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Buy Lever Wine Opener and Screwpull Wine Opener Corkscrews

Updated on September 15, 2014
Screwpull lever corkscrew
Screwpull lever corkscrew | Source

A Lever Wine Opener is the Perfect Gift

A lever wine opener, or as some people call it, a screwpull wine opener is the perfect gift for that special wine lover you know. (even if it is you).

Depending on the model, one or two pulls on a lever and in just a few seconds, you are uncorked and ready to pour,

3 of the most recognized names for lever wine openers would be, Rogar, Le Creuset Screwpull, and Metrokane Rabbit. Mention either of these wine openers to a wine lover and listen to what they say.

Premium quality materials and craftsmanship, and superior performance are the trademarks of these companies. Their lever wine openers are available in table or counter top models, handhelds, and professional models, many of these are also available as a wine opener set gift pack.

So if you know an Oenophile, (wine lover), and are looking for a gift, or even if you are just looking for a reason to get one for yourself, the prices and bargains you will find listed below are something you don't want to miss.

*ebay and Amazon are the nets' 2 largest online market places, and both have guaranteed Buyer Protection Plans so you can shop with confidence. So where possible, side-by-side price comparisons are available for each product.

Rogar Lever Wine Opener Corkscrews available on ebay now.

Rogar Estate Lever Wine Opener Corkscrew
Rogar Estate Lever Wine Opener Corkscrew

The Rogar Estate Wine Opener

Rogar Estate Lever Wine Opener - Table-top

Rogar wine openers are handcrafted in Virgnia, in the United States. Quality materials, quality workmanship, and nostalgic design are the trademarks of a Rogar wine opener.

The Estate model is designed around the mechanical concept of the "Champion Cork Removal System" developed by the Arcade Amusement Co. in 1897.

Even though it has the original operational and design concepts, the mechanical and materials aspects have been thoroughly modernized. It may have the distinguished appearance of a Bently, but it operates like a Ferrari.

The simple one-pull operation of this lever wine opener means just pull the lever to you and the wine bottle is uncorked. Push the lever back to the start position and the bottle is re-corked.

There are a variety of Rogar Estate models and wine opener stand choices. It will be easy to find one to match the d├ęcor of your table or home wine bar. There is even a model for counter-top attachment.

Functional elegance never looked so good. Imagine the impression you will make when your guests see this Classic Lever Wine Opener in use!

Rogar Champion Lever Wine Opener
Rogar Champion Lever Wine Opener | Source

The Rogar Champion

Rogar Champion Pewter. Wine Bottle Opener

The Rogar Champion Pewter. Wine Bottle Opener is an exacting replica of the original 1890's "Champion Corkmaster" lever wine opener cork removal system.

Available in pewter, and nickel-finish, the Champion can also be mounted on a counter or bar top.

A quote from Rogar says:

"Combining elegance with functionality, the Corkmaster is a beautiful, hand-finished replica of an 1890's design that uncorks and recorks your wine bottles with ease."

With one effortless swing of the hardwood handle, the cork is penetrated and removed

  • With a simple reverse motion, your wine can be recorked to help preserve the flavor
  • Removes the most difficult corks, including the ones on the new "flange" type wine bottles
  • May also be used by simply mounting to any strong, flat surface such as a countertop.
  • Every opener is meticulously hand-assembled and individually inspected, guaranteeing smooth operation every time
  • The beauty of the hardwood table stand, coupled with the cast aluminum with antique bronze finish, lets you place the opener in any room
  • Dimensions: 12" W x 7" D x 23" H
  • Wine Opener Stand included. (unless otherwise noted in listing)

These Hand-Held Lever Wine Openers are on ebay right now!

metrokane rabbit lever wine opener
metrokane rabbit lever wine opener

Metrokane Rabbit Lever Wine Opener

The Metrokane Rabbit lever Wine Opener IS the original hand-held lever wine opener!

If it is true that "imitation is the highest form of flattery," then Metrokane should be very flattered.

Metrokane Rabbit Clasic Lever Wine Opener

The Metrokane Classic Rabbit Lever Wine Opener is solidly constructedand has ergonomically designed rubberized handles and a teflon-coated corkscrew worm for effortless penetration of the cork.

Simple operation means you just place it over the cork, grip the handles, one lever pull to impale the cork, and one more lever pull to extract the cork. 1-2-3 and done! In seconds your favorite wine is uncorked and ready to pour.

The Rabbit Classic model is available in:

  • Executive Black
  • Connoisseur Silver
  • "Hot" Pink
  • Classic Red

Each Rabbit lever wine opener comes with a "twist-n-done" wine foil cutter/remover and an extra teflon-coated corkscrew worm. (each worm is expected to last through 1000 openings)


  • Pulls a cork in 3 seconds flat
  • Automatically releases the cork
  • User-friendly ergonomic design
  • Opens any size wine bottle
  • Award winning design
  • All gear teeth made of hardened metal
  • Tested for 20,000 cork pulls by independent laboratory*
  • 10-year Warranty

Rabbit V.I.P. Wine Opener Set

Metrokane Rabbit V.I.P. Lever Wine Opener Set
Metrokane Rabbit V.I.P. Lever Wine Opener Set

Rabbit "Zippity" Wine Opener Set

metrokane rabbit "Zippity" Wine Opener Set
metrokane rabbit "Zippity" Wine Opener Set

Metrokane Rabbit Gift and Tool Sets

Metrokane also makes an Impressive V.I.P. Wine Opener Set Gift Set, and other multi-piece wine tool kits and gift sets.

The V.I.P. Executive Wine Gift Set comes in a red or black leather-bound storage case with polished chrome sides.

Consummate luxury gift for wine connoisseur Presentation/storage case made of genuine leather with polished chrome base and top Sterling edition Rabbit corkscrew made of die-cast metal with polished chrome finish Chrome foil cutter and extra spiral included

The "Zippity" Wine Gift Set includes the "Sterling" Rabbit is die cast metal, with Chrome Finish. And it is housed in a Red Zippered Case with a polycarbonate window.

Also included is a Chrome Foil Cutter, and an extra Spiral.

  • Durable Red zippered EVA case with polycarbonate window.
  • "Sterling Edition" die-cast metal original Rabbit corkscrew
  • Comes with a polished foil cutter and extra spiral

Don't forget, you don't always need to wait for an auction to end, look for Buy-it-Now listings and snap up that great deal now! - with just a click!

Metrokane Zippity Wine Opener Set on Amazon

Rabbit Wine Opener Tool Set

Metrokane Rabbit Lever Wine Opener Tool Set
Metrokane Rabbit Lever Wine Opener Tool Set

Metrokane Rabbit Lever Wine Opener Tool Sets

Metrokane knows what wine lovers need and makes this Wine Opener Tool set to fill those needs. This set contains everything needed for effortless wine bottle opening and would make a great addition to your wine accessories collection. And a fantastic gift too!

Remember, the quality of a Rabbit lever wine opener is unsurpassed! When you give a Rabbit as a gift you are giving the best.

Metrokane Rabbit Wine Opener Tool Kit -Amazon

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