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Low Calorie Mixed Drinks

Updated on May 18, 2014

More on Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

There's no question, millions of people love the idea of being able to enjoy their favorite mixed drink but they don't want the extra weight that excess calories from alcohol can pile on to the mid-section. This leads to the long and detailed search for low calorie mixed drink recipes. There are many different ways to cut calories out of a drinking regiment and still enjoy a nice buzz on your days out. These ways include watching alcohol amounts, being careful of what mixers you use, or making simple substitutions to lower the amount of non nutritious calories you're putting down while still enjoying a night out.

Whether you're looking at creating a low calorie cocktail by cutting out the sugars and regular sodas by making a few substitutions, or simply looking for the lowest calorie traditional mixed drinks, you will have plenty of options when it comes to enjoying delicious light alcoholic mixed drinks that help you socialize at your best while watching the waistline.

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Baja Bob's Sugar Free Margarita Mix, Original, 32-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3)
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SLIMROCK Low Calorie Bar Mixer, Guavapolitan, 384 Oz
SLIMROCK Low Calorie Bar Mixer, Guavapolitan, 384 Oz
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SLIMROCK Low Calorie Bar Mixer, Prickly Pear Passion Fruit, 384 Oz
SLIMROCK Low Calorie Bar Mixer, Prickly Pear Passion Fruit, 384 Oz
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Low Cal Alcoholic Drinks You Can Enjoy

Mixed drinks that taste great and don't add to the waist!

There are many different low calorie alcoholic mixed drinks that are both simple and diet friendly by cutting down on the number of sugars, carbs, and calories from the traditional recipe. While there are always ways to go to the extreme and skim even more calories from a mixed cocktail these basic drink recipes are designed to have the best combination of lower calories and still featuring great taste without having to go too overboard. Staying with diet friendly cocktails is much harder if they don't also taste great.

Whiskey and Diet Coke. This could also be rum and diet coke, or any alcohol mixed with traditional cola. Cut out sugars and calories by making just that one simple substitution to make that traditional drink a low calorie cocktail. Some people don't like the taste of diet coke mixers, but let's be honest: you're not ordering these for the coke and after a few most people can't tell the difference between the two. Even if you can, letting the ice melt can help to take out any sharp taste.

Vodka Diet Cranberry. The Vodka and Cranberry cocktail has become very popular because it is smooth, tasty, and refreshing. It's no wonder that it is an extremely popular mixed drink among both men and women, especially in hot climates. But many people don't realize just how much calories and sugar the juice can pack directly on to your waistline. If you want to enjoy this great summer cocktail but avoid the pound packing sugars than look to use crystal lite (cranberry flavored obviously) or the diet flavoring of your choice to help keep this drink at an under 150 calorie winner. This is also one of many popular low calorie vodka cocktails and when mixed with a lower proof flavored vodka or regular light vodka then it's even better!

Mojito. This refreshing and delicious alcoholic cocktail is making a popular comeback, and why shouldn't it? When made correctly by official bar measurement standards, a normal Mojito (and this is key as many people add extra sugar or liquor - which definitely throws of the calorie numbers) should check in at only 160 calories and 15 grams of sugar, and it is a tasty and refreshing treat. Add in a few mint sprigs and enjoy the crisp freshness of this amazing and surprisingly low calorie cocktail. Finding a good low calorie Mojito recipe online is easy and will help you enjoy your favorite drinks without busting out the scale.

Bloody Mary. This is another one of those drinks that when made by official standards and not "juiced up," can be a very good choice. A traditional Bloody Mary weighs in at a mere ten grams of sugar and approximately 150 calories per serving. This is especially good news for partiers who like to think of the Bloody Mary cocktail as the perfect "hair of the dog" morning solution to those nasty hangovers. It is really important to note however that a classic Bloody Mary only remains a good choice if it's made according to traditional recipes and not with a lot of extra alcohol or "made strong" the way many bartenders will.

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Knocking off the Calories from High Calorie Mixed Drinks

Small substitutions lead to light mixed drinks

Let's face it: keeping a good body or waistline in check isn't easy when you also enjoy your delicious mixed drinks on the weekend. Whether they're popular tropical or cold drinks, or just heavily alcoholic mixed drinks that are heavy on the whiskey or vodka - there are many high calorie alcoholic drinks that are popular but they are going to bust the waistline. So what can you do when you want to enjoy your weekends but not at the cost of your appearance?

