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Moscato Wine

Updated on August 30, 2017

Moscato Wines

Moscato wine is considered to be very well-liked in numerous European nations particularly in France, Spain, Italy and Slovenia. It is typically developed from renowned Moscato grapes. In fact the expression "Moscato" is taken from Italian vocabulary. Muscat grapes are mainly grown for this wine production. It is measured to be the oldest assortment of grapes grown for this wine production. These kinds of grapes are cultivated in all areas of the world and are recognized by varied names like muscadel, muscatel and muscat. Wine enthusiasts all over the globe by now are acquainted with Muscat Canelli and Muscat Blanc that come along with an unusual taste. If you are looking for some wine racks, you should visit Wineware Wine Racks website.

Best Moscato Wines

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Moscato Wine Characteristics

Related to Sparkling wines

Red wine, rose wine, white wine and dessert wine along with sparkling wine are really popular types of wines. Moscato wine is a unique type of sparkling wine developed from muscat grapes. These special grapes come in miscellaneous colours from white to black. These grapes are recognized for the sweet floral aroma and are used to develop raisins and enormous sweet dessert wines also. In reality, muscato is tasted and is categorized as a unique dessert wine. The wine is actually served as table grapes. However, there are numerous selections of muscat grapes that are used to manufacture table wines like Asti in Italy. Portugal and Spain are primary manufacturers of muscat. Consequently, it is also known as muscatel.

Moscato is No.1 Wine in America

moscato wines
moscato wines

Moscato Wine Types

Several moscato wines are actually fortified wines. Malaga and Jerez are the regions of Spain that are identified for their sweet fortified Moscatels. Elements that are in fact present in muscat grapes are responsible for the distinctive flavour of the moscato wine. Muscat grapes are very rich in antioxidant flavonoids. As a result, moscato wine health benefits are associated with red wine. Wine lovers might have examined about wine nourishment details. Robert Mondavi Moscato, Ceretto Santo Stefano Moscato D'Asti Martin, Ceretto Santo Stefano Moscato D'Asti, Chiarlo Nivole Moscato D'Asti and Michele Chiarlo Nivole Moscato D'Asti are some of the famous moscato wines. At the current moment, you should consider looking at moscato wine calories. If you really want to inspect for calories in earlier moscato wines, for example, Beringer moscato wine, calories in all moscato wines are more or less same. Generally, calories might depend upon the alcoholic value also.

bartenura moscato
bartenura moscato

Bartenura Moscato

This moscato white wine is measured to be extremely light in taste and at the same time it is extremely crunchy also. The overall consistency and alcoholic value is extremely rich and soft as well. This wine would go well with roasted pork, roasted lamb, roasted beef and other kinds of meat also.

Bartenura Moscato Wine is a Very Versatile Wine

If you love wine but have never had the pleasure of drinking bartenura moscato wine, you are missing a treat. This white wine is very sweet but is also very complex in flavor and aroma. It is made from the Muscat grapes which has over 200 varieties across the world. For this reason, Moscato wines taste different depending on which variety of Muscat grapes are used.

Bartenura moscato wine goes well with roasted beef, lamb and pork. It also goes well with hors d'oeuvres, desserts and fresh fruits. This wine choice can also accompany pasta and sauces. It can also be served on its own as an aperitif. The ability for this wine to be paired with so many different types of foods, or served alone, makes it a great wine to have on hand for any occasion. You can find Bartenura Moscato wine in many retail establishments as well as online on an ecommerce website.

Moscato rose dolce
Moscato rose dolce

Villa Alena NV Moscato Rose Dolce

This wine is very sweet, active sparkling wine along with sharp and spirit which can be extremely stimulating. The general tang and fragrance of Villa Alena NV Moscato Rose Dolce is sugary with a slender touch.

Barefoot Cellars Moscato
Barefoot Cellars Moscato

Barefoot Cellars Moscato

This wine is Muscat Blanc edition. It is measured as a dessert wine or in simple words fortified wine. The shade of Barefoot Cellars Moscato 187ml 1987 is very white and the general flavour and aroma is fairly vigorous and sweet.

Find out more about Barefoot Cellars here.

Barefoot Moscato Wine, Perfect for a Hot Day

There is nothing better than sipping on barefoot moscato wine at the end of a hot summer day. This wine is paired best with soft and semi-soft cheeses, Asian food, fresh fruit and light desserts. It goes well along with a tray of cheese and meat. As versatile as this wine is, it should be kept chilled to be able to be enjoyed at a moment's notice. If you choose to place this wine in the freezer to chill, be sure to not let it sit in there for too long or it will become slushy and you won't be able to get it out of the bottle.

