Favorite Salad?

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