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Lunch Boxes For Adults

Updated on June 1, 2014

Adult Lunch Boxes

You are probably like I was, the last time you had a lunch box, you were in grade school. It had a picture of your favorite TV show or characters on it. When you got older carrying a lunch box was no longer cool, so you brown bagged it.

That was all fine and dandy while I was in an air conditioned school. However I learned the hard way that brown bagging it is not a good idea when you are working in a factory in the summertime.

On a hot day all I wanted was a nice cold soda, but by lunch time it ended up being warm instead. The turning point for me was finding the cheese had actually melted on my bologna and cheese sandwich. That was when I set out to find the best lunch box for adults that would help to keep my lunch cold.

Intro Photo By: whatsittoyou

Ice Packs

No matter what style of lunch bag or box that you purchase, if you want to keep your lunch cold you need to have an ice pack. You want to make sure that you buy one that will not take up too much room.

Blue Ice Mini Pack 8 Oz
Blue Ice Mini Pack 8 Oz

This is a smaller ice pack which is perfect for smaller lunch bags. I use mine in the top compartment with my drinks.


Insulated Lunch Bag

The first style that I tried was a small insulated lunch bag. I usually only brought a pop, some cookies, and a sandwich to work. This style was big enough to carry that, plus I could fit in an ice pack inside to keep it all cold. The problem I found with this style is that it isn't large enough to hold a tupperware container with leftovers in it. That was when I looked for something bigger.

Small Insulated Lunch Bags

Deluxe Insulated Lunch Sack with Adjustable Strap, Zipper Pocket and Leak Proof Lining
Deluxe Insulated Lunch Sack with Adjustable Strap, Zipper Pocket and Leak Proof Lining

This was about the same size as my first insulated lunch bag. This will work if you only carry a small lunch. If you only bring a sandwich, a snack, and a drink you will be able to fit an ice pack inside with it. The zipper pocket on the front gives you a place to keep your keys and/or wallet.


Adult Lunch Boxes That Are Built To Last

When I was looking for a new lunch box that would be large enough to hold a lunch that had leftovers in a Tupperware container, my sister offered me the small cooler that came with the Coleman cooler set that she had bought.

The Coleman Personal 8 cooler that she gave me was perfect. It not only had lots of space for everything it also is very easy to clean. The best thing about it is it is built to last, since it is made of a plastic instead of fabric or other materials that can tear. I have had this for around ten years now and it is still in good condition.

Coleman Cooler

Coleman 9 Quart Excursion  Cooler
Coleman 9 Quart Excursion Cooler

They don't seem to make the one that I have, this one is 1 quart bigger.


Large Insulated Lunch Bag For 12 Hour Shifts

I love my Coleman cooler as a lunch pail, but when I went to 12 hour continental shifts it wasn't big enough anymore. Now I would need to pack two complete meals into my lunch box. So I had to start looking again.

I really liked the first dual compartment style of bag that I bought. I could keep my drinks and food separate. Always a good idea in case one of your drinks leak. If the top compartment is too small to fit your drinks and an ice pack there is another way to keep them cold. You take your bottles and fill about 1/4 of it with your drink. Then leave them in the freezer overnight. In the morning fill up the rest of the bottle.

The size and design were perfect, but the bag started falling apart after about a year. The insulation is tearing away from it. While they are not as resilient they are much lighter than a larger cooler would be to have to carry. So I just have to keep buying a new one every time they fall apart until 12 hour shift work ends.

Dual Compartment Lunch Box

eBags Crew Cooler II
eBags Crew Cooler II

This is the dual compartment style that lets you keep your food and drinks separate. It also has a handy front pocket to keep your swipe card, keys, or your wallet. The shoulder strap also makes it easier to carry in your morning coffee as well as your lunch.


Large Insulated Lunch Bag

My company handed out these cooler bags to all of its employees. So I started using this as my new 12 hour shift lunch bag since my other one fell apart. So far it is holding up well enough but time will tell.

Extra Large Insulated Cooler Bag
Extra Large Insulated Cooler Bag

This is the bag that I am currently using. It has held up well so far and with my ice pack inside it keeps my food and drinks cold.


Relive Your Childhood

They are still making lunch boxes with your favorite pop culture designs on them. So if you want to relive your childhood you can. You can get ones from TV shows like Dr. Who. They also have ones that show off your sense of humor.

Aquarius Zombie Warning Lunch Box
Aquarius Zombie Warning Lunch Box

This could be for a fan of The Walking Dead or just someone with a sense of humor.

Fred E.M.T. (Emergency Meal Transport) Insulated Lunch Tote
Fred E.M.T. (Emergency Meal Transport) Insulated Lunch Tote

This is great for someone with a sense of humor. I don't recommend it if you work in a hospital as someone may switch it out on you.


Which Do You Prefer A Cooler or An Insulated Bag?

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