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Mobile Cupcakes

Updated on January 21, 2018

Customize these cards with your cupcake menu!


Buy a Cupcake on the Go!

Move over hot dogs carts, sayonara ice cream trucks. There is a new food in town that is taking the country by storm! I am referring to the latest craze in Mobile Cupcakes. Over the last six months, vendors have popped up in many cities across the nation including New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

There doesn't appear to be an end in sight.Have an sudden attack of the sweet tooth? No fear. There may just be a truck waiting for you around the next corner ready to satisfy your craving. Many companies utiilize the social networking site Twitter to keep their customers up-to-date on their daily locations and their flavors of the day.

Some of these companies have over 10,000 followers! This wave in mobile vendors is understandable actually. Cupcakes make the perfect food on the go treat. They are small enough to carry with you and truly make the perfect snack.The popularity of this sweet treat has boomed over the past year or so. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that a new venture featuring these miniature desserts would surface. And it has. What a great idea.

This page will feature many companies I came across after doing some research on the topic. If you have a business and would like to be listed on this page, please sign the Guestbook at the bottom of the page.



Berkeley, California

Cupkates, the Bay Area's very first cupcake truck, launched in August of 2009 at Berkeley's Caltopia. Kate is the Chief Cupcake Officer. Kate first began baking in her spare time as a student at Cal. She quickly developed a following among friends, roommates, neighbors and professors who all swore by Kate's baked goods.Visit Cupkates Bakery for more information.Check out the Cupkates Twitter feed for daily truck locations.

Kara's Cupcakes

Bay Area, California

Kara Lind is the owner and operator of Kara's Cupcakes. Her mobile bakery, KaraVan (cute!), features a large selection of fresh-baked sweets. The KaraVan will be visiting office parks and bay area businesses, offering desserts in their custom signature pink boxes.Visit Kara's Cupcakes for more information.Check Kara's Cupcakes Twitter feed for daily truck locations. Kara Cupcake truck photo courtesy of Gary Soup

Sweet E's

Los Angeles, California

Sweet E's Mobile" carries all of Sweet E's specialties including their signature "cake pops," cookies, and of course a variety of mini treats. As an added bonus, "Sweet E's Mobile" will also be carrying whoopie pies--thin layers of cake with frosting in the middle, and frosting cones--mini waffle cones filled with frosting and sprinkles. To compliment the mini baked goods, "Sweet E's Mobile" will offer beverages, including mini milk cartons, coffee and hot chocolate, as well as gift items like cupcake aprons and mitts for both adults and kids.Please visit the Sweet E's website for more company information.Check their Facebook page and their Twitter feed for daily locations.

Jetts Cakes

San Carlos, California

Marianne Jett, a 36-year-old San Carlos mom, puts a sweet spin on the food truck phenomenon with her new mobile cupcake company, Jett Cakes. In a 1972 postal truck she found on Craigslist, Jett putters down Peninsula streets delivering tasty treats to residents with a sweet tooth.While Jett is still in the planning stages of her mobile business, she said she hopes to expand sooner rather than later.“We have gotten such a fantastic response that it’s becoming a little more than my husband and I can handle by ourselves,” Jett said. Please visit Jetts Cakes Twitter Feed for daily truck locations.

Morsels Baking Company

Los Angeles & Orange County, California

On July 1st, Morsels Baking Company began selling cupcakes and other goodies via a bakery truck equipped with ovens and mixers."We can take the truck and go where the business i,s rather than have the business come to us ", said Morsel's co-owner Donna Collier. "It's lower risk financially, and also you can create your own opportunity."Please visit the Morsel's Baking Company website for more company information.Check out the Bakery Truck Twitter Feed for daily truck locations.

Oh For Sweets Sake

Orange County, California

Oh For Sweets Sake is Orange County's First Mobile Cupcakery. Desserts are made with only the freshest and finest ingredients, where fresh baked means baked today! The best part is they are mobile! So keep your eye out for the Oh For Sweets Sake Cupcake Truck! Or, even easier than chasing random catering trucks down the road, follow them on Twitter and Facebook to find out where they will be in a neighborhood near you!Please visit the Oh For Sweets Sake website for more company information.Check out their Twitter Feed for daily locations.

Sweet Ride

San Francisco, California

Sweet Ride was founded by best friends Mandy and Brandy. They launched Sweet Ride as the first and only mobile bakery of its kind in the Bay Area.Please visit the Sweet Ride website for more company information.Check out their Twitter Feed or Facebook page for daily locations.