While all fun comes with a price, there are several tips you can follow to help minimize the weight gain damage from drinking. While this won't guarantee keeping a svelte figure, you will definitely minimize the damage by following these tips to stick with lower calorie mixed drinks compared to the original classics.

What to Watch Out for

1) Any mixed drink that includes soda pop or heavy syrups

2) Any alcoholic cocktail that qualifies as a frozen and/or creamy drink

3) Drinks including mixers that are high in calories or sugars

4) Types of alcohol or hard liquor naturally high in calories (Crème de Menthe, for example, is going to be a gut buster)

Following those four tips alone will save you a lot of excess calories that can easy pack on the pounds after a few weekends out. But you also want to consider drinks on a drink by drink basis. Some popular classic drinks are actually pretty low in calories compared to their counterparts. A good martini is a classic example of this. However, modern mixed drinks need to be considered on a case by case basis as two mixed cocktails that seem similar could be completely different when it comes to damaging the diet.

For example, an appletini can be a really great choice if you're looking for a lower calorie alcoholic mixed drink, but a chocolatini is on the opposite side of the spectrum. This type of specialty drink is one of the worst drinks when it comes to calories and sugars. You want to avoid these if at all possible as some can bust past the 500 calorie mark - doesn't take many of those to bust the diet.

A Long Island Iced Tea might be extremely popular when it comes to drinks but this cocktail is yet another example of a very high calorie cocktail that will bust the diet out quickly. This combination of hard liquors might taste delightful and deliver one heck of a buzz, but that much alcohol also means big time calories. And as a special holiday note: remember that anything added to eggnog, will be a gut buster. Eggnog and diets don't mix - sorry for the bad holiday news :)

Great Bartending Books from Amazon

Some classic bartending books worth having from

Professional Mixing Guide Cocktail Recipe Book - 1947 Angostura Reprint
Professional Mixing Guide Cocktail Recipe Book - 1947 Angostura Reprint
Going old school with a classic reprint of a great cocktail book.
The Bartenders Black Book, Updated 9th Edition
The Bartenders Black Book, Updated 9th Edition
When the time comes to mix a drink or your favorite alcoholic cocktail, always fall back on the little black book!

Small Changes for Big Calorie Reductions

Low calorie alcoholic mixed drinks can come from the smallest alterations

Most people tend to drastically underestimate just how many calories they eat in a day. When you add in liquid calories, and especially those from alcohol or mixed drinks and the problems just continue to compound. The truth is, you don't need to get absolutely sloshed in order to pack on the pounds. Just a few daily cocktails or a couple extra mixed drinks here or there can really bust out even the best of your diet efforts. The good news is that the party doesn't have to stop. Aside from the common substitutions and low calorie cocktails we already talked about, here are some great tips to help minimize the damage to your waistline while enjoying a refreshing cocktail or three.

Reducing Drinking Damage Tip #1: Alternate with water or sparkling water. This helps minimize the calorie damage, and while it also helps the oncoming hangover the next morning, after so many drinks you're still going to be enjoying a very good buzz. Adding in extra glasses of water is smart and will help keep you from drinking too much or getting sick. A person who wants the impression of a cocktail can even use diet sprite or diet sour mix to still give it that flavor. By making every other drink a water not only are the number of calories cut down drastically, but this also fills up your stomach and will reduce the total amount you drink.

Reducing Drinking Damage Tip #2: Choose your mixers carefully. Most people understand that diet soda is a huge calorie saver over soda, but even "healthy options" like orange juice and cranberry juice are filled with a surprising amount of sugar and calories. Look to see if a better mixer is available like crystal light or even a type of sugar free light juice. Flavored soda water or club soda are good examples, and avoid the syrups. Taking "light" mixers can end up saving 80 to 200 calories a drink or more - which is huge for even a few drinks, much less if you get out of control having too much fun and end up drinking double digit drinks.

Reducing Drinking Damage Tip #3: Dilute. I know, I know - dilute alcohol? How dare I! Who dilutes their drunks down when it's party time??? I understand that this is blasphemous to many people, and not a practice I prefer, but choosing to have a little more mixer or letting the ice melt or taking a little water in the alcohol or club soda can make a huge difference in helping salvage the waistline.

Lowest and Highest Calorie Cocktails

Try to stick with the more diet friendly drinks

When you're trying to minimize the weight gain damage from drinking, it's a good idea to not only gather information on how to lessen the damage with low calorie mixed drink recipes, but also to get a good idea to know who the worst offenders are. When you know what the worst alcoholic drinks for a diet are, you can go out of your way to avoid anything that even comes close.

