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Valuable Nutrition Update:We Are What We Eat

Updated on June 12, 2012

Nutritional values of our food

Book puts farming into perspective
Book puts farming into perspective

BEWARE:Scientific manipulation of our nourishment

You've gotta eat. Admit it: When prepared correctly, consuming great tasting food is one of life's many indulgences that can turn outright, tongue-hanging lustful. It's fine though, food is meant to be pleasurably devoured -- in moderation. As an omnivirous species, ask yourself: What is the main source of my body's energy and nutrition? Fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, dairy products and yes, even meat is the correct answer. But man shall not live by taste alone but by the nutrients and vitamins the food source provides. Or should provide.

Our veggies and meats are being stepped on. Years and years of genetic manipulation that dates back to post WWII has effected the way our food is raised grown right down to the embryo and seed! For instance when grapes were first discovered they had seeds in them. Just because they get in the way and are cumbersome during consumption shouldn't mean that we find a way to eliminate them. When this is done, what else might be eliminated or added during the process? This is the part science has never shared with us. And since there are no seeds in the grapes, I can't use my purchased product to harvest the seeds to grow my very own grapevine thus creating a virtual monopoly on grapes. But it gets alot deeper than this. If you want to know more I would like to recommend, 'They Imagine a Vain Thing' written by A. B. Thornhill in PDF format. Avail. @


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