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Love symbols -- show your love if you want to be loved

Updated on September 19, 2014

Eat your heart and be loved ever after

Everyday signs of love are what rock the love boat -- there are easy ways to express that you care with your heart! Use the symbols of love to speak for you. It takes two to tango, but its good when when one can lead. We are living times when life is running fast and we are busy to face the pressure of delivering and sometimes we forget that love is the most important ingredient for happiness. If you want to be loved, take a moment first to think about those you love. Show your love first -- than you will be loved back for sure! Or let's say you are loved all right -- but it would never harm to show that you love too. When you show your love to others, you show your love to yourself too as it will make you feel good and comfort in your own feelings leads to a comfortable vibe all together. Get emotionally clever and give a little bit of your precious time to be there with a small but lovely surprise for those you cherish. One important and usually highly appreciated sign of love is a good food nicely presented. There are also little gifts that one can make on no occasion at all -- just so to show you care. These little gifts and lovely dishes that speak to the heart show the symbols of love that we all know -- so that it would be easy to understand and mostly easy to remember. Symbols of love put under the eyes of someone you love will act as the tricks that advertisers are using: they will be screened and remembered by the brain by forming a reflex, programming good feelings and emotional comfort leading to intimacy. Nothing is easier to perceive as a sign of your love than things in the shape of a heart -- and when the heart is edible and it is in a form of a cookie the message is clear.

Cherry tomato halves as Heart love symbol food from Eyecandy Nanakaze

The known connection between love, food and romance

For reasons material and emotional, love and food are linked

We all know about how food affects emotional comfort -- meaning in fact love and romance in real life, but there is never enough we can find out about the reasons why it does so. Because the more we understand what are the secret mechanisms that are put to work by good food in order to create that feeling which is so close to love and which would eventually create the pattern of loving as well. The good taste and nourishing qualities of food are not enough -- one can go to a restaurant and eat the nicest food but one can not get that feeling of being loved but the chef that prepared it. There are certain ingredients that act upon the body in one way and there is the presentation of the food that shows love and care -- those are in fact the factors that work for us when love is on our mind. Showing love by using love symbols and signs in preparing and presenting the food will make both parties happy: the one that gives and the one that receives the attention.

There is a connection between love, food and romance

Food affects feelings

Food ingredients encourage romance

Cook Time

Prep Time:

Total Time:



  • 250 gr butter
  • 1 vanilla spod -- only the seeds
  • 125 powder sugar
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1 egg white
  • 150 gr Maizena cornflour -- or any other culinary starch
  • 200 gr cake flour
  • a pinch of salt
  • some love and happy feelings


  1. Beat butter at room temperature with the sugar and vanilla seeds until it has a foamy aspect. Add egg yolks and egg white until it is completely incorporated in the butter cream mix. Add the flour and starch with the pinch of salt. Mix quickly and place the final mix in the fridge for half an hour..Place the dough on a board for rolling it into a flat dough -- if you don't have a rolling pin use a glass bottle. If you don't have a board, use the table top. Cut the dough into heart shapes with the special kitchen utensil that is a heart shape cutter and place them on a tray lined with baking paper and into the oven at 180 degrees C. The biscuits are ready in 10 to 15 minutes -- don't burn them! Keep the rest of the dough in the fridge until there is room again for a new batch.
Cast your vote for Recipe for love biscuits in the shape of a heart

Baked love symbol heart cookies recipes

Love is sweet and cookies are sweet too!

The dough for the love cookies below is easy to make. The shape of a love symbol like a heart will make the cookies special -- enjoyed by the eyes of the beholder even before they are eaten. Cookies in the form of hearts can be further decorated or left in their simple form -- the sign of a heart is telling it all!

Be a sweet cookie and let your loved ones know about it

R&M International 1909 Love Cookie Cutters, 4 Hearts, 4 Letters, Dove, 9-Piece Set
R&M International 1909 Love Cookie Cutters, 4 Hearts, 4 Letters, Dove, 9-Piece Set

CHECK PRICE and get it quick! Make your move and show love with cookie language


Recipes of desserts that you can make for the love of them

Show your love by a special treat

Who does not love gingerbread? Everybody loves gingerbread -- then why not a gingerbread in the shape of a heart? In my home country, when I was a child, gingerbread hearts were sold in markets with a tiny little mirror in the middle -- I don't see them nowadays. I used to keep the gingerbread heart for long days, undecided whether I should keep the sweet symbol of love and look every day into the tiny mirror as beautiful as a fairy tale, or I should give in to the desire of eating it up -- and be left with the piece of glass that would loose all its value and beauty. Make a gingerbread heart and decorate it with signs of and colored love symbols -- even if the mirror is missing, those eating them will know their meaning.

Cookie cutter alphabet -- for a personalized love message - Make an edible love message

Wilton Fondant Alphabet Number Cookie Cutter Cut Outs, Set of 37
Wilton Fondant Alphabet Number Cookie Cutter Cut Outs, Set of 37

Here are the cutters for the entire alphabet -- you can make an entire personalized message. CHECK FOR PRICE on and for the various sizes and shapes that the alphabet cookie cutters come as a help to show you love. Read customer's reviews to choose the best set of alphabet cookie cutters.


Show your love and be loved!

