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Amazing Cakes by Rosebud Cakes

Updated on February 3, 2017

25 YEARS in business - Rosebud Cakes really is the LAST word in cake making.

I'm extremely excited to create this, the mind blowingly incredible cake maker lense highlighting Rosebud Cakes!

I contacted Rosebud Cakes after I found them and was so very happy when they came back to me with enthusiastic permission granted for me to create a page about their amazing business and truly wonderful cake makers! Their cakes are like no other, all so unique, all so incredible!! And what I love most about them is... they work majority with buttercream!

By the end of this page you will have seen the cakes that are made for many of the biggest parties in the world (including numerous cakes made for big hollywood celebrities!), as well as many masterpieces for weddings and any and all kind of special events!!

Rosebud Cakes have a team of cake makers that they're extremely proud of (and rightly so!!) ... a team that are considered among the very best working today! There are so many unbelievably, amazingly good cakes from Rosebud Cakes that there is way too many to show here on the page. Instead I've created a video of cakes for each different party/event subject!

I hope you enjoy the journey through Rosebud Cakes as much as I did! Be prepared for your jaw to hit the ground!

Pip :)

Introducing Elin, the heart and soul of Rosebud Cakes!

Born and raised in New York and Illinois, Elin attended art classes at Wesleyan University and discovered a real need for personal expression. She left Illinois and landed in So' California in 1978. She found work at Tiffany's Bakery in Thousand Oaks making bakery items like sweet rolls , bread etc. When the bakery started offering wedding cakes , they looked to Elin to decorate them. With no experience decorating cakes she rapidly learned the new medium and realized a passion for personal expression through icing and cake. Soon, in 1979 she landed a job at Hansen's cakes in Beverly Hills. She learned the craft in her time at Hansen's and alway's credits Gary Hansen as being the mentor who left her free to create and express the visions in her head. He was smart enough to know that where she would take Hanson's was a far better place , and her art cakes would gain the bakery much recognition. Whether it was Marvin Davis, Aaron Spelling or a Tom Petty video, Elin decorated the cakes for most of the stars until she left in 1987. Elin's personality has always been friendly and nurturing and she was surrounded by many talented artists employed by Hanson's. Except for her husband Alan, all of the original start-up people for Rosebud came from Hanson's when she left. Felepe, a baker there came shortly there after. The vision of a cake studio creating art of high quality in gourmet form was about to be launched. But not without a little magic, lots of luck and considerable help from family.

Alan says that over the years, Elin has proven time and time again that there is no one else at Rosebud who does the big important orders better. And of the small handful of great cake decorators in the world today, no one has innovated and transformed the art form more than Elin. Rosebud has always been a symbol for what's new in cake decoration. Elin and her teams have cut out paths through new ground that others can follow.The team says what makes working at Rosebud fun, is the uncompromising quality and a motivation to find new creative solutions to old ideas, and Elin instills this in her decorators. Every week is different from every other at Rosebud.

Information Source: Rosebud Cakes

Elin is a master with buttercream!

Elin is a master with buttercream!
Elin is a master with buttercream!

Elin & her team hard at work making some of the most incredible butter cream cakes ever seen!

Cakes for Celebrities! - All by Rosebud Cakes

Arnie, Demi Moore, Sean Connery, Hugh Hefner, Whoopi Goldberg, Ted Dansen, Ellen, Bob Hope, LOST, Mad Men, Young and the Restless, South Park.... cakes for these people and TV shows and MORE in this video showcasing many of Rosebud Cakes best ever cake creations!!

Ellen Degeneres made out of buttercream

Being in Beverly Hills means their clientele are sometimes considered big!

Here's a video showing more Rosebud Cakes commissions for or by Hollywood celebrities!

Some of the very best cakes that have come out of Rosebud Cakes kitchen... (and yes they're all cakes!)

Watch Rosebud Cakes in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles in action!!

Libbey Selene Cake Dome 2-Piece Set, Clear

Cory's cakes are mindblowing! Between her and Elin... the cakes created are jaw droppers!! - YES... these are REALLY cake!! Everything is edible apart from the

Videos of a selection of some of the best Kids cakes Rosebud has made

Pictures of some of their best Wedding Cakes

Iconic Randy's Donuts 3d cake!

Local L.A. donut landmark, transformed as a gingerbread house. It was commissioned by the L.A. Times & won their pro gingerbread competition.

What do you think of Rosebud Cakes?

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    • profile image

      starstreamdesign 6 years ago

      I'm just amazed by people who can do this...such talent. I can't even put frosting on a cake without making a mess. Unbelievable lens!

    • The Spotted Olive profile image

      The Spotted Olive 6 years ago

      Wow! This is just amazing, inspiring, incredible... Complete works of art!!

    • profile image

      ChocolatteDesigns 6 years ago

      OMG their cakes are AWESOME!!! Great lens.

    • profile image

      ChocolatteDesigns 6 years ago

      OMG their cakes are AWESOME!!! Great lens.