Many people who enjoy Barefoot Moscato wine enjoy it at the end of a hot summer's day when it's chilled and accompanied with frozen white grapes. This makes a scrumptious way to relax and unwind and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

De Bortoli NV Emeri Pink Moscato
De Bortoli NV Emeri Pink Moscato

De Bortoli NV Emeri Pink Moscato

The wine has a pallid pink transparent colour. It has a fresh fruit fragrance with musk and strawberry that can be extremely appealing to wine lovers. De Bortoli NV Emeri Pink Moscato also has a smooth, complete and constant bead and unmarked appearance. De Bortoli NV Emeri Pink Moscato is very enjoyable to drink and it is extremely mild in alcohol content as well (9%), happy hues, attractive musk and rose petal aromas, velvety texture coupled with bubbles and vigorous strawberry flavours. The overall appearance of this extremely fantastic moscato wine is very attractive and has a pallid transparent pink shade. The bouquet of this wine is also very fresh and similar to fresh fruit fragrances that can easily capture your imagination and taste buds in the most fabulous manner. The palate is very smooth and complete with a constant bead and fresh appearance. The overall processing method is very thorough in order to get that perfect taste.

Sutter Home Moscato
Sutter Home Moscato

Sutter Home Moscato

For more than 50 years now Sutter Home have been produced their own version of a Moscato wine. The Sutter Home Moscato has accents of rose, lychee and white peach in its aroma. Yet when tasted it comes with flavors of honeydew melon and creamy peach.

As the Sutter Home Moscato is very light bodied it can be enjoyed alone as an aperitif or paired with light deserts such as peach, strawberry or pear sorbet. Plus it also goes wonderful with fresh fruit and light cheeses.

It is important that with such wines that not only are they properly chilled before serving, that you should only drink them when very young. In fact such wine should never be consumed once it is more than two years old. The reason being that after this time a great deal of its amazing taste and aroma will have been lost because the wine has had the opportunity to ferment further.

Sutter Home Moscato Wine Replaces Dessert

Sutter Home Moscato wine is so sweet and delicious that it can almost replace dessert itself instead of just accompanying it. The sweetness of the wine comes from the Muscat grape. It has somewhat of a creamy taste of peaches and honeydew melons. It is a great wine to drink alone because the taste is light in body.

Within a 5 ounce serving size of Sutter Home Moscato wine you will find a mere 127 calories making this wine a great choice for those who are counting calories. For anyone counting calories who enjoys sweet desserts they can drink this wine as an aperitif instead of pairing it with a dessert and still have their sweet tooth be equally satisfied. Also, there are 11.4 gm of carbohydrates, 0 grams of fat and less than one gram of protein.

Sutter Home Moscato wine can be found through on online retailer or in your local wine store or supermarket.

Slovenian Moscato Wines - Best Moscato Wines

slovenian moscato wines
slovenian moscato wines
pikolit moscato wine
pikolit moscato wine


The name has in fact two meanings. Used slackly, Pikolit also described as Pikulit illustrates the straw vine of Primorje region that is manufactured from dehydrated grapes on straw mats, foodstuff, or mainly stitched lumber trays.

pinela moscato wine
pinela moscato wine


This wine is an autochthonous collection cultivated only in the Primorje region; despite of some similarity in name, Pinela is in no mode related with the Pinots. It is a very strange grape, and wine developers have always evaded it as it is tremendously vulnerable to frost and quite susceptible to molds and decomposition.

More about Slovenian Wines

You can learn more about Slovenian wines if you visit linked website below. There is a list of wines with description of each and you will also be able to learn more about Slovenian winemaking, viticulture, wine events and wine regions.

Moscato Wine Calories: Do You Know How Much?

Are you a calorie-conscious person? Do you always watch for the number of calories with anything you eat or drink? Indeed, there are lots of people who check for moscato wine calories. But then, just like other wines and beverages, the number of calories in any moscato wine are different. They all vary depending on the alcohol content of each moscato wine. Be informed that not all moscato wine have the alcohol content so it is with the number of calories. If you are very concern of calories, it would rather be accurate if you will ask about the number of calories in a glass of moscato wine than be inquisitive for the calories in a bottle. You can actually read reviews about Moscato wine calories if you really want to know more about it. There are lots of websites and forums out there where you can get the information that you want.

Moscato D'asti
Moscato D'asti

Moscato D'asti - Sweet and Low

Moscato d'asti is a wine like none other as it is very sweet and has low alcohol content in it therefore one can drink to their satisfaction without worrying about getting drunk and misbehaving. The sparkling white wine is produced in North West Italy from the Moscato Bianco grape. Due to its sweetness this wine is usually served after a meal or with a dessert thus it is also known to be a dessert wine. Many experts find this wine to be the best even though it is over looked by many. It is the kind of wine you can sit down to enjoy in a hot summer afternoon with a bowl of fresh fruit. The wine is a bit fizzy but it is light and has a sweet smell too. This is simply a fantastic wine that can be taken any time and the best thing is that no special wine glasses are needed.