Little delicious surprise recipes to form a lovely habit

Show your love by little gestures -- show that you care! No big words have the same effect than a simple sign of love prepared as a surprise. When the symbol of love tastes good the effect is double -- if you do not believe it, try once! You will be loved as you are loved now, forever, and it will be not for the cookies but for your caring thought, that is true -- but somehow they are still linked. Lets not get into that further. Keep well and find your best love cookie recipe! Make it a lovely habit of yours to spoil your loved ones!

Over sized I LOVE YOU cookie cutter - A 13" big sweet message of affection to eat

Love your day every day!

Recipes for special moments you can have every day

Make a nice break during your day -- every day -- and enjoy a lovely snack with someone you love. Bring in your love symbol dishes to highlight the message -- a heart shaped coffee mug would do, and use the ingredients to make signs of love, like halving a strawberry into the shape of a heart, or have the coffee with heart shaped biscuits -- no one can resist to that! You'll find your love and what's more important -- you will keep it for good! Love your days every day!

Heart shaped mugs, cups and bowls on Amazon

Heart cookies wedding part favors

Wedding party favors ideas

A wedding party is the highlight of a love story. Wedding part favors MUST be a symbol of love! Little hearts in special packaging can melt the hearts of a wedding party guest and make the whole idea of a wedding to look sweet -- who knows, maybe more wedding parties will happen from there! Check below the heart party favors for ideas of your own wedding.

Recipe for love cookies with stamped message - Edible message for your loved one

Why not sending a love message in the form of a cookie that can be eaten by the receiver as well as the sender? The Zulus send love message by weaving beads -- it is still easier to make some cookies and stamp them with your choice of love message. In my home country, maidens used to embroider long month a white shirt for their loved one to show how much they cared. Making cookies and have your loved one eating them seems to me more fun.

Cook Time

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: one hour

Serves: 50 cookies


  • 160 gr lard or butter
  • 250 gr cake flour
  • 80 gr sugar
  • 1 egg white
  • 2 egg yolks
  • a teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • one pinch of salt


  1. Mix butter (or lard) with the flour, sugar and baking powder. Add vanilla essence Beat egg yolks, add and mix. Beat egg white, add and mix. Add baking powder and mix well. Place dough in the fridge for half an hour. Roll dough into flat shape of 1/2 cm thickness. Cut desired shapes and stamp with love stamp for a love message. Place cookies on baking sheet lined tray into oven at 180 degrees C. Cookies are ready in 10 -- 12-- 15 minutes, when light golden brown colored.

I love you toast stamp

LOVE Toast Stamp
LOVE Toast Stamp


Also check other toast stamps that would work for your ideas. Stamping a toast is really easy -- and it gives a great joy to the consumer of it.


Stamp your cookies with love symbols

Give a sign of love with stamped cookies

Choose the best love cookie recipe that can be stamped with a love symbol message -- there are the various recipes that make a fine dough for the purpose. They are not difficult to mix and the rewards for the effort will be as sweet as the cookies stamped with the love message. Stamp the cookies with your choice of sweet decoration -- and watch your loved one's heart getting soft for you.

Cookie dough recipes for love message stamping

Stamp your love cookies -- show love is sweet

The recipes for cookie dough are for anyone that wants to spoil a loved one. Show some love by a sweet message. There is no need for previous experience in baking cookies -- it is all mixed by mixers and all is explained - instructions step by step are given in all the recipes. Don't forget to stamp your cookies! The love message that you want to stamp is your choice -- it can be anything, but the symbol of a heart or simply the words "I love you" would be enough to show your love.

Love knot cookies recipes

Edible love knot recipes

The edible love knot recipes are for cookie dough that make the heart grow with love for the one that bakes them and for the one that eats them as well.

Love knot pretzel recipes

Make a love knot for the loved ones

The love knot recipes are for the more dedicated loving people. There are several regions in the world that claim to have the best love knot recipes, from the Italian to the Irish. Love knot recipes however are becoming part of globalization as love has its universal language in signs and symbols and people of all creeds and colors want to show their love and be loved. The love know pretzels are savory or sweet -- you choose the one that suits the tastes and likes of your loved ones.

Symbol of love biscuits pics -- give your heart to someone

Let your loved one eat your heart

Candy for the eyes: pictures of a nicely presented dish with love symbols to inspire for a new idea of our own.

If you don't love baking -- make a no bake cookie

Easy no bake cookie recipes

The recipes below are not specially posted for love symbols but simply for the love of sweet easy bites. There are cookies that one has no need to sweat baking -- the category of no bake desserts. The recipes for the no bake cookies below are very simple, easy and quick to prepare. It can happen on the spur of a moment, Maybe it would be a good idea to just make sure that you have all the ingredients in the home. One never knows when one would love to have a sweet bite.

All I want is love -- and food, maybe water too!

All you need is love -- we all need love

The basics are food, water and love -- try getting those for your survival! Love is like water anyway. Check these recipes that will help with a good idea for an upcoming occasions when you can get what you need if all you want is love. Find your love, be loved and keep well!

The best mix for a holiday treat -- and all you need is love

Love biscuits -- make them, eat them and keep your love too!

Whether you love biscuits or love someone that loves biscuits – you better get on with the making of home made biscuits in some form of love symbols. That will make you happy in any case: you can just love yourself and make your day by eating one of those little love bites to keep you sweet the whole day.

Love biscuit wallpapers

How do you show your love to be loved ever after? - Do you think that people love biscuits with the symbols of love?

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