The Denver Cupcake Truck

Denver, Colorado

The Denver Cupcake Truck is a project of Cake Crumbs Bakery. The truck travels around Denver selling sweets from its 1969 Ford Vanette. The truck is outfitted with coolers to keep the fresh treats chilled and retrofitted with all the latest technology so they can tweet his current location. Cupcakes cost $2.75 a piece or four for $10.Visit the Denver Cupcake Truck Facebook page for more company information.


Colorade Springs, Colorado

Coco is a vintage step van that delivers cupcakes and fun to various locations around Colorado Springs.The truck can be found at various locations around Colorado Springs Wednesday-Saturday. You can see their truck locations by checking out their Facebook page or website. You can even rent Coco for your event!Please visit the Springs Cupcake website for more company information.Check out their Twitter feed and Facebook page for daily locations.


The Cupcake Brake

Hartford, Connecticut

Larry DeNorio is the owner and operater of The Cupcake Brake, a truck serving the Hartford, Connecticut area. The treats are baked daily with the best quality local ingredients available.Visit the The Cupcake Brake for more information.Check the Cupcake Brake Twitter feed for daily locations.

Short & Sweet

Norwalk, Connecticut

Short & Sweet is Norwalk's first mobile cupcakery. The company was founded by twins Kate and Gavin Nelson, 15, and Ramani DeAlwis, their principal from the Montessori Middle School."Our mom challenged us to come up with a creative way to pay for one year of tuition," Kate Nelson said. "I've always loved baking and Gavin's wanted to drive an ice cream truck since we started to talk about getting our (driver's) permits. It seemed like a good fit."Please visit the Short & Sweet website for more company information.Check out their Twitter Feed for daily locations.


Lucy & Leo's Cupcakery

Tallahassee, Florida

Lucy & Leo's company motto:At Lucy and Leo's, we celebrate the individual by offering made-from-scratch, artfully decorated, and delicious sweets. The house motto here is, "cupcakes are fun", and it drives us everyday. We use quality ingredients and creative execution to deliver their treats that are not only tasty, but full of personality. Please visit the Lucy & Leo's website for more company information.Check out their Twitter Feed or Facebook page for their daily locations and flavors.

Unforgettable Cupcakes

Lutz, Florida

Unforgettable Cupcake's mobile cupcake truck, Dottie, roams around Florida delivering their delicious treats.Please visit the Unforgettable Cupcakes website for more company information.



Chicago, Illinois

In May 2010, Flirty Cupcakes hit the streets with excitement and plenty of buzz..Similar to an ice-cream truck, the cute, van cruises around Chicago meeting the sugar rush needs of those who delight in eating fresh baked sweets- curbside! They offer 7 varieties and a weekly special.Flirty is run by Tiffany, Chris and Jessica.Check out the Flirty Cucpakes Twitter Feed for their daily locations.

More Cupcakes

Chicago, Illinois

Patty Rothman's popular cupcakery, More Cupcakes, launched their More Mobile in 2010. The mobile truck carries 1,500 cupcakes.Please visit the More website for more company information.Check out their Facebook page and Twitter feed for daily locations.

Maryland ~ DC

Iced Gems

Baltimore, Maryland

Iced Gems is run by proprietor and Master Baker of IcedGems, Christine Richardson. Christine has been wow-ing friends and family for years with her baked treats, both in her native England and since moving to the Baltimore area more than 10 years ago.Visit the Iced Gems website for more company information.Check out Iced Gems Twitter Feed for daily truck locations.


Washington, D.C.

The Sweetbites mobile caf is here! Sweetbites is on the move in 2010, bringing a daily menu of artisanal baked goods, locally roasted coffee and fine teas to hotspots in Washington, DC. Every morning we'll be baking fresh batches of our moist muffins, luscious cupcakes, sweet buttery cookies, decadent mini-cheesecakes, and other confections.Please visit the SweetBites site for more company information.Check out the Sweetbites Twitter Feed for daily truck locations.


Washington D.C.

Curbside Cupcakes is a mobile company serving Washington DC. Look for the pink truck Downtown and around Capitol Hill bringing cupcake bliss right to your door. Curbside offers individual sweets for your immediate enjoyment.Visit Curbside Cupcakes for more information.Check Curbside Cupcake's Twitter feed for daily truck locations.Curbside Cupcake photo: Mr T. in DC

SweetBuds Bakery

Upper Marlboro, Maryland

SweetBuds is a custom cake design studio serving the DC, Maryland and Virginia area.Please visit the SweetBuds Bakery website for more company information.Check out their Facebook page or Twitter Feed for daily truck locations.