And on that note the following is far from a complete list, especially with people designing their own new cocktails all the time, this list of some of the lowest calorie cocktails and highest calorie cocktails should give a good idea of what you're allowed to indulge in, and then which alcoholic drinks dieters must avoid at all costs!

Alcoholic Cocktails with Least Calories:

Wine Spritzer (100 cal)

Rum and Diet Coke (appox. 100 cal)

Bloody Mary (120 cal)

Vodka and Diet Cranberry (140 cal)

Mimosa (150 cal)

Martini (160 cal)

There may be others, for example, a whiskey and diet coke will be comparable to the rum as long as it's not Jack Daniels, but this is a good starting list. Anything with honey whiskey, you need to add more calories.

Highest Calorie Cocktails:

White Russians (425 to 850 depending on serving size and who you ask)

Pina Coloda 6 oz (380 cal)

Chocolate Martini (400 cal)

Coffee liqueur (350 cal)

Long Island Iced tea (350 to 800 depending who you ask and how they're made)

Mai Tai (350-400 for 6 oz)

Some of these high calorie cocktails can be even worse because drinks like Mai Tais, Pina Colodas, White Russians, and Mudslides are often served in much larger amounts than the traditional serving size - meaning the ones that you are used to may have three or four times the calories - yikes!

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If you're going to mix drinks - do it in style!!

Trendy Low Calorie Cocktails

Fun and refreshing for a fit social life

It's a hard combination to pull off: that diet you've worked so hard on whether it got you to a beach body and six pack abs, slimmed down for a sexy bikini, or even just losing that keg of a stomach: and then wanting to go out and party with others and enjoy your new found confidence. This is especially challenging considering that on average Americans drink about 20% of their total calories. If these come in the form of mixed drinks suddenly you're adding in calories from highly concentrated liquors, sugars, syrups, bitters, and even mixers. Ouch!

So what can you do? Well the bad news is that you can't just drink any mixed drink you want and stay fit: you will need to forgo some of the worst offenders. However there is some good news in that there has been a lot of work done to locate the trendy low calorie mixed drinks that can at least minimize the damage and increase your chances of looking and feeling fine by hitting the lighter cocktails. According to several mixologists, here is a list of some great trendy drinks that you can enjoy guilt free.

Classic Gin and Tonic. The classic gin and tonic is easy on the waistline compared to many modern cocktails and as long as you're a gin drinker, this is a refreshing and delicious choice.

Vodka & Sprite Zero. This has become a very popular and trendy West Coast cocktail that sometimes even comes with a splash of lite cranberry juice.

Appletini. Often the best of designer martinis when it comes to minimizing gut damage, but make sure they avoid heavy syrups in mixing this diet friendly cocktail.

Tequila w/ lime juice & club soda. For those of you who just have to have their tequila.

Watermelon Martini w/ agave nectar. With any cosmopolitan style of trendy drink, you want to go for an agave nectar mixture as opposed to simple syrup.

White wine spritzer. This is a classic lower calorie cocktail that is also one that allows for some dilution with club soda or even water depending on your tastes.

Stay with some of these choices and you can be trendy, enjoy your low calorie drinks, and still protect your waistline from unwanted expansion.

Lower Calorie Wine Drinks

Low calorie wine drinks are very popular

White wine spritzers have long been seen as a great low calorie cocktail, and they remain popular with a wide group of people. However these are not the only diet friendly mixed drinks that involve the use of wine. For the ladies there are many wine coolers and light wine coolers that are designed specifically to be low in calories and make it much easier to keep the waistline in check while still enjoying the night life. While these picks might not be for everyone, it's also interesting to note that there are some low calorie versions of sangria. These might not be the traditional recipes, but diet sprite instead of juice can go a long way to helping out the waistline.

When you're trying to decide on which wine to drink, it's important to remember that the higher the alcohol content, the more calories the wine will have. The percentage directly ties to how many calories any particular bottle is likely to have. While most often there are not huge difference from similar wines, even 100 calories a bottle can make a big difference. Average percentages of alcohol can range from 8% on the low end, all the way up to 20% for port or sweeter dessert wines. Pay attention to the alcohol percentage to know which bottles are packing the most gut busting calories per serving.

Finally, if you're a wine drinker and you're worried about calories, then you should stay away from blush wines and sweet white wines that are higher in sugar and look for drier reds that tend to have less calories and sugars per glass. Speaking of which, if you're looking for a great set of wine glasses, check out this wine glass lens.

