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McDonalds Mixes It Up With New Guacamole Sandwiches

Updated on January 23, 2015

Well It's not quite here yet but McDonald's appears to be making a major push towards fresh ingredients on it's new test marketed sandwiches. The ingredients? vegetables, Guacamole and Pico De Gallo. Guacamole is mashed up avacados, Pico De Gallo is a latin vegetable medly of chopped tomatoes, onions, coriander leaves and lime juice, both are featured on the new Guacamole Burger and Guacamole Premium Chicken Sandwich. I found out about the new items through a promotional flyer and coupons in the mail. On the flyer it states that the items would be available at participating McDonalds for a limited time leading me to believe that this was a possible test market item and not yet a national offering.

New Trends

Recently we have seen other fast food chains such as Subway (avocado promotion) and Taco Bell using Pico Di Gallo in their Fresco Tacos. It is part of an industry trend to move towards healthier fast food options and less processed foods. Just because it has Guacamole or Pico De Gallo in it doesn't mean necesarilly that it's going to be better for you however. Chili's Avacado Burger has an astounding 1570 calories, and Applebee's Quesadilla Burger which features the healthy Pico De Gallo registers a mind blowing 108 grams of fat!. Just because there are healthy things on the sandwich does not mean the sandwich is healthy in itself. McDonalds I do have to say however does offer a pretty healthy option on their new Guacamole Sandwiches with the burger in the 400 calorie range and the Chicken Sandwich in the 600 range.

Mcdonald's Test Markets

The sandwiches have been in the test market phase since 2013 popping up in Denver, Colorado, Greenville, South Carolina and other places. Recently it started appearing in Tampa, Florida area restaurants. Overseas the dishes have been consumed in trial phases in England and Japan.

Taste and Opinion

As I've stated this is still a test market item so little has been revieled about it nationally, no health facts appear on the website but did appear in the restaurant. I did find a promotional page on a McDonalds website, but it was very vague. According to the flyer Micky D's touts the sandwich as "Ripe With Flavor", on the box the sandwich comes in it goes on to highlight that the sandwiches are made with Hass Avacados (the most commercially popular avocado worldwide), and a fresh lime wedge.

I have to say I believe McDonalds could have a real hit here. I thouroughlly enjoyed both the Guacamole Burger and "Premium Chicken Sandwich". The burger used a patty which resembled a Big N Tasty (my old favorite sandwich) which I haven't seen in years but apparently may still exist as it is still listed under the health nutrition page. The leaf lettuce was a dark green color that I thought was romain lettuce it was fresh looking and had a nice fresh crunch too it, the best I've ever witnessed lettuce appearing on a sandwich ever! The Pico De Gallo and Guacamole blended perfectly together. The Guacamole was creamy and had a nice texture. The Brioche style bun was unseeded and added a nice touch. The guacamole and Pico De Gallo flavor came at you like a blast of vegetable fury. It didn't feel as if I was consuming a regular burger or chicken sandwich. The "Premium Chicken" was the same chicken as the other chicken sandwiches, it had a slight bitter after taste. The sandwich also featured a slice of processed white cheddar cheese and mayo, honestly I could barely taste either with the overwhelming flavor of the Guacamole and Pico De Gallo and that's a good thing, the mayo and cheese were unnecessary to the sandwich.

In Closing

That's my take on the new McDonalds test Market Sandwiches, stayed tuned in the future for more food reviews.


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      3 years ago

      Wow, thanks for all the background info on the other sandwiches! Nice touch! It can be easy to convince yourself that something with veggies is healthy, but it's good to remember that avocado is a very fatty. A good fat, yes, but still. A friend and I joke here that everything we buy at Trader Joe's *has* to be healthy... including the chocolate covered whatevers and various (oooooh so yummy) cookies! ;)

      Alright, you have me intrigued... I hope it moves up north sometime to try. Thanks!


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