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How to Make Cotton Candy at Home

Updated on January 23, 2016

Make cotton candy at home, using most kinds of hard candy or sugar free candy

Bring the carnival spirit to your house with this adorable, easy and fun to use cotton candy maker!

My kids simply love it and it is so much fun to use! Great as a fun family activity, makes perfect candy floss if you follow the instructions properly and it is one of our greatest hits at our kids' birthday parties! Every time I see one of their friends, I get asked the same question all year round: "Will you be celebrating Dim's birthday this year? Will we be allowed to make our own cotton candy again?"

What I really love about this amazing kitchen gadget is that you can use standard hard candies you may already have at home, as well as sugar free candy, or regular cotton candy sugar and make fluffy, tasty candy floss in minutes. It is a perfect addition to family gatherings and small parties and you and your kids can spend hours of fun experimenting with many different candy flavors and colors. My kids' birthday parties have never been the same after I bought this!

Are you concerned about too much sugar content?

You only have to use 2 or 3 candies for a delightful candy floss snack! Kids actually have less sugar per day than what would be their "normal" intake of sweets without even realizing it!


Tips on using your Nostalgia Home Cotton Candy Maker

Do read the instructions provided and do follow them! Remember that this is a home fun appliance, that may accommodate a small birthday party for your kids, not a full fledged gathering of 100 people!

Do let the appliance heat-up properly before you drop the candy bars or sugar in it. The hotter the machine, the better the result

Do let the spiner stop completely before you add the candy, or it might start flying around!

Don't ever use more than a level scoopful of sugar or two-three hard candies at once - overflow may ruin the appliance

Don't use chewy or gummy or too creamy kinds of candy, they don't work very well.

Do drop the sugar or candy inside the spinner, not on the rim -otherwise it will go flying when the spinning starts.

Do you like the idea of making cotton candy at home?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I know my kids would love this, but their dentist would not. ha ha in moderation. sounds like a great gift idea.