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The Best in German Chocolates to Try

Updated on August 12, 2013

German Chocolates. Just Plain Delicious

No one understands the art of chocolate like the Germans do (except the Swiss). I know this because I would spend weeks of my childhood in Germany experiencing all of its chocolate delights. Going to the grocery store was a joy because I knew a whole aisle of chocolate awaited me. In Germany, there is not just white, dark, or milk chocolate. There is chocolate with nougat, trauben-nuss, marzipan, yogurt, hazelnuts, and more than enough to keep you busy tasting for years.

Several months ago, I was found to have a yeast allergy which means a strictly no sugar diet. So instead of having a sugar breakdown, I am going to share my love and appreciation for some of my favorite mouth-watering German chocolates. Trust me, these are some delicious chocolates. How do I know? Months and even years later, I can still remember their sweet taste and texture. Good chocolate is like a great memory. Every time it comes to mind, it makes you happy and it never grows old. Now, join me for a mouth-watering squidoo!

The Well-Known Rittersport Brand - Over 100 Years of Amazing Chocolate Making

The Rittersport brand is one of the most famous and well-known of chocolate brands in Germany. The Alfred Ritter company started producing the chocolate in 1912 in Stuttgart, Germany. In 1932, the company began producing their now 'signature' bars'. Today over 40 different bar flavors exist to tempt you.

Enjoy all the Ritter Sport Flavors - 84 Heavenly Chocolate Moments

The best way to try the flavors of Ritter Sport is by purchasing an individual Mini Bar selection. This display holds 84 of Ritter Sport's delicious moments and is a great way to open yourself up to the many flavors of the Ritter Sport Company.

Rittersport Single Chocolate Bars in Tempting Flavors - What you like...Rittersport has a bar for you.

Sometimes you do not want to buy a whole box of Rittersport, you just want to try one. So this module has Ritter Sport chocolate bars which you can purchase just ONE of. This means getting your taste of Ritter Sport luxury without blowing your budget on buying a twenty bar pack.

My Ritter Sport Favorite: the Marzipan Dark Chocolate Bar - Marzipan & Dark Chocolate...a match made in taste heaven

Ritter Sport Marzipan Dark Chocolate 100g
Ritter Sport Marzipan Dark Chocolate 100g

My favorite has always been their dark chocolate with marzipan. Marzipan is made of almond paste and rosewater. When combined with chocolate, the taste is amazing. Give it a try!


Delicious ChocoKüsse - To mouth-watering to be found on Amazon

One of my favorite of all German chocolates is Choco Küsse. The best way to describe it would be a layer of wafer, with a marshmallow type filling, coated with chocolate and possible toppings. The last festival I went to, they were sellling Choco Küsse which were the size of my entire hands. Amazing and so delicious!

MozartKugel - Picture from:

Mozartkugel was first made in 1890 in the German city of Salzburg by the Confectioner Paul Fürst. The Mozartkugel are a triple delight to eat. On the outside they are covered in dark chocolate, underneath is a layer of nougat which coats a small ball of pistachio marzipan. Marzipan, chocolate, and nougat? The match made in German chocolate paradise.

Buy Mozartkugel and Save with Amazon

Try your own symphony of delicious flavors. Amazon has all you could want in Mozart kugel and more.

Reber Mozart Kugel - Medium Portrait Box
Reber Mozart Kugel - Medium Portrait Box

I love the portrait box. This is so much fun to give as a gift and delicious as well. Plus the medium size means you are not giving to little or to much.


Not just for children. Kinder Schokolade. - Picture from:

Kinder schokolade is a product specifically designed for children and is made by Ferrero Deutschland. I lived for this chocolate when I was little. The kinder chocolate seemed to be made especially for me with its petite size (I tried it once as an excuse on why we needed to get failed). The taste is significantly influenced by the large amounts of milk used in their products and results in a mild and more milky flavor (those of you who love milk chocolate, this is definitely for you).

Kinder Schokolade

Kinder schokolade is perfect for all you milk chocolate lovers. Give it a try!

Kinder Chocolate 50 G
Kinder Chocolate 50 G

I always loved the smiling kid on the front because it is just like me from my childhood. The delicious taste of Kinder chocolate is sure to have even the oldest adult smiling.


Milka Temptation Chocolate Bars - Picture from:

Milka comes from the German word for milk (milch) and cocao (kakoa), they are actually a Swiss brand but most of their chocolate bars are made in Germany and Austria.The delicious world of Milka chocolate is something everyone should try.

Delicious Milka Traube-Nuss

Milka (Germany) Trauben-Nuss (Hazelnut & Raisin) 3-Pack
Milka (Germany) Trauben-Nuss (Hazelnut & Raisin) 3-Pack

This milka bar is made in Germany and features one of my favorite flavors of all time, trauben-nuss. The milk chocolate bar contains raisins and hazelnuts. The sweet taste of the raisins and the hazelnut combine with the chocolate to give it a unique flavor which is sure to delight you!


Sarotti Chcocolate - Picture from:

Sarotti dates back to 1852 when Heinrich Ludwig Neumann began a candy store named Confiseur-Waaren-Handlung Felix & Sarotti in Berlin, Germany. In 1881, Hugo Hoffmann took over the store and changed its name to "Sarotti." The chocolate of Sarotti is known for its high quality and top-notch ingredients. They use only the finest to create bars of chocolate with exquisite taste for the gourmet connoisseur.

Sarotti's Chocolates & Liqueur

Sarotti is famous for their filled-chocolates. The picture above contains only a few of their different famous alcoholic fillings. They include: cherry liqueur, orange liqueur, eggnog liqueur, Marc de Champagne, almond liqueur, rum, and Williams pear liqueur. If you enjoy great chocolate with even greater fillings than Sarotti is the choice for you!

Sarotti Cherry in Liqueur 50% Cocoa 225g
Sarotti Cherry in Liqueur 50% Cocoa 225g

Cherry in liqueur? Sounds alcoholically delicious. A perfect gift from one adult to another and delicious as well.


The Irresistible Nutella

This picture is of my older brother showcasing his love for Nutella. Even at an early age, he considered himself to be quite the food lover. You can tell just by his expression and posture towards the camera. My brother is in his mid-twenties now but other than growing older, his love for Nutella remains unchanged.

MMMM. Nutella Spread for Your Bread

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about Nutella is what it is made from. Many people believe it is like spreading pure chocolate on bread. No, Nutella is nothing like that. The product is made from hazelnuts with a bit of cocoa thrown in. Yes, hazelnuts not solid chocolate. The taste is sweet but not overly sweet and a perfect compliment to any morning/after/dinner time snack.

Nutella Hazelnut Spread, 13 Ounce Plastic Jar
Nutella Hazelnut Spread, 13 Ounce Plastic Jar

We used to have to bring these jars all the way from Germany to enjoy it at home. Now you can keep room in your suitcase because Amazon is able to send you all the Nutella you could ever want. Save room for souvenirs and enjoy a slice or two while you pack!


Have at a Hanuta Wafer Bar - Picture from:

Hanuta's are a German sweet produced by the company Ferrero. They consist of two wafers with a think layer of chocolate and hazelnut sandwiched between. The very term hanuta is merely an acronym for Haselnusstafel, the English translation meaning Hazelnut bar.

Hanuta for Sale on Amazon

When I was little, I would take off one wafer and eat it before munching on the rest of the Hanuta. Since becoming gluten-free (over five years ago), I have not had one. How can I recommend it? Even after all this time, I still can recall the perfect crisp of the wafers and the rich taste of hazelnut with chocolate.

Which chocolate makes your mouth water with delight?

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Do you have a passion for chocolate?


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