New Jersey

Stace of Cakes

Trento, New Jersey

With a degree in civil engineering and another nearly completed in math education, Stacey Reece is pursuing the obvious career path: selling homemade sweets out of a truck rolling through downtown Trenton.The Stace of Cakes truck is one of New Jersey's first Gourmet Truck, and is in keeping with the new trend of gourmet style food being made available via a mobile restaurant. It will be making stops Monday through Friday throughout the downtown Trenton area, loaded with freshly baked gourmet treats. Check out their Facebook page or Twitter Feed for daily locations.

New York


Colonie/Albany, New York

Taste and freshness are the two most important things to us at Coccadotts. Our wide variety of cakes, cookies, pastries & extravagant cuppycakes are just a few selections that will get your senses going. There's always a birthday cake ready to go in our full retail shop. Stop in for a quick bite & remember... when you're looking for a cake that hits the spot come on down to Coccadotts!Please visit the Coccadotts website for more company information.Check out their Facebook page for daily locations.

The Cupcake Crew

New York, New York

The Cupcake Crew is a truck providing Delicious Fresh Baked sweets all over NYC. Cupcake prices are comparable to the other trucks out there - $1.25 for a mini, $2.50 for a full size. $15 for a dozen minis.Check out their Twitter feed or Facebook page for daily truck locations.

North Carolina

Daisy Cakes

Durham, North Carolina

Pastry chef Tanya Catolos and her husband Konrad, who is also a chef, are the co-owners of DaisyCakes in Durham, NC.DaisyCakes is Durham's first mobile eakfast bakery. the baked goods are produced in an 8 x 8 certified home kitchen with one single oven and a small mixer. They bake Friday late into the night and then, early Saturday morning they load up their vintage Airstream, aptly named, Sugar and head to downtown Durham.Please visit the Daisy Cakes website for more company information.Check their Twitter Feed for daily locations.

Southern Cake Queen

Charlotte, North Carolina

Southern Cake Queen launched it's mobile service in February 2011. Currently the Pink SCQ Truck will operate on weekends; however, the mobile unit is available for private parties, corporate events, festivals and other engagements.Please visit the Southern Cake Queen website for more company information.Check out their Facebook page and Twitter feed for their truck locations.


3 Babes and a Baker

Columbus, Ohio

3 Babes and a Baker is Columbus Ohio's 1st Mobile Gourmet eatery.Carla Saunders has turned a hobby into a business. Operating under the name 3 Babes and a Baker, Saunders sells more than 12 dozens treats a day. "I've been baking for about 14, 16 years, and I wanted to do something fun and unique," Saunders said. She begins work at 4 a.m. each day, planning, baking, and decorating in the truck.Once a week Saunders offers a gimmick to entice customers, like turning a basketball game into a chance to win a free item.Check out 3 Babes and a Baker's Twitter Feed for daily locations.



North Whales, Pennsylvania

Jimmies is a gourmet van that serves delicious, fresh treats each named after a famous Jim, Jimmy or James. Try the James T. Kirk or the Jim Carrey. Guarranteed to make you smile!The van is a Sprinter purchased from a pizza restaurant owner. It came fully equipped with 4 sinks, fridge, freezer and 2 convection ovens.Visit the Jimmies Cupcake Co. website for more company information.Check Jimmies Cupcake Co. Twitter Feed for their daily locations.

Rhode Island


Providence, Rhode Island

Erica H. Saladino & Kristin Amico converted a 1950s International Harvester Metro Van into a tiny mobile bakery! The Sugarush truck makes stops around Providence.Please visit the Sugarush website for more company information.Check out their Twitter Feed and Facebook page for daily locations and cupcake flavors.



San Antonio, Texas

Sisters-in-law Tien Friedberg and Kehmay Arriola grew up in families where home baked goods were a regular affair. They opened Saweet in the fall of 2009 as San Antonio's first and only mobile cupcakery.Visit Saweet Cupcakes for more information.Check the Saweet Cupcake Twitter feed for their daily locations.


Houston, Texas

Established in 2010 by an aspiring cake designer, and a former restaurant owner turned engineer, MMM...was made to fill the need for portable goodness in the Greater Houston area. MMM... sets out everyday, armed with a truck full of delicious, home-made sweets and good times.Please visit the MMM Cupcake website for more company information.Check out their Twitter Feed or Facebook Page for daily locations.

