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My New AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Updated on March 11, 2015

My wife and I purchased our AeroPress Coffee Maker as a gift to ourselves for the Christmas of 2013.  Actually, I was the primary instigator for this purchase.  My wife wasn't really all that interested.  She was looking at Keurig machines and wasn't all that excited about the AeroPress.

We bought ours at the local Bed Bath and Beyond for about $35, but if we hadn't been so overly anxious to get it, we could have ordered it through Amazon and saved almost 30%.  Oh, well!

We use it daily.  Infact, by March of the following year, we had used up our initial supply of 350 filters and had to order more.  This time, I ordered a double pack through Amazon for about $8 total.  That should last us until about Christmas 2014.

Why the AeroPress?

We had been using a nice little Cuisinart coffee maker for several years.  It was one that we purchased used at a yard sale for about $15.  It was a great machine, but after several years, when it finally gave up the ghost, we were reluctant to put out the $150 it would take to get a new one.  Also, being newly empty nesters around the same time, we became intrigued with the Keurig single serve method of making coffee.

The reality is that we rarely drink just plain coffee.  Most of the time we heat up our milk, add some flavorings and the coffee, and make a sort of a hybrid mocha or latte drink.  We really don't have a need for making large pots of coffee when it is only the two of us making our coffee drinks.

I began to do a little research on Keurig, Nespresso, Tassimo, and other single serve types of coffee brewers.  I liked the Keurig, and I really liked the Nespresso.  Unfortunately, the price seemed to escalate with the degree of how much I liked the device.

Then I found the AeroPress.

The first thing that attracted me to it was the price.  It cost less than a week's worth of Starbuck's coffee.

More importantly, the AeroPress makes great tasting coffee.  Through my research, I learned that it makes coffee very similar to how a French press coffee maker works.  The coffee is allowed to steep in the hot water, then it is forced though a filter that removes the coffee particles.

The difference between the AeroPress and a French press is that you can use coffee that is ground much finer for the AeroPress due to the design of the device and the type of filter used in the filtering process.  This makes a coffee that is really more like an espresso with a really smooth flavor.

Learn more about the AeroPress...

How to Make a Great Cup of Coffee With the AeroPress

There are many methods for making coffee with the AeroPress.  Everyone has their own favorite process to make coffee how they like.  For some, quick and easy is most important.  For others, specific steps are necessary to bring out an exact flavor and texture of coffee for their refined tastes.

It is well worth it to experiment with various methods and find the one that suits your taste.  The following video gives an example of one coffee making method for you to try with your AeroPress coffee maker.

For a whole bunch of other options of ways to make your coffee or espresso, check out the coffee recipes from the World Aeropress Championships.  As you can see on this site, making coffee with the AeroPress is more than just a gimmick - it's a lifestyle.

Aeropress Unboxing and Use Video

This video provides an unboxing of the AeroPress and a quick example of how to make coffee with this device.

Disadvantages of the AeroPress Coffee Maker

The main issue I've experienced with the AeroPress Coffee Maker that I might consider a disadvantage is that it takes so many steps to make one cup of coffee.  As I mentioned previously, I make more of a flavored latte or a mocha, so for me, the process includes grinding the beans, heating the milk, adding flavors, heating water for the coffee, pressing the coffee in the AeroPress, and mixing the milk and flavors with the coffee. 

Though the process may take just a little longer, it really isn't all that bad.  To me, the end result justifies the added time to make the coffee.

The only other thing I might mention is that it is important to clean each of the parts of the AeroPress after you have made your coffee or espresso.  It just takes a few seconds to rinse them off, but it would get pretty nasty if you skip this step.


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