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Learn the strangest 10 fruits have not seen before

Updated on July 27, 2016

1. Durian :

Durian or durian fruit originally comes from the Malay four means (thorn) and called the queen of fruits.

He called his "taste of paradise and the smell of hell," the fact that a strong and pungent smell is very unpleasant to the point where they are banned from entering hotels, planes and taxis to the rapid spread of smell, which lasts a long time, but it is characterized by a sweet taste.

Growing regions of Southeast Asia, especially in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Taiwan.


2. Krmbola or star fruit :

Krmbola is a plant belongs to the superfamily Ahamadih, moderate acidity and is characterized by a wonderful taste, it is also rich in vitamin (C).Is native to Southeast Asia.


3. Kiwano or African Horned Melon:

Alkiwanu fruit is the fruit of a platoon watermelon was grown primarily in Africa, in color from yellow rind abroad in the form of horns and full of bumps, and the interior is characterized by green seeds aligned like a cucumber seeds. Its taste resembles the taste of bananas immature.

4. Dragon Fruit or Pitaya:

  1. Dragon fruit is oval-shaped fruit, there is inside a lot of small black seeds.

5. Salak or snake fruit:

Is a kind of Alnkhalih native to Indonesia and Malaysia Trees, it reaches a height of 6 meters and produces the fruit of a brown-capped shiny leather-like skin to a large extent the snake hence gained its name.

Snake fruit size pill-sized figs and when peeled look like a very large clove garlic-like smell the smell of apples and a taste acidic very snappy with sweetness.

Snake fruit or Salak contain important vitamins and minerals such as vitamin (C), calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and rich in dietary fiber important for the health of the digestive system.

6. Rambutan :

Rambutan is a tropical tree of average size and the name also given to the fruit of the tree.

Its skin is red bristles color and for this reason named Rambutan means hair, and then peel it becomes a white, have a taste of acid.

Out of the tree back to Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia.

7. Fruit evacuated - Ugli Fruit:

Fruit evacuated or ugly fruit (Ugly Fruit), and is called by this name because of the outward appearance, but in terms of taste is distinctive.

Jamaica home of this fruit and produce from the hybridization of grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, and its taste is a combination of three fruit taste, and is characterized as big in size, which is rich in vitamin (C).

8. Feronia Limonia or Wood Apple:

Wooden apple fruit is characterized by coarse to touch them and rind of wood, color brown, and contain a lot of the seeds from the inside, and the distinctive taste of fragrant smell.

The original home of this fruit back to the plains of India and Ceylon.

9. Synsepalum dulcificum or Miracle Fruit:

Miracle fruit ; fruit strange and wonderful as you are following ingestion can eat lemon or pungent food will not feel Bhmodth or bitterness, because they contain a substance Miraculin a substance protein sugary permeate into the cavity, which prevents the tongue taste the bitterness or acidity.

10. Custard Apple:

Apple Custard apple looks like from the outside, its leaves are used to extract Abbagat and used to bark in some prescriptions.


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