Low Calorie Mixed Drink Video from YouTube

Some great videos on low calorie mixed drinks from YouTube!

Finding Low Calorie Beer

Lite beers aren't all they're cracked up to be

The discussion on finding low calorie beer, especially when discussing the lowest calorie beer, is very difficult because there are so many factors that can go into this. Why is this? Because there are extremely low calorie beers....which also have virtually no alcohol in them at all. What's the point of a 10 calorie "beer" with so few calories that you could drink 10 and not get buzzed? Welcome to the wide degree of debate over the topic of diet friendly beers.

So how do we make a top list of the best beers that deserve to be on this list? What measures of judgment should be used to decide what belongs and what doesn't? And there's the rub (that's right - drunk Shakespeare b*****s!) - how do we make a judgement? So on this side it's simple. If you can't get buzzed off of it, it doesn't count. That's water. On the other hand what's strong for one person won't be for another. So what's the compromise? Here we'll list some of the most popular lower calorie beers that are easy to find, offer some benefit of reduced caloric intake, but also a decent alcoholic content. They're not the lightest, they're not the strongest diet beers, but it's a good list that focuses on better tasting beers or good gravity beer that is lighter on the waistline:

Beck's Light - technically Beck's Premiere Light - This is a beer that will appear over and over again on any list of high quality low calorie beers. The 3.8% alcohol isn't huge but it's very respectable, especially for having only 64 calories which makes it an exceptional combination of beer gravity to low calorie goodness.

Miller Light - Among conventional light beers that are commonly found throughout America, Miller Light does a nice job of keeping decent taste for a light beer while actually paying attention to the "lite" part of the name.

Milwaukee's Best Light/Natural Light - They're cheap, they're light, but they still pack a punch. If you don't mind hitting the affordable rack, they're a decent choice.

Amstel Light - If you tend to like stronger flavors of beer that include a bit of strength or bitterness compared to the watered down taste of many light beers, then Amstel Light is one you don't want to miss.

Labatt Blue Ice - A little bit higher in calories compared to a few other light beers, but with strong taste that you would expect from Canada.

Guinness Draught - Guinness Draught isn't a diet beer, but it is one of the lowest calorie "regular beers" and offers that full flavor that dark beer drinkers enjoy without huge amounts of gut busting calories. This is one plenty of tables can agree to whether they're watching the gut or not.

Fat Tire Amber Ale - First of all, I know Fat Tire Amber is not diet beer or light beer by any stretch. However one of the best things about this beer is that it boasts of high gravity and flavor while cutting down about 100 calories less than many of the equivalent brews. So tip back and enjoy!

Hope You Find These Links Useful!

There should be something here for everyone!

Shot Glasses Available from Amazon

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Drinking Poll

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public domain beer pic
public domain beer pic

How Proof Affects Calories in Alcohol

If you're looking to watch the waistline when it comes to mixed drinks and putting down a few too many of your favorite cocktails, make sure to take a look at the proof. I was surprised when I first found out how much the average proof can vary between one brand of a liquor and another - and it wouldn't surprise me at all to learn many other people are the same way.

Proof is known as the measure of alcohol within a liquor. Basically it's 2 to 1 for percentage. A bottle that is 50% alcohol will be 100 proof. Most people understand this part of the concept, but the part that seems to escape a lot of notice is that this alcohol level also directs the level of sugars in the liquor which affects the amount of calories. In other words, 120 proof rum is going to have far more calories (and taste a lot stronger) than 80 proof rum.

I found out pretty quickly that it's amazing how much of a difference on the waistline just changing out the bottles can make. There are plenty of specialty liquors bragging about just how strong they are or how high a proof - but remember there is a price to pay with each higher level in alcohol and your waistline will reflect that!

The higher the proof the bigger the kick, but also the higher the calorie count. You can't get around those basic numbers. So enjoy the Bacardi 151 if you want - but remember you can't get around the fact that any mixed drink with that higher proof rum is going to have far more waistline damage than the one made from regular rum. And I have to ask an honest question: after five or six mixed drinks, can you really tell the difference anymore? Save a little bit on your wallet and your waistline and cut back when the time is right.

The Big Beer Book

Best Beer Book
Best Beer Book

If you want to be a serious drinker, you need the library, too!

There's a lot to talk about it when it comes to low calorie mixed drinks. Let us know what your favorite ones are!


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