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Homemade wine production

Updated on March 29, 2011

When the evenings are often wish the pop-under warm blanket, reading a good book or staring at romantic comedy - perfectly Society "in addition" the wine. Not any, but home produced apple wine.
Enjoy a scientific argument and the apple wine improves blood circulation and nervous system. They say the apple wine cup in the evening will reduce the range of spasms, nervousness, will make it easier to fall asleep.


Whether you gather apples in the garden, or buy at the market - they must be ripe, ie, are rich in sugar, otherwise there is the danger that the acid in the wine will become rancid.
Inappropriate and overripe apples - may start to ferment vinegar, wine, and the result.
If you collect the apples in the garden, get a sunny day, not in any way with the early morning dew and the rain outside.
Some amateur winemakers believe that for a drop of wine, and ripe from the tree picked apples.
Best juicing juicy, sweet apples (such as "Free Antonovka apple).

A smaller amount of apples you use the home more - will carry the special apple mills.
As soon as the transports juice - as soon as they close the lid.

Aging of wine bottles and accessories

Appropriate for home wine-making high-necked glass bottles (from 5 to 60 liters), most sour juice in plastic containers (30-32 liters), but these experts are treated less well, although lighter, Shatter-resistant, easier to measure the sugar and alcohol content. Such bottles of wine can be bought in special stores or look for grandmothers basements.

In addition to the basic need another jar fermentation tube, pour wine, hoses, measuring sugar and alcohol content, stoppers, cork and pour another cup and ventilated container.
• Hoses - simple and to the pump
• Corks (both required) - easy to insert and a hole in the fermentation tube or hose
• cork - manual and semi-automatic
• Fermentation tube (replacing the tube and a glass of water) - glass and plastic.

Important: Pour juice only 2 / 3 cup, because the resulting carbon dioxide may be a bomb. Juice can not get oxygen (becomes vinegar), so airtight container stopper plugs.
The accumulation of gas is removed during fermentation tube inserted in traffic, which also provides complete or wine to ferment and can be decanted.

Wine production / learning process-

1st Pure apple juice is usually through an acid, and mixed with water or a sweet juice. Acid juice should be added to 5 liters of water of 10 apple juice. Diluted juice with added sugar 2 -3 kg.

Attention! Do not overdo it. A good wine has only 8 percent. alcohol, while 12-15 per cent. is not considered a wine.
Sweet, good ripe apple juice ferments well, but can accelerate the fermentation of grape mieliemis.
2nd The vessel is placed in a dark, warm (18-22oC), supports a constant temperature room.
Attention! Ceases to ferment the wine, when the temperature drops to 16oC. In wine yeasts are killed when the temperature rises above 25oC.

3rd When the juice starts to ferment - you hear a gurgle. Juice foaming, muddy, tube goes through the fermentation gas. Already after 3-4 days of fermentation, the lows, foam dissipates, the liquid on the slide since the yeast would settle at the bottom of containers.
4th Pour wine over a minute goes by just one cap bubble (about 7-10 days).
Attention! Lowering the wine to open the container, be careful that the hose not included cloudy.
5th Open container of wine leave 3-4 hours. Stir it can to get more oxygen. If necessary, add more sugar and mix very well. Homemade sweet wine and is very useful to control the strength of the sugar and alcohol content meter.

6th Aerate the wine and you prepare properly, pour it through a tube back into the bottle of cloudy cleaned up to the top and insert the stopper. Put warm.
Attention! If the wine is sweet or sour too strong, add more yeast or destroyed. Usually the wine ferments for about 3-4 months. Every 2-3 weeks, pour the wine into the open and ventilate the vessel. It is not necessary, but advisable.
7th Lost color, Mature (10-12oC) temperatures. When the fermentation tube through the entire ball is no longer (after about 4 weeks) Dispense into bottles of wine. Between wine and cork, leave 1-2 cm. Face the bottles so that the liquid in contact with the stopper and the interior is airtight. Store (8-12oC) temperatures.


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