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Breakfast Ideas for Your Picky Eater, Healthy French Toast

Updated on May 25, 2012
French toast can be made in a wholesome way
French toast can be made in a wholesome way | Source
a smoothie is a great idea for someone in a hurry.
a smoothie is a great idea for someone in a hurry. | Source

I have learned to make healthy food without my family even noticed, at least most of the time. With 3 children loving syrup french toast is a fast and easy food to make in a hurry . Find your favorite whole grain bread. Whole wheat is actually the best. If you are very industrious you can even make your own. Very easy with a bread machine. You can also use spelt bread which is gluten free and can be found in most health food grocery stores and some regular ones. It is good for anyone with a gluten allergy or even patients trying to use wheat free food to help such diseases as lupus, fibromyalgia.

It is best if your bread is even a little stale. Eggs are a main ingredient and the latest heart studies reveal they are actually very healthy and a very good source of protein.

Mix 2 to 3 eggs with about 1/2 cup milk. You can use skim or almond or even coconut and add some more good nutrients . I like to add a little salt and cinnamon to my mix. Mix with wire whisk of fork.

Prepare your fry pan with a little olive oil or pam. Soak a piece of bread n the milk mixture which you have slightly beaten. Lift the bread into your pan and allow to brown before turning .

If you like you can put a little Stevia natural sweetener on your toast and serve it just as is or add a little low fat syrup. In a pinch you can make your own syrup with maple flavoring ,sugar or stevia and boiling water. Boil it down a little till you like the taste.

A piece of turkey sausage goes a long way along with some cut up fruit in making your healthy breakfast.

The protein in this breakfast will go a long way on a school morning keeping your children satified and not dreaming of lunch at 10:30 AM.


Smoothies are another fast and easy way to make a healthy breakfast. Try adding one cup greek yogurt with your favorite fruit. Add some agave for healthy sweetness. Coconut oil, fresh pineapple and flaked coconut are a awesome with the yogurt and agave.

Another great smoothie is one cup frozen berries, 1/2 cup vanilla almond milk and a banana. Add some flax seed or flax seed oil for it's antioxidant properties.


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