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Guide to Maryland Wineries

Updated on November 6, 2016

Enjoy Maryland Wine

Maryland has been home to growing grapes and wine making since Colonial days but the wine industry has really taken off here since the early 1980s. Today there are over 20 wineries in Maryland with several more planned. Many of these wineries are family owned and operated.

Maryland's terrain, climate and proximity to the coast enable vineyards to grow a variety of grapes with most wineries producing several varietals and blends. No matter what your taste, you should be able to easily find a Maryland wine you will enjoy.

Spring is a great time to visit a Maryland winery and enjoy a tasting. Some wineries may be hosting special events and tastings as they unveil their new releases. Check the winery websites below for details. Wineries are organized by county.

Great wines, good times!

Party at a Maryland winery!

Most Maryland wineries host special events including live music and wine appreciation events throughout the year. Many are also available to host your own special event such as a wedding reception or anniversary party.

Check each winery's website for event details and contact info.

Maryland Wine Books

Discovering Maryland Wineries
Discovering Maryland Wineries

Complete with unique elements of each winery, this guide will help you plan day trips or long tours of Maryland's wineries.

Breaking Away to Virginia and Maryland Wineries (Washington Weekends)
Breaking Away to Virginia and Maryland Wineries (Washington Weekends)

A travel guide for the wineries of Maryland and its wine making neighbor, Virginia.


What are your favorite Maryland wines and wineries? Please leave a comment or tasting note in the comments below.

Where Are They? - A map of Maryland's wineries...

show route and directions
A markerElk Run -
15113 Liberty Road MD
get directions

B markerSugarloaf Mountain Vineyard -
18125 Comus Road MD
get directions

C markerBasignani Winery -
15722 Falls Road, Sparks, MD
get directions

D markerBoordy Vineyards -
12820 Long Green Pike, Hydes, MD
get directions

E markerLoew Vineyards -
14001 Liberty Rd, MD
get directions

F markerLinganore Winecellars -
13601 Glissans Mill Rd, Mt Airy, MD
get directions

G markerBlack Ankle Vineyards -
14463 Black Ankle Road, Mt Airy, MD
get directions

H markerFrederick Cellars -
221 N. East Street, Frederick, MD
get directions

I markerCove Point Winery -
755 Cove Point Road, Lusby, MD
get directions

J markerCygnus Wine Cellars -
3130 Long Lane, Manchester, MD
get directions

K markerDeep Creek Cellars -
177 Frazee Ridge Rd, Friendsville, MD
get directions

L markerWoodhall Wine Cellars -
17912 York Road, Parkton, MD
get directions

M markerFiore Winery -
3026 Whiteford Road, Pylesville, MD
get directions

N markerFridays Creek Winery -
3485 Chaneyville Rd, Owings, MD
get directions

O markerLittle Ashby Vineyards -
27549 Ashby Drive, Easton, MD
get directions

P markerPenn Oaks Winery -
11 Midhurst Road, Silver Spring, MD
get directions

Q markerSolomons Island Winery -
515 Garner Lane, Lusby, MD
get directions

R markerSt. Michaels Winery -
605 S. Talbot Street #6, St. Michaels, MD
get directions

S markerTilmon's Island Winery -
755 Millington Road, Sudlersville, MD
get directions

T markerKnob Hall Winery -
14108 St. Paul Road, Clear Spring, MD
get directions

U markerBordeleau Vineyards -
3155 Noble Farm Road, Eden, MD
get directions

V markerSerpent Ridge Vineyard -
2962 Nicodemus Rd Westminster, MD
get directions

W markerTerrapin Station Winery -
80 Ricketts Mill Road, Elkton, MD
get directions

Tasting Notes...

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    • geosum profile image

      geosum 4 years ago

      We've visited a few wineries in MD. We have a few more to go to.

    • MacPharlain profile image

      MacPharlain 4 years ago

      @Digory LM: Cool, we're hoping to visit Serpent Ridge this spring.

    • Digory LM profile image

      Digory LM 4 years ago

      It's surprising to see a lens about something Maryland here. Nice. My girlfriend has worked at Serpent Ridge. It's a great place. They have some interesting events and excellent wine.

    • HomeDecorKnight profile image

      HomeDecorKnight 5 years ago

      Very much informative lens about Maryland Wine. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Countryluthier profile image

      E L Seaton 6 years ago from Virginia

      Maryland is my kinda road trip, one big toll from Va Beach and I'm there! Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      blanckj 6 years ago

      I've always wanted to do a wine tasting trip. Thanks for the ideas.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Oh Boy! Wine Tasting Road Trip to visit Maryland wines and wineries!

      Your included map is most helpful. Great job.

      Then I can let you know my favorites.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Bordeleau Winery has a very good chardonnay and Knobs Hill has a fine chamborcin.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Different wineries usually offer samples of their wine so it is the perfect opportunity to pick out the wine best suited to your taste

    • roamingrosie profile image

      roamingrosie 8 years ago

      I had no idea there were so many wineries in Maryland! How exciting ... sounds like I need to start planning some trips! :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      The best time to see what Maryland wine has to offer is through the Maryland Wine Festival. It is the best time to kick off your shoes, sit back, and relax because of the party atmosphere provided by live music and most importantly, the free taste!!! And rain or shine, the party pushes through because the festival is held whatever the weather condition

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      In Maryland, one can indulge with over 300 wine choices so there’s sure to be one perfect for your taste and budget. The experience is made even more memorable with a visit to the winemakers to see first hand how our favorite wines are made from scratch all the way to packaging. The scenic beauty of Maryland provides the perfect background for this unbelievable experience

    • NatureMaven profile image

      NatureMaven 8 years ago

      Hello fellow Marylander,

      your Maryland wineries lens will compliment my Gunpowder Falls State Park lens nicely. Lens rolled and 5*****. Happy trails!

    • religions7 profile image

      religions7 8 years ago

      Great lens - you've been blessed by a squidoo angel :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Some of the wineries on the Maxon Dixon Wine Trail are actually in southern Pennsylvania. I'd suggest you check out Four Springs Winery and Seven Valleys Winery both right near the PA/MD border on route 83. I've also been to Woodhall Vineyards in Maryland and had a very good time.

    • WifeLA profile image

      WifeLA 9 years ago

      Great to read about wine tours in different areas, thanks for sharing!

      All the best,


    • grosvenor profile image

      grosvenor 9 years ago

      Great lens! Sounds like there are a lot of wineries worth trying out in Maryland.

    • KimGiancaterino profile image

      KimGiancaterino 10 years ago

      I'll have to get to Maryland for some wine tasting. Very nice winery lens!