Little Miss

Houston, Texas

Emily Giffin makes and sells her sweets from her pink Little Miss van. Giffin bakes several different flavors from triple chocolate to strawberry.Check out her Facebook page for daily locations.

Hey Cupcake!

Austin, Texas

Hey Cupcake! is a truck that has four set truck locations as opposed to roaming the city to different locations daily. The famous Hey Cupcake! trucks operate out of Airstream vehicles.It is owned by the famous Austin entrepreneur, Wes Hurt, who has several locations across central Texas.Visit the the Hey Cupcake! website for truck locations and other company information.Hey Cupcake! truck image courtesy of austinevan


Twisted Sisters

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Twisted Sisters travels Virginia Beach making 30 minute stops at previous listed locations. Preorder for 1 dozen or more is recommended via email or phone 24 hours or more in advance.Please visit the Twisted Sisters website for more company information.Check out their Facebook page or Twitter Feed for daily locations.

Various States


various cities

The Sprinklesmobile is a business offered by Sprinkles. Sprinkles has eight bakeries across the U.S. with new bakeries to be opened soon. The Sprinklesmobile is a Mercedes Sprinter van designed by Sprinkles architect Andrea Lenardin and built by Pimp My Ride's West Coast Customs.Visit Sprinkles for more information about their business.Check the Sprinklesmobilie Twitter feed to find out their daily locations.Sprinklesmobile photo: current events

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      i think it is the best ideal in the world because that is what i would like to do. so GO CUPCAKES!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      How do I get a truck? I been looking everywhere...

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I love it!! It is a fantastic idea!! :) I wish there were more of these in my state! <3

    • Janet2221 profile image

      Janet2221 5 years ago

      @anonymous: I believe the majority, if not all, cupcakes are baked at a separate location and then loaded onto the truck each morning.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Such a great idea. Just a question though, it seems like most of the cupcakes are baked elsewhere and just sold from the truck. Is that the case or are any actually baked in the truck?

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      @anonymous: i would like t more about you started your business and do you bake in the truck or just stock it dailey? I am in Seattle and would like to start a mobile cupcake business. If you have any suggestions to share please do.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I think the idea is wonderful I started my Unforgettable Cupcakes and More food truck in Tampa FL Feb 2012 and It's been a great !!

    • KateHonebrink profile image

      KateHonebrink 5 years ago

      I think I'm going to plan a cross-country trip to each city to check out each mobile cupcakery. Sounds like a great plan, right?

    • GrowthSpark profile image

      GrowthSpark 5 years ago

      I'm hungry just thinking about it. And I love all the pics, the décor on some of the vans is lovely. Great lens, many thanks.

    • ErinMac LM profile image

      ErinMac LM 5 years ago

      I love your lens. I use to get my cupcakes from Twisted Sisters in Virginia until I moved. I want to own my own someday...

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      @Janet2221: I meant to hurray this one! :-)

    • Janet2221 profile image

      Janet2221 6 years ago

      @anonymous: Added, thanks!

    • Janet2221 profile image

      Janet2221 6 years ago

      @anonymous: Added, thanks!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Marla's Sweet Bites is rolling out its cupcakes truck in the north suburbs of Chicago, and we'd love to be listed on your site! You can email me directly at Thanks for spreading the cupcake love :-)

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      would like to be featured on this site we are a moblie cupcake business SweetBuds Bakery our email is

    • sarahrk lm profile image

      sarahrk lm 6 years ago

      What a great idea, I love this.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Love this lens

    • TheWritingnag profile image

      Writing Nag 6 years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado

      Thanks for adding The Springs Cupcake Truck!

    • Janet2221 profile image

      Janet2221 6 years ago

      @TheWritingnag: Springs Cupcake Truck has been added. Thanks for the heads up!

    • TheWritingnag profile image

      Writing Nag 6 years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado

      You might want to add The Springs Cupcake Truck to your Colorado section. We even have a squidoo lens. Thanks for the informative lens on mobile cupcakes!

    • profile image

      Performancecars 6 years ago

      I made a cupcake one it wasn't very nic.

    • profile image

      herculeafitness1 6 years ago

      My kryptonite... :-)

    • egadapparel lm profile image

      egadapparel lm 6 years ago

      mmmm.... cupcakes..... :)

    • profile image

      blanckj 6 years ago

      I live in New York and consider them to be my competition. I sell cookies but haven't received the funding to purchase a business vehicle yet. I haven't been around for a year yet so I'm not sweatin' it yet.

