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Nespresso Inissia Vs Nespresso U: Which Is Better

Updated on June 16, 2014

The Main Differences Between The Nespresso U And The Nespresso Inissia

I love the Nespresso system for espresso. I know the Keurig machines are great for coffee but for true espresso the U and the Inissia bring the easiest machine to use to your kitchen and for way less than you'd expect.

First of all the Inissia is the low end machine from Nespresso and the U is the next step up. Both are simple machines that make high quality espresso very fast but they don't do much else.

On first glace it doesn't make sense why you would pay a little bit more for the U over the Inissia but there are a few important details that make the more expensive machine a better value.

Which one would I put in my kitchen? The Inissia every time.

Why The U Costs More Than The Inissia

The Nesoresso U gives you a handful of extra features that the Inissia just doesn't offer including an added brew size, a removable drip dray, and alternative countertop configurations. Cleanup is also automatic.

Main Differences Between The Inissia And The U

As I mentioned already the U gives you three brew sizes compared to two for the Inissia. The reason I like the Inissia more however is that you can program the two brew sizes to be whatever size you want.

I like to drink larger drinks so I would prefer to have an espresso sized shot and a larger lungo pour. This is easily measured and programed with the Inissia plus I can size my pulls to fit my espresso cups perfectly. With this unit priced lower that's all I need to pull the trigger.

For those wanting a drip tray that removes the U is a better choice. The removable tray allows you to fit more cups and mugs under the spout. The water tank also swivels around the backside of the unit giving you versatility in the way you set the machine on the counter which can be really nice for smaller kitchens.

Want three sizes to choose from at the press of a button? Yep, the U will give you that option.

Other than that they both use the same thermoblock to heat the water and 19 BAR pump to brew the espresso so the quality should be identical in each machine.

The last main point to consider is that the Nespresso U will discard your used capsule for you four seconds after brewing is completed. This can be handy - you don't have to remember to discard the capsule yourself but can be annoying if you'd like to double brew a single capsule back to back for two smaller cups.

 Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker, Black Nespresso U C50 Espresso Maker, Pure Cream

In some ways the I see the value in getting the bigger model but if I was looking for an entry level model I wouldn't consider anything fancier than the entry level unit. In my home I still use a french press pot for normal coffee and a moka pot on the stove for larger batches of stovetop moka. These units give me access to really great coffee drinks for hardly any money at all. Just because a product in cheap doesn't mean it's not worth owning.

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