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My Juice Extractor Reviews

Updated on July 6, 2013

Which Juicer To Pick

The reason I chose to write this Juice Extractor Reviews Squidoo Lens is because when I remember back to being a child the only juicer around then was the traditional Glass Juicer, however nowadays if you read any juice extractor reviews you will discover hundreds of powered juicers as well.

They do look all different BUT they all do the very same job! - EXTRACT JUICE.

Whether it be from fruit or vegetables. When choosing the type of juicer you want to purchase, you should consider several points:

Lightweight - Traditional glass juicer

Worktop Model - Powered

They have moved on a long way since my childhood!

glass juicer
glass juicer

Glass Juicer

Juice Extractor Reviews

For a quick and simple juicer, nothing beats the Old Fashion glass juicer. The ridged centre makes extracting all the juice for your drink very easy.

Ideal if you are going away or just out for the day with the family on a picnic or to the beach.

You really can make juice at any-time. Totally flexible as it does not require batteries or mains power. Simply cut your fruit into 2 halves and squeeze. It's as simple as that!

I think everyone remembers their child-hood, going round to their grand-parents house and seeing a juicer in the kitchen. This simple kitchen gadget has been around for decades.


Cheap To Buy


Easy To Use


Time Consuming

Unable To Extract Juice From Vegetables

power juice extractor
power juice extractor

Powered Juicer

Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain

As an alternative to the traditional Glass Juicer we now have the ultra-modern power juicers. These types of machine have been around for a number of years now and are very popular all over the world!

Obviously not as small as the hand-held juicers, however they are able to extract juice not only from the more usual fruits like oranges etc. but also from vegetables as well, making them a perfect addition in the kitchen to anyone with a young family.

The juicer I have at home is the Breville BJE200XL as shown in the picture. I have had this machine for a couple of years now and I can not tell you how happy I am with it. Having a young family of my own, it's never easy to get my kids to eat their vegetables.

However with the juicer, I just add some vegetables into the mix! Most importantly the kids love them.

Far better than any juice you can buy in the shops. Simple to use and easy to clean up afterwards as the parts on this particular machine are dishwasher safe.

It was in fact after I brought this particular juicer that I decided to sit down and right these juice extractor reviews, to share to thoughts with the world so to speak.

Seriously nothing beats a freshly made glass of juice every morning before work. Ideal for anyone on a diet and simply wanting to live a healthy lifestyle.


Easy To Use

Ideal For Juicing Vegetables

Quick And Simple To Clean


Takes Up Space

Not Really Portable

starck juicer
starck juicer

Philippe Starck - Juicer

For anyone looking to add a piece of art to their home as well as a practical kitchen device, then you won't go far wrong with this superb Philippe Starck - Juicer.

Designed by Mr Starck back in the 1990's, this juice truly is more than just a juice extractor. Costing in the region of a quality powered juicer, Starck's juicer like the more traditional juicer I spoke about earlier can sadly only extracts juice from oranges and lemons etc.

However for anyone who loves art or simple wants a talking piece in their kitchen, then this is the item for you.

Juice Extractor Reviews

Which Would You Choose

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My Juice Extractor Reviews

Well I hope my juice extractor reviews of these 3 very different types of juicers has been of some interest to you. As you can see I have added links to all 3 juicers I spoke about, so that you can see and buy them for yourself.

Please feel free to pass this Squidoo Lens onto family and friends who you may feel would be interested to read, via the social buttons at the top and bottom of this page.

Once again, Thanks You for reading


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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Love the power juicer! A glass of vegetable and fruit juice is so refreshing. By the way, thanks for stopping by my lens! :)

    • stanger66 profile image

      stanger66 4 years ago

      @Felicitas: I totally agree and my kids love them

    • Felicitas profile image

      Felicitas 4 years ago

      These juicers are such a great way to get your nutrition naturally, rather than out of a bottle.