If you are looking for a wine that is just light, bubbly, gentle on the tongue, definitely crisp in the pallet and with a super clean completeness, the wine that you absolutely need is moscato d'asti. Indeed, it is one sweet smelling wine of citrus and honey. It has a low alcohol content and very fruitful in taste. It is definitely sweet but not the kind of syrupy sweet though. So what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest supermarket and buy this super good wine now. Enjoy the pleasantries that it can give you while sipping its delightful finish. However, if you fail to find it in the store near you, you may try looking for it in the shopping malls that have stalls that are exclusive for wines alone. You can also try searching for it online. Some wine stores surely have websites where they advertise their wine too.

Foods to Go with a Bottle of Moscato D'Asti

Wine lovers would definitely appreciate the sweet flavor of moscato d'asti. A sparkling white that can traced from the hillsides of north western Italy, particularly Asti, it is produced from carefully cultivated Muscat grapes. This wine generally has a light effervescence when poured and low alcohol content ranging from 5%-7%. Moscato D' Asti is classified as a dessert wine because it can boost the taste of sweets such as chocolates. Restaurants will likewise recommend it with an Italian biscotti or caramel. The balance of sweetness and acidity in this wine gives a perfect union with light desserts. Well, how about matching Moscato with a slice of cheesecake? Such combination is not unusual since both complement the taste of one another. Whether you are having a dinner with friends or celebrating a wedding, this wine will never disappoint the taste buds of guests when served with the right food. It also goes well with pizza.

White Moscato Wine
White Moscato Wine

White Moscato Wine: Enjoy Its Delightful Taste

Have you already enjoyed the delightful taste of white moscato wine? If not yet, you should not waste tome, look for this wine and don't deprive yourself from tasting this one of the most awesome wine in the world. Moscato white wine is actually one of the most in demand wine everywhere you go. Its delightful taste makes the people crave and ask for more. Go to the nearest shopping malls or supermarkets in your town now and look for this wine. If you can't find them displayed in the wine section, you may look from some stalls that are exclusively selling different varieties of wines. Moscato wines are not only for direct drinking actually, many people are also using it as one of the ingredients for sumptuous and delicious foods. Over the internet, Moscato white wine is also being sold. So if you can't find this wine from your place, try searching for it online.

Steps Taken in Order to Make a Great White Moscato Wine

The white Moscato wine is one of the most beautiful dessert wines you can drink. It contains certain properties that help to complement the food you are eating as well as helping to make each mouthful tastier.

When it comes to creating such beautiful wines the process involved is quite complex. The vineyard will first select only the finest grapes to make a white Moscato wine with. They look for those that not only taste wonderful but smell wonderful as well.

Only after the grapes have been selected will they then be collected before then being pressed and filtered. However when being fermented to ensure that they don't ferment too soon the grapes will be stored at freezing temperatures until the vinification process takes place. At this stage the grapes will be passed through a tank that is sealed and where the juice will be heated to a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius.

Once the juice has reached this temperature yeast can then be added. Only when the right level of residual sugar is achieved will the fermentation process be finished and the wine can be filtered before being bottled.

Pink Moscato Wine
Pink Moscato Wine

Pink Moscato Wine: Have You Already Tasted It?

The pink moscato wine is actually sought after by a lot of women. Indeed, its taste is like made for women. Pink Moscato wine is sweet but not totally sweet like a syrup. If you have not tasted this wine yet, you should go and get one for yourself. It is definitely not the kind of wine that you should miss. A lot of people are already enjoying drinking this delightfully good wine except you. Actually, this wine is also used for cooking. A lot of chefs consider the pink moscato wine as one of the best recipes in their cuisine. Likewise, people who have tasted such foods with Pink Moscato wine have gratefully confirmed that the food was great. The wine can be greatly combined with the taste of the food. So, don't waste your time. Go to the nearest wine stores now and look for this Pink Moscato wine.

Things to Know About Storing Pink Moscato Wine

When you purchase some pink moscato wine it is important that you know how to store it properly. If you don't then of course when the time comes to open and enjoy what is a very beautiful wine will be diminished.

The first thing you need to understand about storing Pink Moscato wine is that this type is very sensitive to changes in temperature. It is important that you keep in stored in a place where the temperature remains below 20 degrees centigrade at all times. Plus also make sure that it is being stored somewhere that is relatively dark. However if this is a problem then to help avoid sunlight from ruining such a beautiful wine wrap in in tissue paper.

Unlike other wines there isn't any need to store this type horizontally as the cork doesn't need to be kept moist. However if you do have wine storage unit then placing it horizontally on the rack won't affect it any.

Which is your favorite?

