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Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

Updated on September 7, 2013

Where to Buy Oprah's Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

On the episode featuring Oprah & Gayle's Yosemite campside Happy Hour, Oprah treated fellow campers to her favorite vodka based cocktail drink and people wanna know where can they buy copper mugs for Moscow Mules?

Otherwise known as a Russian Mule, the retro cocktail was served by Oprah in signature 1950s Moscow Mule copper mugs. The mug is a key component to enjoying the drink as the metal drinking vessel keeps the signature drink icy cold. I was at a bar the other day where the bartender merely served the drink in a lowball tumbler and it just didn't have the same panache being served in an ordinary glass.

Plus one of the things that Oprah didn't mention is that copper is said to have residual health benefits. Besides mugs you can also get copper drinking glasses. Now, to be honest, I haven't heard anything about the health benefits from drinking beer from copper mugs, but when you're not using them for imbibing, you can set out a glass of water on your bedside overnight then drink it in the morning. Apparently the water oxidizes the copper and does a body good when you drink it the next day. So, I think it's worth a splurge if you end up using it everyday. You can also store water in copper jugs to get the added benefit of water oxidizing with the copper.

You might get a little sticker shock when you first start looking for copper Moscow Mule mugs. So one idea is just to buy one or two mugs to see if you like 'em first, look for used or vintage copper mug finds on eBay or purchase them in sets of 4 or 6 for the best value. However, on most reviews, you'll see people love 'em and that they're great to use for keeping many cocktails icy cold like gin and tonics, caprihanas, etc.

We've tracked down where you can buy Moscow Mule drink supplies including copper mugs and ginger beer. But you can also substitute tonic water for ginger beer if you prefer the taste of tonic. And if you like the zip of ginger, you can also cut or grate fresh ginger. And for friends who look a fruity taste, I just discovered Reeds Ginger beer also make a raspberry version. Yum. That would look pretty dressed up with a few fresh berries. Perfect for July 4th parties.

Moscow Mule 7 Up Ad

Image Source: Smirnoff 1974 ad |

Updated 5/10 & 5/29/2013

Top 5 Most Popular Moscow Mule Mugs - On

This is one of the shapes and sizes that can often be found in restaurants and cocktail bars. If you're wondering what size is most popular it's 1 pint or 16 ounces. There's still plenty of room to fill the mug with plenty of ice.

If you're not sure about the size, just order at least 1 or 2 mugs to see if you like the size before ordering sets of 8 or a dozen. Get 'em now while you can and you can enjoy them for the holiday season before they sell out at this price.

Set of 4 Copper MugsCHECK PRICE

Single 16 Oz MugCHECK PRICE

16 Oz Barrel StyleCHECK PRICE

Copper Moscow Mule Mugs Best Value Guide - Here are a Couple of Cute Versions

Copper Moscow Mule Mugs Buying Tip: Right now when you look on, you'll see 1 pint copper mugs being sold as singles or in sets of 4 or 6. You can click on the "check price" button from Amazon if you just wanna look at the current price and shipping costs with no obligation to buy.

UPDATE: Due to its overwhelming popularity, this 12 ounce kicking mule style currently goes in and out of stock. Click on the photo to check if new inventory has come in stock. Plus they're not too crazy expensive. Here's another idea, buy a hodgepodge of different styles of Moscow Mule mugs so that everyone will know which drink is their own. It's available with the traditional kicking mule or blank without the engraving.

Reeds Ginger Brew 16 Ounce Moscow Mule Copper Mug Collectible
Reeds Ginger Brew 16 Ounce Moscow Mule Copper Mug Collectible

If you don't mind the advertising for Reeds Ginger Beer printed on the outside of this mug, it's currently one of the cheapest Moscow Mule Copper Mugs out there.


Pre-Chill Copper Mugs

Stick 'em in the Freezer To Keep Drinks Super Cool

Dishwasher-Safe | Handcrafted in Turkey | Safe for Drinking

Cock n' Bull Copper Mugs - Available on eBay

Click on any of the eBay items below to see descriptions and additional copper mugs available on eBay.

