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Marmite - Love It or Hate It?

Updated on July 28, 2013


Marmite - Love It or Hate It?

It's one of the most famous (and honest!) advertising taglines - Marmite, you either love it or hate it.

But are there more people who love it, or more people who hate it? Let's find out on this lens!

Marmite is a thick brown spread made from yeast extract - basically a by-product of beer!

I ADORE the stuff, there is nothing like a lovely bit of Marmite on toast. The best bit is opening the jar and having a good, long sniff of its glorious scent! I don't like it spread to thickly though or it is just toooo strong.

My other half hates it, so I have to clean my teeth afterwards otherwise it would be like the genius advert where the couple kiss and one goes crazy (in a bad way) because the other tastes of you-know-what!

Having recently acquired the Marmite Cookbook, I am looking forward to being a bit adventurous and trying it with something other than bread.

I draw the line at Marmite crisps, though. They are just plain wrong!

Have fun giving your opinion below - don't forget to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page for lots more fun!

7 Reasons to Love Marmite!

There are lots of reasons to love the black stuff, in my humble opinion!

Marmite Artwork - Click Image to Buy

  1. It's delicious, of course!
  2. It's a healthy source of vitamins and folic acid
  3. It jazzes up a boring sandwich or slice of toast
  4. You can buy entire Marmite recipes books and have lots of fun with food!
  5. Marmite is honest. They know people either love it or hate it, and use it to their advantage!
  6. Marmite supports good causes! Right now you can love Marmite, love reading, with Horrid Henry for kids!
  7. Paddington Bear loves it, and such a sweet little bear can't be wrong!

YOUR TURN! But does Marmite Turn You On, or Turn You Off?

Marmite - Love It or Hate It?

More Reasons to LOVE Marmite!

They make lots of COOOOOL Marmite stuff, like this! Click the images for more info.

Store your sandwiches in this neat Marmite Sandwich Box!

Make perfect toast to spread your Marmite on with this special edition Dualit Toaster!

Show off at your next tea party with these Marmite espresso cups!

Marmite recently went the way of Ketchup and Hellman's Mayo, releasing their yummy product in a squeezy container. But which is best?

Jar or Squeezy?

One for the Marmite Haters!

OK, so you hate Marmite, we got that far. But what DO you like on your toast? Vote here!

OK cleverclogs, what's better than Marmite then?

See results

And Finally, If You Really, REALLY Love Marmite...

Make way for Marmite XO! According to the official website, "Using four specially selected yeast sources, our master blender has crafted the secret Marmite recipe and matured it for four times longer to create a Marmite so strong and full-bodied it can only be for the most devoted of lovers."

Are you man (or woman!) enough for this?

Marmite XO - Yes or No?


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