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How to make an easy and fast dessert when you have guests

Updated on July 27, 2016

A simple Mug cake will make happy your guests.

Well, I said I was going to show you how you could do a really fast dessert, when you have no idea what do do in this type of situations. All you going to need is (no you don't need to write it down) a mug, eggs, flour,milk, oil , sugar and a microwave! Yes, just this 7 simple things. This may depend on how you like the cake, well cooked, wet etc.

So, lets start.(these ingredients are for 1 only mug cake)

-1 mug (must be big, the ones you drink milk from);

-1 egg;

-4 milk spoons(soup spoons);

-2 oil spoons (soup spoons);

-3 sugar spoons (soup spoons);

-4 flour spoons (soup spoons);

-1/2 baking powder spoon (tea spoon);


If you want chocolate flavor, add this to the ingredients above:

-3 powder cocoa spoons (soup spoons);

If you want orange flavor, add this to the ingredients above:

-4 orange juice spoons (soup spoons, must be from oranges you have home).

So, you should start by picking up your mug. Put the egg and the oil spoons inside and stir.Next, add the milk, sugar and the powder cocoa/ orange juice (or any other flavor you want to, just be creative!), and mix them really well. Next, add the flour, spoon by spoon. Mix well. Now add the baking powder, once again mix.

Now, just put your mug in the microwave for 3 minutes, on full power, Et Voila!

Don't panic if the cake starts growing massivly, it's okay! It won't fall of the mug.

You can now serve with ice cream, chocolate syrupe,or any other thing you desire!


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