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Making your own almond milk

Updated on June 4, 2012

Making almond milk

If your lactose or intolerant or, you are on a raw vegan diet you might want to consider drinking nut milk. One of the most delicious nut milks you could drink is almond milk. However, beware of store bought almond milk. It is not as healthy as you might think, so it is best to make your own nut milk from scratch. It is easy and straight forward, why not try today.

What you need:

1 cup of soaked almonds

4 cups of filtered water

High powered blender

Large bowl

Strainer/nut milk bag/muslin square


Soak the almonds in water for four hours, or overnight. Once you have done this, put 4 cups of water and the soaked almonds into a blender . A high powered blender like a Blendtech or Vitamix are best for this kind of blending. Blend the water and the nuts together until the water turns white. Pour the mixture through a strainer or nut milk bag. You will end up with a creamy white delicious, nutty milk. If you want to add flavour, you could add a splash of agave nectar or, ½ a scraped vanilla bean.

You can dehydrate the leftover pulp and grind it into a flower to be used for desserts and pastries.


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    • intriguewriter profile image

      intriguewriter 5 years ago from worldwide

      you are welcome! thanks for the comment....and as for the vitamix issue, I dont have a vitamix I have a kenwood blender which is very good quality. I have used the vitamix when I am doing demos for work sometimes but I have found my kenwood works just fine. If you soak the almonds for a few hours you will find that they are soft enough. Really you are not grinding them down to a paste anyway. You are only grinding them with plenty of water so you can drain off the milk.

    • toomuchmint profile image

      toomuchmint 5 years ago

      Great hub intriguewriter! It's short and to the point. You're right that almond milk from the store isn't very nutritious. Making your own almond milk is a much better option.

      VitaMix blenders are pricey. Since the almonds are soaked, I wonder how this recipe will do in my plain old blender. I've used it for almond butter, so it may just work.

      Thanks for the information!