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Making tea is stylish - using Bodum

Updated on May 5, 2015
Make tea the stylish way using Bodum
Make tea the stylish way using Bodum | Source

Making tea the stylish way with Bodum

It's several years now since I stopped drinking coffee and began to drink herbal tea. It was a pretty hit and miss affair too to begin with; messing about with teabags and so on. That is so messy.

One of the golden rules of living in a small space is that you should absolutely love everything you own. I believe that even more so because I'm a designer. So when I was looking for a cleaner, more sensible and stylish way of making my favorite drink, Bodum was the obvious answer. I use the single-cup infuser that you see here several times a day.

I've always love the look of Bodum products and the way that the glasses are made from two layers. They insulate the drink - keeping it much warmer than an ordinary mug or glass - and they are also cool to the touch when you're drinking your hot beverage. Because I appreciate great design so much, making a drink isn't a chore any more, it's an absolute pleasure.

Personal infuser set


How the infuser works

As you can see from the close up above, the leaves are placed in the cylinder. The water then mingles with the tea them to make your drink. True, some tiny particles of the leaves do escape and go into the bottom of the glass but that's no problem because thanks to the shape of the glass, they remain in the bottom when you drink. Gone are the days of tea leaves on your teeth.

Bodum YoYo Personal Tea Set with Infuser and 12-Ounce Glass
Bodum YoYo Personal Tea Set with Infuser and 12-Ounce Glass

We have one each so that we can have different drinks.

For example, if I'm going to bed and want to sleep, but he is staying up and meeting a deadline, we need completely different herbal infusions.

With these wonderfully stylish glasses, our senses get a treat as well as our taste buds!


You can order the infuser set online

Look at that, doesn't it look wonderful?

It's a perfect way to make a drink for one person. The beverage stays hot and you can use it for regular tea or, as I do, herbal varieties.

I also use the glass for serving cool drinks and ice cream sundaes - that insulated wall you see on the glass keeps cold items cool and warm drinks hot.

Pretty sensational.

Why I really love the this drinks maker

  • I really (probably irrationally!) hate using teabags. You have two choices once the beverage is brewed - go to the kitchen trash can and throw the bag in there, leaving little drips along the way or leave it in place and get the paper tag in your mouth every time you take a sip. I like to start my day gently, not being annoyed by something as simple as a tiny paper bag.
  • Of course, you can use this for any type of infusion. I like herbal tisanes and experiment with different flavors but it's great for regular versions too. I like Earl Grey with a slice of lemon if I'm going to drink 'real' tea and this gorgeous set makes it perfectly.
  • I'm very happy indeed that this is easy to clean. The infuser section just needs rinsing under the tap and of course the glass is just like any other regular glass to clean. I don't have a dishwasher in my teeny tiny kitchen but my friend Jody does and she says that her Bodum set is absolutely fine to go in the dishwasher.
  • Do you see that thoughtful hole in the side of the lid? That means that when I put it in the cupboard, it can hang on one of the tiny hooks I have in there - another bonus in my small kitchen.
  • I've read a review where a lady said that she'd broken the glass within days. Mine is well over a year old and still going strong. And although I'm careful when doing the dishes, I can't say the same for my other half! If it can survive him, it can survive anything.
  • But if ever he did manage to break the glass, it wouldn't be a problem because the infuser will fit into any side of Bodum glass so it can easily be replaced.
  • We have one each. Even though we also have a Bodum teapot to make larger amounts, we still have a set each. This is because we often want to have different drinks - just a few minutes ago I had a lemon ginger and he had a glass of organic green. So we get exactly what we want to drink, when we want it.
  • I must admit that I'm not sure about the situation here in the States but I do know that many teabags in the UK aren't completely biodegradable. These bags often contain something called polypropylene. I have no idea what that is but I'm not sure that I want to ingest it. And I've always felt a bit funky about the bag and the string - when that paper tag accidentally falls into the drink, are those inks safe? I'm not fanatical about these things but nevertheless, it feels better to use loose leaves - more natural.
  • Another admission - I'm sure that the companies who create herbal blends go to a great deal of trouble with their mixtures but I do enjoy experimenting and using half one type of leaf and half another. You can't do that with a tea bag!
  • We also use the glasses on their own for cool and frozen drinks. That's because the design of the glass, with its double layer, keeps cool drinks cooler for longer. That's important here in Florida - drinks can easily become too diluted when the ice melts.
  • Did you know that the Bodum coffee maker is now classed as the most environmentally friendly coffee maker in the world? I like to buy from a company that provides effective, stylish products AND consider the planet too.
  • And to add to all the above, it looks completely fantastic. Starting the day with a healthy cup of tea served stylishly? That's just perfect.


A word about herbal drinks

'Oh!' I've had some people say 'I have no idea how you can drink that herbal stuff. I much prefer regular tea.'

And that's the problem. Some people don't realize that the herbal drink isn't meant to be a substitute for 'real' tea. Herbal infusions should really be called tisanes. Of course, if people taste a herbal drink for the first time thinking that it's going to taste like their regular cuppa, then they're going to be disappointed. But if you're not a herbal drink fanatic like me, do give them a try.

Many, many years ago, my late mother-in-law gave me come raspberry leaf tea. 'When you get into labor' she said ' that will give you a much easier time.' As a twenty one year old, I was very skeptical but she force fed me the stuff. I can't say that I liked it but six months later ..... a labor lasting three hours from beginning to end? I started to see that there was probably something to this herbal drink malarkey!

The winking chimp - What's not to love?

More stylish products

Because I've spent a lot of my life working as a designer, I guess I can be a bit snooty when it comes to having well-designed products in my home.

A good design doesn't just look good, it has to do its job well too.

The prettiest teapot in the world is no good if it doesn't make a lovely cup of tea.

With Bodum, we have the best of both worlds and they are so easy to order online too.

Photography credits

All photographs from Amazon where you can order these excellent Bodum products.

© 2013 Jackie Jackson

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    • Brite-Ideas profile image

      Barbara Tremblay Cipak 3 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      one of my sons is big into flavored teas and he's purchased a similar product to this for me with multiple teas to try out - I do like the 'feeling' of drinking tea this way, and some of the flavors are very good - of course usually I'll drink green tea