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Olive Oil Sprayer Bottle - Vegetable Cooking Oil Spritzers and Misters

Updated on February 17, 2012

Olive Oil Sprayers Are The Healthier Alternative

Olive oil is generally considered to be the healthier alternative to many other types on the market today and many health experts agree the purchase of an pump spray bottle or two promotes the use of healthier products over the less heart healthy alternatives. This is great news for your body and your overall health, but it’s not just helping you to switch products which makes these great for your health.

Regardless of how much better for you one product for you is compared to another, we can still all do with cutting back on the amount of fats we consume as part of our regular daily diet. A pump spritzer allows you coat a thin layer over salads etc. to continue enjoying the taste on our foods whilst at the same time being able to dramatically cut down on the amount we consume.

Used as a substitute or as a nonstick cooking spray, you can easily reduce the amount of calories consumed each day without resorting to painful dieting. When you consider a single tablespoon of olive oil runs around 120 calories, it’s just common sense to cut that down some, especially when you will barely notice the difference.

Another reason for choosing to buy pump action olive oil spray bottles is that you always know exactly what you are adding to your foods. Most of us wouldn’t choose to put propane and isobutane onto our foods but that’s the propellant some nonstick canned oils use to express the product from the can. Yuck!

Pump spritzers use compressed air to cause the contents to mist outwards which is about as natural as you can get. Use an mister and you will always know exactly what ingredients you are adding to your food which is vital for maintaining good health for yourself and your loved ones.

Oil Misters Save You Money

They are a cheaper alternative in the long run too. Think about how much you might spend on supermarket bought nonstick cooking spray cans throughout your lifetime. It mounts up, especially if you do a lot of baking or home cooking in general. You are paying for extra garbage like the packaging, propellant and general processing of the product which are unnecessary expenses when all you want is the product inside! A pump spray mister bottle allows you to buy those large bulk bottles from places like Costco, fill a canister like the Misto and away you go with no added garbage and much cheaper too.

It's The Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Aerosol cans came under a lot of heat due to the propellant used being labeled a major contributor to the depletion of the ozone layer. Whilst most countries have since outlawed the use of CFC propellant (the ozone destroyer) that doesn't mean aerosols are now environmentally sound. In fact, CFC-free sprays still emit volatile organic compounds which contribute to smog and hydrocarbons which are a linked to global warming. Cutting out the aerosol cans whever possible helps reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating the emission of the compressed gases and other components which otherwise need not be a factor.

You also keep all those painted metal canisters and the packaging they come in out of our landfill sites. Whilst there are now some roadside pickups in some areas which will recycle them there are still many more who do not. Recycling is a good way to go, but the best way is to not contribute to the manufacture of them in the first place! The use of compressed air pumps like the Misto make store bought propellant based nonstick cooking sprays an unnecessary purchase and hopefully soon to be a thing of the past.

If you cook at home then there is sure to be at least one canister of cooking oil spray somewhere amongst your culinary arsenal. It's a smart thing to have on hand both in terms of convenience and in helping to reduce the amount of fats and grease you use in your cooking.

However, an even better alternative is to buy yourself a refillable olive oil spritzer bottle like the excellent Misto sprayer. These reusable oil misters offer a better way to get a healthy spritz where you need it without the extra aerosol propellant and added chemicals seen in store-bought spray cans and without creating extra waste for our landfills to dispose of.

Olive oil atomizers are refillable and reusable indefinitely so when you run low, just refill it and away you go. There's no waste and it's cheaper too as you're not paying for all that extra packaging and processing, plus you get to use the brand you love rather than settling for potentially lower quality products from a store bought aerosol can. If I buy a good quality food I can't see the benefit of replacing it with a lower quality one just for the convenience of having it in a handy spray can. Misters let you fill your pump with your choice for all other cooking activities and not a substitute which happens to be convenient.

Even the best olive oil spritzer bottle can be bought for under $10 online and at those prices it's a real no-brainer purchase. Many people choose to buy several different ones at the same time in order to accomodate all the different types of oil they like to use. You can fill one with canola oil, use another for safflower, put peanut in another and fill one more to use as a vegetable oil sprayer. There's no reason not to use other liquids in them either and they are perfect for vinegar, lemon or lime juice etc. and if you make your own speciality infused oils then they make the perfect atomizer for salads.

You can find these products online or in your local kitchen store although the nice thing about buying online is that you are able to see revews and ratings of the product from customers who bought the product previously to you. Olive oil misters and spray bottles are no exception and if you buy in the right places you can often find them at discount and cheaper prices than regular kitchen product retailers in the offline world. One of the places I like to shop is at Amazon because there are always a lot of useful reviews here. You go straight to their range of products in this category by clicking here.

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