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Marmer Cake

Updated on May 22, 2013

Marble Cake

Lens is written in English and Bahasa Indonesia

Marmer cake atau sering juga disebut marble / zebra cake adalah cake yang paling disukai oleh keluarga kami. Cara membuatnya pun mudah sekali, dan rasanya lembut, enak dan dijamin akan langsung habis dalam sekejap. Usahakan untuk memakai mentega dan coklat bubuk yang terbaik agar rasanya menjadi lebih enak.

English Version:

Marmer cake or often is also called "marble / zebra cake" is my family's favorite cake. It is extremely easy to bake this cake and when you eat it, the rich flavor from the butter and the chocolate will melt in your mouth and I can guarantee you, this cake will be gone in just a few minutes. I highly recommend you to use the rich butter & the best cocoa powder to make it taste better.

Image Copyright: Creative Common Picture Marble Bundt Cake of diekatrin



- 6 kuning telur

- 5 putih telur

- 300 gr mentega (room temperature)

- 250 gr gula halus

- 225 gr tepung terigu

- 25 gr cokelat bubuk, ayak

- 1/2 sdt vanili

English Version:

- 6 egg yolks

- 5 egg whites

- 300 g butter (room temperature)

- 250 gr caster sugar

- 225 gr self-raising flour

- 25 gr cocoa powder, sifted

- 1 / 2 teaspoon vanilla

Marble Bundt Cake
Marble Bundt Cake

Cara membuat:

How to Make

1. Nyalakan oven & panaskan dgn suhu 160C. Siapkan loyang kue, oleskan mentega cair (biasanya saya pakai mentega blue band) dan tepung sedikit.

2. Kocok mentega & gula halus sampai lembut. Masukkan kuning telur satu per-satu sambil dikocok terus. Masukkan vanili. Masukkan tepung terigu, aduk rata.

3. Kocok putih telur sampai kaku. Masukkan ke dalam adonan (2), aduk rata. Ambil 1/4 adonan, campur dengan cokelat bubuk, aduk rata.

4. Tuang sebagian adonan putih ke dalam loyang yg diolesi margarin (aku pake blue-band), dan ditaburi tepung, lalu adonan cokelat, lalu sisa adonan putih.

5. Aduk pelan permukaan adonan dalam loyang dengan garpu untuk mendapatkan corak marmer setelah matang.

6. Panggang dengan suhu 160C selama 50 menit.

7. Setelah matang, dinginkan dulu beberapa saat sebelum dipotong.

English Version:

1. Preheat oven to 160C and brush the cake pan with melted butter and sifted flour. I prefer to use Indonesian margarine called Blue Band because it gives a little bit saltiness to this sweet marble cake. The sifted flour can be replaced with non-stick baking paper.

2. Beat butter and caster sugar until smooth. Add the egg yolks one by one beat well for each addition of egg until well combined. Add the vanilla. Add the flour and stir well.

3. Beat the egg whites until stiff. Add this stiffed egg whites into the batter (2), mix well. Take 150 cc dough or 1/4 dought, mixed with chocolate powder and stir well.

4. Pour some white batter (3) into the cake pan, then chocolate mixture, then the remaining dough white.

5. Stir slowly the surface of the dough in the cake pan with a fork to get the marble pattern after being cooked.

6. Bake with a temperature of 160C for 50 minutes or you can insert the skewer / cake tester to ensure the cake is well cook through.

7. Remove from the oven, leave it for few minutes in a cake pan. And then turn it over in a cake cool rack and ready to be served.

This cake is best eaten when it's still warm.

Image Copyright: Creative Common Picture Marble Bundt Cake of diekatrin

My best friends kitchen companion to produce the best marble cake

Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Anniversary Bundt Pan
Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Anniversary Bundt Pan

This is my favorite bundt cake pan, everytime I bake my marble cake using this pan, it always comes up perfect, crusty on the outside but moist on the inside. And the beauty of this pan is that it is non-sticky. I never bother to use any non-stick baking paper anymore because my marble cake always slip out nicely from the pan without sticking. Moreover, this pan also heated up evenly and it's not too light nor too heavy. Perfect cake pan.

I still brush the pan with my favorite margarine, not because I'm scared the cake will stick into the pan, but because I love the crusty saltiness on the outside of the cake.

Highly Recommended Bundt Cake Pan.


Another Variety of Marble Cake - Chocolate and Orange Marble Cake

Ini adalah video cara pembuatan coklat dan orange marmer cake yang didemonstrasikan oleh Sue McMahon, Editor dari Majalah The Women Weekly.

Bahan-bahan yang diperlukan:

- 175gr mentega (suhu ruangan)

- 175gr gula halus

- 3 telur ukuran sedang

- 200gr tepung

- 1 jeruk

- 125gr coklat

English Version:

A video of how to make chocolate and orange marble cake by The Woman's Weekly Cookery Editor - Sue McMahon.

The ingredients:

175g butter (room temperature)

175g caster sugar

3 medium eggs

200g self-raising flour

1 orange

125g plain chocolate

1kg loaf tin (with cake liner)

OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Stainless-Steel Mixing Bowl Set, White
OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Stainless-Steel Mixing Bowl Set, White

In the past, I hated making cakes not because it's a hard thing to do, but because I hate washing the dishes afterwards. Especially washing the mixing bowl which was sticky with butter.

However, everything changed after I found this Oxo Good Grips Mixing Bowl

The beauty of this mixing bowl is the fact that it has a non-stick rubber at the bottom of the bowl so I can mix as well as adding ingredients at one time. I wouldn't need to worry that the mixing bowl will move around due to this non-stick rubber.

Moreover, its stainless-steel material will make this bowl very easy to clean.



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  • profile image

    blanckj 6 years ago

    I love marble cake! I never thought about trying various flavors. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  • deyanis profile image

    deyanis 7 years ago from Oz

    @anonymous: Exactly. With good quality of butter and fresh eggs, this marble cake is amazingly yummy and delicious. I'll translate the recipe in english later this week so you'll be able to make one yourself.

  • profile image

    anonymous 7 years ago

    Marble cake from scratch has to be delicious, especially with the butter and all those eggs. I will have to convert the amounts to be able to make it. This looks and sounds yummy good!