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Updated on August 8, 2016

The idea of leaving the meat out of my diet came only out of necessity. I was having trouble with my small intestine after I had a C-section with my now 10 year old daughter. On several occasions my intestine became blocked and I ended up in the hospital in excruciating pain. I was one of the lucky ones as the blockage was not complete it was only partial. I developed this issue because of the surgery. There seemed to be scar tissue hampering the freedom of my insides. So after my last visit the doctor told me that I might want to try a live food diet, she encouraged more vegetables and such. Now.... I am a meat and rice kinda girl so the thought of giving up on my favorites was out of the question. They could give me no real evidence that without the meat I would be fine. So I went home and went about the business of life. I kept the meat to a minimum and tried my best to eat better or healthier. I found myself first eating smaller portions with a little meat here and there. What I found out during this time is that I started feeling a little better. I still had a few stomach aches here and there. Then one day I simply woke up and decided to take the meat out completely. For both health reasons and for the simple fact that I started to feel clearer and more present. The less and less I ate the meat, the more and more I began to feel balanced. My skin looked and felt better, my gums felt healthier and were less irritated. I started getting excited and did a little research in regards to the benefits and pitfalls of giving up meat. I am by no means a vegan, maybe that will come in time. So--for more than five months now I've been red meat, chicken, Turkey, and pork, free. Every now and again I get a craving --after all-- I grew up eating meat at least twice a day. In our West Indian home there was always some form of highly seasoned and delicious meat dish on the menu--so cutting it out seemed like it would pose a problem for me. However, to my surprise it's working out pretty great. I knew I had crossed to the other side with the non eating meat folks when I was having dinner at a friends house and baked chicken with crispy skin was on the menu--one of my all time favs-- I DIDN'T FEEL THE URGE TO EAT IT! It was a glorious feeling and accomplishment to stay the course. I felt encouraged to share my story here because I couldn't find any real relevant information regarding scar tissue and blocked intestine and what --if any-- are good options for a better feeling life. Leaving the meat out of my diet has given me tremendous relief and a new lease on life!

Well!! I haven't landed back in the hospital, I feel great so I have to conclude that meat just doesn't work for me at this time in my life. Recently I've read some really interesting articles in reference to eating meat and what it does or doesn't do to us humans. The topic that had the most profound effect on me is the one about humans not being created --PHYSICALLY-- to eat meat. Below are a few of the articles that had me thinking of not only myself but of the collective as a whole!

If you've given up meat, do you physically feel better?

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5 Simple ways to let go of meat eating!

1. Focus on the health benefits of eating no meat or even less meat at first

2. Take it one step at a time, make weekly goals so as not to feel defeated if you fall off the wagon

3. Do some research and read other peoples stories or journey's, they can be very encouraging

4. Check out meatless diet options -- ie cookbooks or websites

5. Find a few restaurants in you area that cook dishes without meat and try a few different dishes!


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    • karengibsonroc profile imageAUTHOR

      Karen Gibson Roc 

      6 years ago from Los Angeles

      @Fossillady thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!!! Feeling good is what it's all about!! Peace and Light!! K

    • Fossillady profile image


      6 years ago from Saugatuck Michigan

      Thanks for sharing this article, well done! I found that I naturally started to eat less and less meat the healthier my diet was. Now, I do eat some, but never red meat. Every time, I re-indulge, it didn't agree with my system. There are so many benefits to the planet as well! Here's to you for staying healthy! Cheers, Kathi


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