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Mortars and Pestles

Updated on September 9, 2014

Mortars and Pestles

The Mortar and Pestle, or some variation, have been used for millenia to grind spices, herbs, nuts for flavoring and baking. A pestle and mortar set is also used to grind and combine medicinal preparations and sometimes in making the mortar to set bricks and stones in masonry.

Even with the advent of electric grinders, the mortar and pestle is essential in any kitchen for crushing, grinding and mixing a variety of ingredients. Below you will see a fine selection of mortar and pestle sets, in a variety of materials, for your kitchen or to give as a practical and lovely culinary gift. There are also vintage and antique pestles and mortars. Since the mortar and pestle are such a classic fixture of any kitchen, I've also added a few works of art showcasing them, too (labeled as "Art").

I recently used my mortar and pestle, seen in the photo above, to grind up some buckwheat as a substitution for wheat germ for a bread recipe. It's very handy!

Art - Close-Up of a Mortar and Pestle with Garlic


Close-Up of a Mortar and Pestle with Garlic - Photographic Print

You may purchase this photographic print from

Marble Mortars and Pestles

Did You Know?

The mortar is a bowl, often made of marble, hard wood, or ceramic. The pestle, a heavy object with a narrow end and a fatter end, is used for crushing and grinding substances put into the mortar. You put what you want to be ground into the mortar, then crush, grind or mix it by pressing the pestle down repeatedly. For cooking, people use the mortar and pestle to crush many ingredients such as garlic, herbs, spices, nuts or grains among other things.

Granite, Agate or Stone Mortar and Pestle Sets

Art - Apothecary's Mortar and Pestle - a Giclee Print


Apothecary's Mortar and Pestle - Giclee Print

You may purchase this print from

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Here's a Pretty Porcelain Mortar and Pestle Set

I Hope You Have Found Your Mortar and Pestle

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