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Most Useful Gadget in My Kitchen? A Rubber Strap Wrench

Updated on October 11, 2013
Nightcat profile image

Nightcat enjoys cooking and was once a hot-foods worker in a previous life. She enjoys passing on tips for home chefs of all levels.

Although I doubt it gets it's original intended use, the most useful kitchen gadget I have is my humble rubber strap wrench. I got mine eons ago sold under kitchen wares, so it is interesting that something also sold in the automotive department has made the leap for millions of users. But she is honestly my most useful tool, since she can opens bottles and jars better than any other device I have, and trust me, I have plenty.

Easy to use, I simply open her loop, put her on the offending lid or cap and pull the rubber strap until it has a snug grip. Then a simple turn opens even the most difficult bottle although some put up more of a struggle than others. And since I have arthritis in my hands I love her easy grip handle and that she does all the work.

I still remember my family laughing when I brought her home. We had tons of things to open jars and none of them ever worked. But not only has she opened jars and bottles that were cross threaded, she can travel around the house doing actual wrench work in places too tight or with materials that a metal wrench would damage, and trust me, she has.

Dad often used to "borrow" her for one project or another because he didn't have the right size or type of wrench. I'd gloat and point out that she was indeed useful, and look how much money she just saved him and he'd grunt in utter disgust and hand her back. Somehow she became his tool, and I just got to use her, even though he laughed hysterically at her arrival.

Men love these handy tools as well since she is great to throw in a tool kit, tackle box, or have anywhere your need a wrench or to open any type of jarred or bottled good. Like those impossible to open bottles of bleach and other laundry room wonders. I've even had to resort to my rubber strap wrench for medicine bottles so to me she's my most useful gadget. Just don't tell my microwave.

Things to look for:

Thick rubber strap

Easy-grip handle

Rugged construction

Alltrade 070008 2 Piece Got Wrench Set (colors may vary)
Alltrade 070008 2 Piece Got Wrench Set (colors may vary)

Sometimes a two-piece set is better. A smaller wrench can get into tighter areas and handles smaller objects with ease, or you can break the pair up and have one at home and one stored in the cars for roadside use.

Power Grip Jar Opener - As Seen on Tv
Power Grip Jar Opener - As Seen on Tv

These are still wrenches, somebody just figured they would sell them as the product they are used as.

AMPRO  T70430 2 Piece Rubber Strap Wrench Set
AMPRO T70430 2 Piece Rubber Strap Wrench Set

A slightly different design and I love the bright colors. What? I'm a girl. I don't use no ugly tools.


Although not in English, this useful video shows you all the different uses a rubber strap wrench can handle.

A demonstration of use with my own rubber strap wrench. As you can see it is rugged and has a thick rubber strap. And with tools simple is often best.


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    • Nightcat profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      My pleasure, PinkstonePictures, I've even used mine on tiny pill bottles and nail polish bottles, so I can't imagine how I lived without one before. I'm glad yours is working so well for you and thanks for visiting! :)

    • PinkstonePictures profile image


      4 years ago from Miami Beach, FL

      I just wanted to share my love for my rubber strap wrench. Mine is called a Boa Constrictor. I've opened so many things with it and even though it's very old it's still super sturdy, strong and my go to helper in the kitchen. Thanks for reminding me what a useful little tool this is :-)


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