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Mini Wine Bottles

Updated on September 7, 2014

Mini Wine Bottles: The Latest Trend!

The newest trend is mini wine bottles. Wineries are hoping to expand business by offering new, sample-sized bottle kits that aim to recreate the tasting room experience in one's home. The customer reads the tasting notes and then samples the wine without having to spring for a full bottle of untasted wine.You can also use miniature wine bottles for many different things! Check out the list of things you can use recycled bottles for below.

You can also learn how to make a DIY Wine Rack out of a wood pallet!


Mini Wine Bottles

The idea seems simple enough. Sample liquor bottles have been around for year. Why not wine?

But test-driving wine isn't as simple as opening a big bottle and pouring it into a bunch of little ones, says Tim Bucher, CEO and founder of TastingRoom Inc., which launched last year and is making the 50-milliliter samples for Domaine Carneros.

For one thing, wine is sensitive to oxygen. So if a little bit is exposed to a lot of oxygen, that will change the character of the wine. Therefore these mini wine bottles are special items to buy!

Miniature wine bottles are the newest craze to buy since they have come out with them. Not only are they great for sampling different wines rather than buying a whole bottle in which you did not fancy but they are fabulous for weddings. Simply order however many labels with your personalized message on them to send home to your guests. Instead of the old fashion name tags on the reception tables, place these wonderful pieces with a tag on each. Even if your guests don't drink wine it is still a great keepsake for the memories of your wedding day.

Wedding Mini Wine Bottle Favors
Wedding Mini Wine Bottle Favors

Where can I buy mini wine bottles?

Top 10 Places Online

You may be looking to purchase miniature wine bottles so have a look as I have compiled a list for you!


2. Tasting Room Wine

3. One Stop Wine Shop

4. Wedding Wine Favors

5. Personalize Mini Wine Bottles

6. Half Wine Bottles

7. Mini Wine Favors

8. Mini Custom Wine Labels

9. Etsy Mini Wine Bottles

10. Wholesale Mini Wine Bottles


Mini Wine Bottles As Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a wonderful thank you gift to your guests that reflects not only your appreciation for their sharing in your special day but also symbolizes the theme of your special day. Make your wedding favor a unique and special one. Online retailers offer a variety of mini (187ml) champagne and wine bottles as well as personalized labels are the perfect way to do just that.

Mini Wine Bottle Ideas - Endless Ways to use Recycled Bottles


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