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How to make an awesome mango and banana smoothie

Updated on September 23, 2017

How to make yourself an awesome mango banana smoothie.

Got a mango? A banana too? Here is my recipe for creating a fantastic smoothie full of goodness and flavor.

This mango and banana drink is the perfect pick me up for breakfast or as an afternoon hunger buster.

Try one today!

Your shopping list for your awesome mango smoothie.

Here is your basic list for creating your mango banana smoothie.

  1. The flesh of one medium mango scooped out ready to go.
  2. one small to medium banana peeled.
  3. 600 ml or 3 cups of milk.
  4. Honey to taste.
  5. A blender and glass.


Place mango and banana in a blender and pulse for 5 seconds (This removes all the lumps).

Add milk and honey to taste and blend for a further 10 seconds.

Serve and enjoy!

PS try these variations.

Add a scoop of passion fruit for extra zing.

Choose a low fat milk and a scoop of yogurt.

No time for breakfast? Why not throw in some wheat bran (not too much) and blend until smooth - liquid cereal that is easy to take on the go!

Smoothie Recipe books that Rock.

Make all kinds of smoothies with these great books.

Get Creative.

Mangoes are full of fibre and goodness. If you are not a big milk fan why not throw in some orange juice instead, a few strawberries or some guava - experiment and invent your own recipe.

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