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 6 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      Wow, I had never heard of mobile cupcakes, but why not?! I love it!

    • ShariBerry profile image

      Sharon Berry 6 years ago from Michigan

      Great lens. I love looking at all the different trucks and original names of the businesses.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Guess you found our new ice cream :) Great lens!

    • LondonWanderer profile image

      LondonWanderer 6 years ago

      A great idea, cupcakes rock!

    • snookiecollins lm profile image

      snookiecollins lm 6 years ago

      I LOVE this idea...& why didn't somebody think of it Sooner?... lol!=D3 Cheers for Cupcakes! hooray!Have a fab weekend everyone & a cupcake,--snookiecollins

    • journey103 profile image

      journey103 6 years ago from USA

      OMG...I've heard about this and I wish there was one in my area I absolutely love this!!!

    • profile image

      whaleriders6 6 years ago

      Yummy! Great many cupcake trucks, so little time...

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Thank heavens there are none of these around the Seattle area or I would weigh 500lbs more.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Cupcakes are taking over our world, what a yummy way to go!

    • profile image

      miaponzo 7 years ago

      Thanks! I had never even heard of mobile cupcakes before!

    • PNWtravels profile image

      Vicki Green 7 years ago from Wandering the Pacific Northwest USA

      Sounds like a great idea. Blessed by a SquidAngel.

    • MargoPArrowsmith profile image

      MargoPArrowsmith 7 years ago

      Cupcakes are the thing I just saw something on Rachel Ray about a laid off lawyer who makes 'man cupcakes' with beer and bacon in them!

    • Dee Gallemore profile image

      Dee Gallemore 7 years ago

      Great job . . . This lens is featured on Noteworthy & Blessed

    • Randoggle profile image

      Randoggle 7 years ago

      What a great idea. I never would have thought about that

    • Webmerchant profile image

      Webmerchant 7 years ago

      A wonderfully original lens :)

    • Christene-S profile image

      Christene-S 7 years ago

      Blessed by a SquidAngel :)

    • profile image

      WriterBuzz 7 years ago

      Very nice lens. Thanks. I gave you a thumbs up, because it's a nice lense.

    • Winter52 LM profile image

      Winter52 LM 7 years ago

      I had no idea, but just checked and there are trucks in the Chicago area... I will be on the lookout!!

    • profile image

      CarrieAnn_Brady 7 years ago

      WOW....What a great concept and something I need to totally look into here in Central Florida. I never knew about Mobile Cupcakes until I found your lens. Thanks for the great information. I have a strong craving for cupcakes now :-)

    • Janet2221 profile image

      Janet2221 7 years ago

      @anonymous: Corrected. Thanks for the heads up!

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      @Janet2221: Kansas City Mobile Unit is in Missouri. Not Kansas. I know its confusing, us weird bi-state citys. Just FYI. Have a Wonderful Day! :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      @Janet2221: Thanks!

    • Janet2221 profile image

      Janet2221 7 years ago

      @anonymous: Added! Thanks. :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      You missed one in Kansas City - 3 girls cupcakes!

    • VarietyWriter2 profile image

      VarietyWriter2 7 years ago

      That's pretty cool. Can't wait to have one in my area. Blessed by a SquidAngel :)

    • one dental profile image

      one dental 7 years ago

      How fun! What a great lens :D

    • profile image

      Joan4 7 years ago

      What fun! I hope we get a cupcake truck in our area -- one that rides through the neighborhoods like the ice cream trucks!

    • profile image

      enslavedbyfaeries 7 years ago

      I have never seen a cupcake truck locally, but they look awesome! I think this could be my teenage daughter's dream job when she gets her driver's license. :D

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      i want to try to start a cupcake mobile where do i get a truck from and how much do the cost

    • Midnytefire LM profile image

      Midnytefire LM 7 years ago

      I have such a sweet tooth, I think I would eat them more often than I should.

    • TreasuresBrenda profile image

      Treasures By Brenda 7 years ago from Canada

      I think the idea is marvelous but I have to check and see if we even have a cupcake-themed bakery in Ottawa. Great lens!

    • aka-rms profile image

      Robin S 7 years ago from USA

      What s great idea! I wish we had a mobile cupcake shop on the corner in my neighborhood! :)