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Metal Wine Bottle Holder

Updated on November 29, 2015

Metal Wine Bottle Holder

If you would like to turn your wine collection into a functional work of art, then you should let a metal wine bottle holder show off your personality. These single wine bottle holders are made out of high quality metal crafted into your favorite hobby, profession, and pets. You can and will find them all from cats and dogs to doctors and fisherman. So lets take a journey into the wonderful world of single metal wine bottle holders.

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Metal Figure Wine Bottle Holder

A metal wine bottle holder can not only be a great decoration to your table or counter top, but a conversation piece as well. Imagine having guests over for dinner who may be a bit uptight. When they first look into the dining room they see a rooster holding a bottle of wine. They will not only smile and loosen up, but also strike up a conversation about the wine holder. Something simple like this can make an ordinary night extraordinary,

Cat Metal Wine Bottle Holder

Cats are a huge part of my family and it made perfect sense for us to go with a cat metal wine bottle holder. I often joke to my wife that our cats are taking over the house and when I see a cat holding my favorite bottle of wine I know deep inside that they have not only won over my heart but my wine as well. All kidding aside any animal lover would love to have such a cute work of art displayed in their home for others to enjoy, and it truly shows your love for cats.

Metal Cat - Decorative Wine Bottle Holder - Caddy - Display - 13" Tall" X 4.5"
Metal Cat - Decorative Wine Bottle Holder - Caddy - Display - 13" Tall" X 4.5"

This one is my personal favorite because it looks just like my cat Katrina.


Metal Wine Bottle Holder Rockstar Character

Dog Metal Wine Bottle Holder

What can I say about dogs except that they grab ahold of our hearts unlike any other pets, and a dog metal wine bottle holder expresses your love of dogs. Now I may not have as many dogs as I do cats, but I do have my dog Lexi represented on my countertop with a metal dog wine bottle holder. She sits as the perfect counter to my cat bottle holder, and yes that is the only cat and dog that don't fight in my house. I would so encourage you to pick one up for yourself or they make a great gift for that animal lover who seems to have everything.

Deco Flair Dog Figurine Metal Wine Bottle Holder
Deco Flair Dog Figurine Metal Wine Bottle Holder

This little guy looks very much like my girl Lexi.


What is the perfect gift for a newlywed, or engaged couple? Well let me suggest this beautiful work of art that is a bride and groom metal wine bottle holder set. This set is made in Germany and is sure to not only make their wine look awesome, but will always remind them of their special day. This is a truly unique gift that will stand the test of time.

Metal Doctor Wine Bottle Holder

I think this doctor metal wine bottle holder makes a great gift for doctors and non-doctors. Check out the following two uses for these holders:

Gift For Doctors:

Well if you are looking for a great gift for that doctor in your life then why not pick up a doctor metal wine bottle holder for them. It will not only showcase their great wine bottle, but allows them to show pride in their profession.

Gift For Everyone Else:

If you don’t know a doctor this still makes a great gift and I am going to tell you why. Picture yourself coming home from a long day and you are stressed to the max. You are looking for relief when you see the doctor standing on your countertop with your prescription to relax with a great glass of wine. Now I am not encouraging you to drink, but I hope you see the humor and conversation starter you have with such a wine holder.

Metal Wine Bottle Holder Character Video

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