Go Big or Go Home

Buy Enough for a Party

Available in Sets of 25 or as small as a party of 4.

Best Value

Less Expensive Vintage Copper Moscow Mule Mugs Can Be Found on


Vintage Moscow Mule Mugs - Available From eBay

Ever since Oprah talked about Moscow Mules on Oprah and Gayle's Cross-Country Adventure where they hosted a campside cocktail party in Yosemite Park, copper mugs have been selling out briskly on But some of the best buys have been vintage finds or USED mugs on eBay.

Check out listings on eBay using the search terms "Russian Vodka Moscow Mules Mugs, "Russian", "Smirnoff" or "Vintage" copper Moscow Mule mugs on eBay.

Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mugs - Available on eBay

The thing you want to check before buying a moscow mule copper mug is if it's "copper plated" and meant only for decorative purposes. Look for solid copper.

Check if the mugs are sold individually or in a set. To clarify, when you order from one of the vendors that offers a set of 2, when you specify 2 in the quantity, you'll actually receive 4 mugs. Click on any of the mugs to see a larger picture.

Vintage West Bend Copper Mugs - Bid on eBay

You can sometimes find 1950s vintage "West Bend" copper mugs. If you find 'em, get them in a set so they're all matching. What's great about these vintage mugs is the sturdy handle and solid copper finish. Hope you can get your hands on a complete set. Here are some of the ones currently available.

Why Are Copper Moscow Mugs So Expensive?

Prices of copper have risen in recent years making this precious metal more costly. Copper keeps your drinks cooler so it's worth the splurge. With proper care, copper mugs are extremely durable and will probably last you a lifetime.

Drink To Your Health

Ayurvedic Health Benefits

Source: Sensitive Planet | Wellness Goods

Who knew drinking could be so good for you? Click on any of the descriptions below to find out more about how drinking from copper cups can actually be good for your health. In India, copper drinking glasses are used for both hot and cold drinks and most of the product descriptions on offer a fascinating explanation of the many Ayurvedic healing properties of drinking from copper vessels.

Health Benefits of Drinking From Copper Cups

Sertodo Copper Moscow Mule Mug, Hammered Copper, 18 to 20-Ounce, Set of 4SHOP NOW

It's Cheapest to Buy Ginger Beer on

Don't forget to order the ginger beer while you're buying your mugs. A lot of local supermarkets don't stock it and ginger ale just won't cut it.

What's the Best Ginger Beer to Use? - Oprah Recommends Reed's Ginger Beer

If you're making cocktails for friends or having a party, it's actually going to be cheaper to buy a case of ginger beer online for a little more than a buck a bottle. Your two best bets are Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Beer 6.8 oz and Barrs Originals 11oz. And a third option that comes in a can is Royalty Ginger Beer.

However, if you're not sure, many ginger beers are available as single cans/bottles from Check out the reviews so you can better gauge if it's too "spicy". You can decide how ginger-y you want your drink. Also you may want to offer your guests a choice of a mild or spicy ginger beer as well as a ginger ale soft drink as a softer alternative.

Have real grated ginger on hand for those folks who really like their drink to pack a whallop.

Cock n Bull Ginger Beer Soda, 12 Ounce (24 Bottles)
Cock n Bull Ginger Beer Soda, 12 Ounce (24 Bottles)

Others swear by Cock 'n Bull claiming this is the only one you ever need. If you truly want to be authentic, the original Moscow Mule Recipe from the 1950s calls for "Cock 'n Bull Ginger Beer". It's available as a case of 12 or 24.


Play Bartender and Impress Your Friends

Learn How to Mix a Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule Drink Recipes

Oprah's Moscow Mule Recipe

How To Make a Moscow Mule - Small Screen Network

How to Make a Moscow Mule
How to Make a Moscow Mule

More Moscow Mule Recipes

  1. Moscow Mule Recipe From Esquire

    Their recommendation is to serve it in a tall Tom Collins glass.

  2. "Vodka Done Right" by Epicurious

    A fascination with Russia led to the ideal combo of vodka, lime & ginger beer.

