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Mr. Coffee Cocomotion Review

Updated on February 13, 2013

Mr. Coffee Cocomotion Hot Chocolate Maker - a Must Have Gadget for Every Hot Chocoholic Out There

Nothing beats a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day. Well actually for a chocolate freak like me, nothing beats a cup of hot chocolate on any given day.

What comes to making hot chocolate, I want to keep things hassle free. This is where Mr. Coffee Cocomotion makes my life easy. It makes smooth, delicious hot chocolate with any recipe I desire.

If you love hot chocolate, you definitely want to read this review and learn how Cocomotion can help you to make delicious hot chocolate fast and easy.

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Get Your Cocomotion Now!

Cocomotion Hot Chocolate Maker in Brief

Mr. Coffee Cocomotion really is a simple device. Let's take a glance at the features.

  • prepares up to 4 mugs of smooth hot chocolate
  • equipped with on/off indicator light
  • auto shut-off
  • easy cleaning due special non-stick coating
  • you can use any combination of milk or water, chocolate syrup or powder
  • comes with a list of recipes to try

And Your Favorite Is..?

I love hot chocolate but also enjoy coffee every morning and drink green tea every day at work. What is your favorite hot drink?

What is your favorite hot beverage?

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Customer Reviews

Mr. Coffee Cocomotion Customer Reviews

Mr. Coffee Cocomotion
Mr. Coffee Cocomotion

What Customers Think About Mr. Coffee Cocomotion

In a nutshell, customers seem to be very satisfied with Cocomotion. In alone almost 200 hundred customers have left their feedback, with average customer rating of 4.6/5.0 stars.

One of the highly acclaimed features of this device is that it simplifies the whole hot chocolate preparation process. You just add the milk or water, plus the powder or syrup and push the button. You can even use chunks of chocolate bar as an ingredient. And you don't necessarely even need a measuring cup since there are marks on the side of the mixing area. Within 10 minutes (or less) smooth, delicious hot chocolate is ready at perfect drinking temperature.

And what is also great is that since the making of hot chocolate with Cocomotion is easy and safe, kids can use it too.

A minor downside is that the main part of the unit is one piece with a cord, so you can't just throw it in the dishwasher or sink. However a great tip for cleaning the Cocomotion is to pour in clean water and small amount of dish soap and turn the device on for a minute. After this, all you need to do is rinse the device and it is clean.

Another small defect is that some individual units (approx. 3% of all sold units) have had problems with ball bearings of the stirring mechanism. In these units the ball bearings have started breaking, making the machine very noisy. This problem has typically occured in the very beginning of usage, well within the warranty period. So in practice customers who have faced this problem have either received a new stirring disc unit or completety new Cocomotion free of charge. So just incase, make sure you save the receipt of your purchase.

To bring some perspective to the issue mentioned above, I want to point out that there are also plenty of customers who have used Cocomotion daily for years, without any problems whatsoever.

One of the most complaints regarding Mr. Coffee Cocomotion is the price. Few years ago this device was sold roughly at $20. Now the price tag shows numbers between $40 and $50. I let you decide whether or not this is expensive.

To sum it all up, Mr. Coffee Cocomotion really is a hassle free way to make delicious hot chocolate and definitely a recommended gadget for every hot chocolate fan out there. There are many customers who have initially thought that this is just one more gadget to fill your kitchen with, but have been pleasantly surprised by this device. It is a truth that this is no multitasker. It makes hot chocolate and that's it. But what it does, it does well. By using Cocomotion you get great hot chocolate, perfectly mixed, served at just the right temperature.

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    • profile image

      webmavern 4 years ago

      This hot chocolate maker sounds great, thanks!

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 4 years ago

      I prefer lime tea! I like it very much and it is very healthy :)

    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 4 years ago from USA

      I usually drink tea most of the time, but coffee or hot cocoa also hit the spot on a cold day.