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Minnie Mouse Cookie Cutters

Updated on March 23, 2014

Where Can I Get A Minnie Mouse Cookie Cutter

Hi everyone! Yesterday I was talking to a coworker about Disneyland and how her family was visiting there. We've also been overindulging in cookies that people bring into work. Somehow the two topics combined in my head and I started looking up Disney cookie cutters! One of the fun ones I found was a Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse cookie cutters.

There are a bunch of fun options for these. Some of them are bright red and white while others are typical metal cookie cutters. They ones I found for sale most often were basically in the shape of the famous mouse head with the two big ears. Others actually pressed some detail into the surface of a cookie for even more fun.

Depending on what style you prefer you can do something like a sugar cookie or even a gingerbread cookie and decorate it to look like Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse! So you are at the right place if you wonder where to buy minnie mouse cookie cutter online!

Image Source: Minnie Mouse Cookie Cutter on Amazon

Buy Minnie Mouse Cookie Cutter On Amazon

Sugar Cookie Recipes For Minnie Mouse Cookie Cutters

If you are going to make these Minnie Mouse cookies, I would recommend trying your first batch with sugar cookies. They are super easy to make and do not require any fancy ingredients. One big trick with sugar cookies to help make sure they are not hard is to use very soft butter. Let it sit out at room temperature for at least an hour. Some reviewers also say that margarine instead of butter will help make softer sugar cookies for your Disney cookie cutters!

I have been looking around and have compiled a list of some of the most popular sugar cookies online. I do plan on coming back to update this list as I find more good recipes.

As you'll see these largely come from - my favourite recipe site!

1 - The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies

2 - Easy Sugar Cookies

3 - Alton Brown's Sugar Cookies

4 - Martha Stewart's Basic Sugar Cookies

How to make Minnie Mouse cookies!

Mickey Or Minnie Mouse Cookie Cutters?

What ones are better?

Vote for the best Minnie Mouse cookie cutter

Wilton Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter Set
Wilton Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter Set

Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed cookie cutters. Make everyday cookies and treats extra special when cut into these fun shapes. These cutters are built to last, cut cleanly and release with ease. Coated metal. Each approximately 3 inches. Set contains Mickey Face and Mickey Ears.


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If so, did they turn out well? What kind of cookies did you make with them?

Have you ever used a Minnie Mouse Cookie Cutter?

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      WriterJanis2 5 years ago

      I haven't, but I've used other Disney kitchen products.