  3. Drink Recipe: Moscow Mule From Drink Street

    One reader comments "best drink ever created". I'm sure Oprah would agree.

  4. Ultra Simple Moscow Mule Recipe From Smirnoff

    Take your pick of ginger ale OR ginger beer.

Moscow Mule Mugs - Old Style Shape

Oprah Makes Moscow Mules - Check Out the Original Episode Here

The Key to a Great Moscow Mule

Fresh Limes

Use Ginger Beer vs. Ginger Ale

Top Shelf Vodka

The Russian Standard Moscow Mule - Ginger Beer, Vodka, Lime Wedge & Ice

Russian Standard Moscow Mule
Russian Standard Moscow Mule

Why are Moscow Mules Served in Copper Mugs?

Source: Foodists

When Moscow Mules were invented in the 40s, to help the drink gain in popularity, the inventors/mixologists served it in a copper mug so that the drink would be a conversation starter and people would ask "What's that?" And so, the tradition continues...

But at the same time, the copper mugs also serve the practical purpose of keeping the drink icy cold.

Before Oprah There Was Woody - Woody Allen's Moscow Mule Features 7-Up | Boulder Libation

Oprah Woody Allen Moscow Mule Coper Mug
Oprah Woody Allen Moscow Mule Coper Mug

Raspberry Mule - A Creative Twist On The Classic Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule Alternative
Moscow Mule Alternative

Source: New Americana Cuisine | Capital Bar & Grill

Oprah's Moscow Mule is just one of many vodka lime based, mint cocktails and the ginger beer adds a refreshing twist. I've had similar drinks like caprihinas and mojitos. What are some of your favorite cocktails based on lime - mint and/or ginger beer?

You May Also Enjoy

Check Out A New Take on a Classic: The Denver Donkey with Spring 44 Honey Vodka

14 Additional Cocktails From

Holiday Drink & Cocktail Ideas

Your Favorite Ginger Beer or Lime Cocktails - Moscow Mule Coctkails

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      prabir ghose 

      4 years ago

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      Prabir Ghose, India.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I like those copper mugs, it's the first time I see them.

    • Diana Wenzel profile image

      Renaissance Woman 

      5 years ago from Colorado

      Love the looks of these copper mugs. Kind of mind boggling to think of having Oprah as your campsite neighbor serving up happy hour libations. Wild!

    • giovi64 lm profile image

      giovi64 lm 

      5 years ago

      Interesting lens!!

    • SandyMertens profile image

      Sandy Mertens 

      5 years ago from Frozen Tundra

      Love these mugs with the copper and design.

    • JimHofman profile image


      5 years ago

      Fun lens! Boy am thirsty now...Cheers!

    • uneasywriter lm profile image

      uneasywriter lm 

      5 years ago

      I have heard of medicinal purposes for drinking from copper vessels. This is a great niche!

    • worldwidesouven profile image


      5 years ago

      I live in Moscow but have never heard about Moscow Mule brand. Thank you for sharing, it's the great lens!

    • LauraHofman profile image

      Laura Hofman 

      6 years ago from Naperville, IL

      Love the hammered copper mugs! Fun and interesting lens. Check out our Glogg Recipe lens...also good in a Moscow Mule mug! Retro cocktails are great and nostalgic ; )

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Beautiful mugs, I love copper. Excellent lens as always my dear. :)


    • Melissa Miotke profile image

      Melissa Miotke 

      6 years ago from Arizona

      I received a copper mug as a baby and I've always really loved it. I used one as an adult however. I had no idea!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I didn't know that drinking out of copper had health benefits. I'll have to try it sometime.

    • Adrienne Jenkins profile imageAUTHOR

      Adrienne Jenkins 

      8 years ago

      @anonymous: Pam -- Thanks for the recommendation!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I've tried many gingerbeers, and the best by far is Bundaberg. It's a brand from Austrailia and you can buy it at World Market. It has pieces of ginger floating in it and it makes THE BEST Moscow Mule! It is so worth the trip to World Market.


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