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My Favorite Japanese Snacks!

Updated on March 6, 2013

An Ever Growing List of all the Japanese Snacks that I've Tried and Liked!

If you've ever been to Japan, you will probably have noticed that the snack foods market in Japan is HUGE! Every "Combini" store is stocked with dozens of kinds of chocolates, candies, chips and whatnot. Some of the snacks listed on this page are popular internationally and are readily available in the U.S.; others require a lot of effort to find anywhere outside of Japan.

One of the perks of living in Japan is that I can find these sweets at almost any shop near me. I'll keep adding more snacks as I try them, so do check back occasionally for updates!

img source

Japanese snacks
Japanese snacks

Rows upon rows of wonderful, colorful snacks! This photo makes me really hungry.

image source

Chocolate Snacks!

Everyone Loves Chocolate!

Meltykiss - Creamy Truffles that "Melt in Your Mouth like Snow"

Meltykiss chocolate
Meltykiss chocolate

Meiji's Meltykiss chocolate is one of the more expensive brands of sweets that you will find at a regular "Combini" shop. It's creamy and fluffy, and easily melts in your mouth. Meltykiss has been so successful that nowadays, it comes in several different fun shapes and flavors. Check them out at their official site!

It's a shame that these are available only in winter! One perk though is that at the end of every winter when they become "out of season", you have a chance of finding them at discount price!

Meiji Meltykiss Commercial - Molten matcha chocolate... Yum!

Pocky - These Pretzel Sticks are a Timeless Classic!

Pocky sticks
Pocky sticks

Of course, I cannot make a lens on Japanese snacks without mentioning Pocky! Pocky, which is basically chocolate-covered pretzel sticks, are quite famous worldwide. According to Wikipedia, Pocky is sold in some countries under different names, such as Mikado (U.K.) and Rocky (Malaysia).

What I love about Pocky is that while Ezaki Glico (its producer) continues to sell the same classic pretzel sticks as it did over 40 years ago, it keeps churning out new flavors and different textures/sizes. There are thin Pockies and thick Pockies, Pockies with mousse-like texture, banana, strawberry, mint, and orange-flavored Pockies... and the list goes on and on.

I look forward to seeing Ezaki Glico come up with more great ideas for this product in the future.

img source

Japan Pocky Stick - Chocolate Almond Crush Pocky Stick Snack
Japan Pocky Stick - Chocolate Almond Crush Pocky Stick Snack

A fun Pocky with a twist! The crushed almonds in the chocolate gives this Pocky a rich, nutty flavor.


Galbo - Chocolate Biscuit with Texture like No Other

Galbo chocolate
Galbo chocolate

Galbo is one of my all-time favorites! I find myself buying a small bag of these treats almost every time I step into a Combini store.

Galbo is not easy to describe... it's one of those things that you have to try yourself in order to understand what it's like. Well, here is my attempt at describing it: it's chocolate biscuit that's been completely soaked in milk chocolate, then hardened and coated with a layer of chocolate. When you bite into it, there's that familiar crunch of biscuit, but the texture is altogether different, because all the air in the biscuit has been replaced by chocolate.

This is one of those snacks that are harder to find outside of Japan, but if you get a chance, do try it once!

Black Thunder - One of the Cheapest and Tastiest Finds at any Shop

Black Thunder candy bar
Black Thunder candy bar

I LOVE Black Thunder! There are no other good chocolate bars that you can buy in Japan for just 30 Yen (or about $0.35). It isn't nearly as sweet or heavy as the average Snickers or Twix bars, but those crunchy oreo pieces covered in smooth chocolate definitely works for me.

I usually keep a few of these stocked in my drawers so that whenever I need a quick afternoon energy boost, I can enjoy this tasty chocolate bar along with a nice, hot cup of coffee. Mmmm!

On Yuraku's official website (Japanese), they show how these candy bars are made from milk chocolate, biscuits and oreo cookies.

It's sad that Black Thunder is so hard to find in the states. There is one online shop where you can buy them, but at $0.99 a bar, you just might be better off opting for a regular Snickers bar instead.


All Kinds of Wonderful Sweetness!

100% Honey Candy - Made with just Honey and Nothing Else

100% Honey Candy by Senjaku-Ame
100% Honey Candy by Senjaku-Ame

I don't know how they do it, but candymaker Senjaku-Ame has managed to completely solidify natural honey, and sell it as candy. They even got their "secret recipe" copyrighted so that no one else can sell 100% honey candies.

Quite naturally, this candy tastes just like its one and only ingredient: honey. It's incredibly sweet, sweeter than regular sugar candy, and hard enough that you'll want to avoid biting down on it, if you want to keep all your teeth intact.

Some say that eating this candy strengthens your immune system and can protect you from catching colds. I can't really prove this, but since honey is good for one's health, I'm inclined to agree with them!

Other Snacks

Great Treats for Your Taste Buds

Tohato's Caramel Corn

Caramel Corn
Caramel Corn

This one's also been around for many years. It's basically sweet, caramel-flavored corn puffs stuffed in a bag along with roasted peanuts. It's light and fluffy, but melts very quickly once it's in your mouth.

The fun thing about this snack, other than its cute design, is that Tohato suggests that the bag be turned upside down and opened at the bottom. Why? Because all of the peanuts will have settled to the bottom of the bag. If you want to enjoy the corn puffs and peanuts at the same time, upside-down is the way to go!

Have you ever tried Japanese snacks? Would you like to try them?

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    • maryseena profile image


      5 years ago

      I love poky.

    • Magda2012 profile image


      5 years ago

      I like Japanese snacks, Have tried the Melty kiss :)


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