Is it white or pink moscato? Why?

Moscato Wine - How to Dine

A good meal is always accompanied by good wine and one of the best wines in the world for that is the moscato wine which is rich in taste and flavor. This wine leaves many of its drinkers wanting more of it all the time. This wine comes in different types and one of them is the Candoni moscato which is sweet and sour at the same time. Everyone loves its perfume fragrance and its fruity taste. The Castello Del Poggio is sugary and yellow plus it has an alcohol content of 5.5 percent. There is one which is loved mostly by the people down under due to its very low alcoholic content and fruitiness. This is the pink moscato. If you are planning an evening dinner in your home, then you should not miss this wine to mark the occasion because it will complement the dinner incredibly and make your guests enjoy your wonderful hospitality.

Dining in Style with Friends

As My Sister Said

My husband and I were pleased his boss served us moscato wine at his home last week. We were invited over because my husband received a promotion at work. They have worked together for twelve years and are very close friends. My husband lived in California for six years and told us that moscato wine was much more popular there than in Florida. He has always loved the smell of the muscat grapes and was so appreciative that his boss chose it for our evening. I didn't realize that sherry could be created from the muscat grapes. I hope that my husband and I can make a trip to California this summer and explore the wineries as well as the beautiful roads. I am so proud of his promotion and am treating him to a trip out west. He needs to find out if he can get the time away from work.

Choosing the Right Moscato Wine
Choosing the Right Moscato Wine

Choosing the Right Type of Moscato Wine

Pink moscato is really different from all other pink or red wine available in the marketplace. They are very acidic, a good trait for wines to have, and are usually quite dry. There are two basic approaches to purchase the right type of wine to suit the type of food that you are eating: as-a-like and contrast. The approach entails finding a delicate balance between the flavor and textures of the food and wine. You can think of the food and wine combination in terms of weight or color. A lemon cake with pink moscato deliver a spicy and sweet flavor to the mouth while roasted lamb or beef produces an exquisite taste when savored together with the wine. As they say, choice of ingredients determine the quality of the wine. A fine glass of pink moscato can only be produced using fresh grapes plucked directly from the gardens of Italy.

Differences Between Moscato and Muscat

All wine lovers out there would no doubt enjoy moscato and muscat wine but only an expert will be able to tell the differences between the two. We shall begin with the muscat. The muscat grape is one of the oldest grape classes in the wine world. It is found in a wide range of colors, from white to near black. The two most famous varieties are Muscat Blanc and Muscat of Alexandria. They can be used to produce dry and sweet wine. Moscato on the other hand is the fourth most greatly planted grape in Italy. It is amazingly perfumed, like a combination of rose petals and lychee fruits. Moscato wine usually comes in yellow or pale gold texture. This is one variety that does not benefit from aging in oak barrels. Intead, it relies on fermentation in steel vats. That is why it is better to consume moscato wine instantly upon its release.

The History of Moscato Wine

Moscato wine is also know as muscat wine. Muscat wine is created from muscat grapes which have more than 200 varieties within one family of grapes. Moscato wine is very popular around the world and Australia is the biggest consumer. Moscato wine is generally produced in Spain and Italy.

Moscato wine is clear and low on alcoholic content and is usually served along with dessert after a sumptuous meal. Though the name might suggest that moscato wine was first produced in the sultanate of Oman there are no actual records that point to it.

It is believed that Moscato wine was first served in Greece and was bought to France and Italy by Roman Soldiers. Australia is not only the leading consumer but is also fast catching up with Spain and Italy in terms of Moscato wine production. The favorable climate here makes it easy to grow muscat grapes which are used for moscato wine.

What do you think about Muscato Wine? - Have you ever tasted moscato wine? Would you like to?

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      I love it, especially the d'Asti. I find in general, that Italian wines have a lighter feel making them very drinkable when its hot. I love the vino Verde wines. When I was a kid, you used to be able to take an empty bottle or jug to the local shop and get it filled with delicious light wines, ideal for drinking in the camp site in the evening with a meal of my favourite spaghitti carbonara.

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      I am also a huge Reisling fan, but Muscato has first place with me.

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      Muscato wine is more of a sweet wine and I can say that most of women like this sort of wine - I mean, out of my experience I could confirm that :)

      It is not like that I don't like to drink this wine, but it is a bit too sweet for me. Otherwise it has great aroma!

      You are also doing great introduction to some Slovenian wines and I therefore I admire you!

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      wine is cool...i am a red dry wine lover, but this lens quite convince me for a Bartenura Moscato, with some roast lamb. theoreticly, of course, i did not see here this wine. Very nice lens, always pleasant to read about wines.

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      It is smooth, fruity, sweet and entirely favorite.

      I have yet to try the above beauties, but there's still plenty of time to enjoy good wine.


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