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Nostalgic TV Salt and Pepper Sets

Updated on September 28, 2014

Nostalgic TV and Comics Salt and Pepper Sets

I grew up watching many of the old tv shows like I Love Lucy and the Jetsons, some still in black and white. Many of these shows were sharp, they were funny and they were family friendly.

Whether you watch the I Love Lucy reruns on TVLand or just have great memories of the old shows and comic strips, most folks have their favorite classic oldies. Salt and pepper sets are a popular and relatively inexpensive collectible.

So whether this is your first set or you have many, I have assembled a number of salt and pepper sets that pay homage to the golden age of television, comic strips, animated film characters and advertising.

Salt and Pepper Sets with Classic TV Themes

I Love Lucy and Yogi Bear Salt and Pepper Sets on eBay

This is today's selection of I Love Lucy and Yogi Bear themed salt and pepper shaker sets on eBay

Flintstones Salt and Pepper Set on eBay

I remember watching the Flintstones and other Hanna Barbera cartoon shows, when I was young. Below is a Flintstones themed salt and pepper shaker set that is available for purchase or bid on eBay today.

Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set with The Honeymooners - 3 piece set

If you love the antics of Ralph Cramden and The Honeymooners, here is a whimsical salt and pepper set for your table. This 3 piece set is a "TV" flanked by a salt and a pepper shaker

* made of ceramic

* each shaker stands approximately 1-1/2" tall

* center TV holder measures about 2-1/2" tall

* base is about 5" long.

Salt and Pepper Sets from the Comics and Cartoons

Salt and Pepper Sets with Favorite Comic Strip and Classic Animation Animals

* Mickey and Minnie Mouse

* Garfield

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Salt and Pepper Sets from Advertising

Coca Cola Salt and Pepper Sets

Refreshing memories of Coca Cola return with these nostalgic and more recent salt and pepper sets

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