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Mr Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker

Updated on September 16, 2014

Customized Coffeehouse In Your Home Compliments Of Mr Coffee

Mr Coffee does coffee.. really well. They have always been at the top of the list when it comes to affordable coffee makers, and now they have several varieties of the one cup coffee maker made popular by Keurig.

K cups are the single serve coffee pods that have taken the java drinking world by storm. They have left others such as Tassimo and Bosch in the dust.

And now, in addition to the Mister Coffee Keurig machines, they have a Mr Coffee Cafe Latte maker and, for your warm weather beverage, you can have a Mr Coffee Frappe maker on your counter top.

It's a great time to be a coffee lover!

But there is one caveat. The price of coffee is climbing and is predicted to go even higher. It's already fairly expensive to get your daily caffeine fix from your favorite local barista, and it makes sense to make your brew at home. However, the price of k-cups is also on the rise. So herein are presented a few ways to either get cheap k-cup coffee or otherwise discover ways to game the system and reduce the cost of home brewed java.

My first k-cup experience

A friend of ours was house sitting. She was so impressed with the house and yard that she invited my wife and I over to see it. It was tucked away behind another house so that it was not even visible from the road. It was indeed nice, but my favorite part of the visit was when she introduced my to K-cups. There was a Keurig carousel with a variety of k-cups on the counter. I was immediately transported to coffee heaven, and there has been no turning back ever since.

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Single cup - No Fanfare, Just Good Coffee

Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG2-001 Single Serve Coffee Maker, Silver
Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG2-001 Single Serve Coffee Maker, Silver

This machine has been a workhorse for me after my original Keurig brewer quit working. I have had more than 2 years of flawless service.

And have you heard about how loud the Keurig machines are? This Mr Coffee machine is very quiet. You can sneak in that late night cup o Joe and no one will the the wiser.


The Beauty Of Single Cup Coffee Brewing

Ya Gotta Love It!

Coffee is a very trendy thing. People love to do what others are doing.. to be a member of a tribe, or movement.

That's how Keurig gathered steam. It was the "in thing" to have a single cup coffee maker.

Then they started showing up in offices and public waiting areas. It was easy to try out the different k-cup offerings there to decide which ones you liked or didn't.

Then some folks started to realize that there is some degree of practicality in making only one cup at a time rather than 6 or 12 cups when most of it ended up either burnt or discarded.

Add to this that the manufacturers made the machine look pretty nice as they sit on your kitchen counter. And, as already mentioned, it was a signal to your friends that you had joined the club, the k-cup generation.

In order to solidify the point that single serve coffee is practical, brew on this:

  • No preparation is necessary, just pop a prepared k-cup into your machine.
  • No cleanup except to toss the used plastic container and rinse the cup.
  • Great coffee taste every time because there is the consistency that each prepared unit is made exactly the same.
  • No waste.
  • Cheaper than cafe coffee (about 1/6th the cost).
  • Fast and convenient.

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K-Cups Cheap - You can still get K-cups for under 50¢ per cup

All of the blends listed here are fairly inexpensive. San Francisco Bay has a unique packaging system that allows them to offer bulk k-cups (80 units in a box) for only 35ยข per serving.

happy about k cups
happy about k cups

Negatively Speaking ~ What You DON'T Need With A K-Cup Machine

There are some very significant advantages to owning a small Mr Coffee K-cup Brewer:

  • A kitchen - your don't need one to have a cup of coffee or to clean up afterwards.
  • Know-how - some of us could not make a good cup of coffee because we simply don't know how. With a single cup coffee maker, you don't need to know anything except how to plug it in.
  • Time - no more waiting 5-10 minutes while the entire carafe drips through. A serving in our favorite k-cup brewer is ready in a minute or so.
  • Gadgets, tools, and measuring cups - not needed.

So there ya go. More great reasons to buy :-)

Of course, not everyone has been ecstatic over their purchase. The number one reason people gave for not liking their Mr Coffee K-cup brewer is length of service. It broke or quit working after a short time. About 10% of reviewers gave the machine a single star while about 2/3 of the reviewers gave it the maximum 5 star rating.

As mentioned, my machine has been going strong for 2 years now.

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Cheap K-Cup Alternative

Using your own coffee in your Mr Coffee k-cup brewer is one alternative to save money. There are a couple of advantages to using a reusable filter.

First, the obvious - cost - using your own coffee grind not only saves money by not spending as much for the single serve prepackaged units, but it also saves because you are not making a full pot and throwing away what you don't consume.

Second, you do not have to look for your favorite brand made in the k-cup format. Just use what you have in your pantry.

There is a possible downside to reusable filters, though. The resulting coffee is not as strong as when you brew a real k-cup. However, if you are not a fan of really bold java, this might be a very attractive way to use your new coffee maker.

Coffee Drinker? How do you feel about single cup coffee makers?

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    • Wayne Rasku profile image

      Wayne Rasku 4 years ago

      @othellos: Othellos, thank you. I agree, there are a lot of reviews about k cup and single cup coffee makers. Maybe because they are so popular right now. In my case, I have come to love the convenience as well as the richness of really fresh coffee.

    • profile image

      othellos 4 years ago

      Excellent review lens on single cup coffee machines. Enjoyable reading with plenty of information and statistics. Really one of the best I've seen and believe me I saw a lot of them:=)