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Old Stone Oven 14-Inch by 16-Inch Baking Stone Review and Where To Buy Online

Updated on November 29, 2015

If you enjoy baking at home then the Old Stone Oven 14-Inch by 16-Inch Baking Stone will take your breads and pizza taken to a whole new level. For years I used a traditional baking sheet to lay my bread on and I used a metal pizza pan to make my homemade pizzas, but that is until I decided to try a baking stone. I was like most amateur bakers and did not know the difference in quality between using a baking stone and the traditional baking sheet, and I guess as they say ignorance is bliss. That is until one day I was at a friends house for dinner and he served up some homemade pizza. His pizza came out so perfectly done I could have sworn that he ordered it before we got there and served it up taking credit for it, but I was wrong. After joking with him that he did not cook it himself I asked him what his secret was and that is when he told me about the baking stone he uses, and from that moment I could not wait to get home and order up the same one he had so I can get the same results.

Later on that evening I came home and went online and tried to find the same exact one he used, and I found the Old Stone Oven Baking Stone easily. I was not only surprised at how inexpensive such a quality stone was, but it was also the best selling pizza stone on Amazon. Like everyone I thoroughly read the description and saw some great features that make it stand out from all the other baking stones on the market today. Here are just a few facts about this awesome baking stone that made me feel confident ordering it:

  • Unlike most things made overseas this one is made in the USA
  • It's Firebrick construction the gives it superior heat retention and distribution
  • It has a flat surface that releases your bread or pizza easily
  • Resists cracking caused by high temperatures and has a durable texture
  • My friend used it to make the dinner I had hours before

Without any hesitation I ordered, got free shipping and could not wait for it to arrive to start a new chapter in my baking and pizza making history.

My Old Stone baking stone arrived a few days later and I could not wait to use it. I immediately made my pizza dough from scratch and waited for it to rise. I followed the directions by letting it heat in the oven while I finished the rising process and shaped my pizzas. I put them directly on the stone, closed the door and waited. When the buzzer went off I quickly ran to the oven to check on my pizza, and boy was I surprised. The pizza was AWESOME! The crust was perfectly cooked, the cheese was melted and it was begging to be eaten. I used my pizza paddle and took it off of the stone and sliced it up.

I took the slices to my kids, and by the way they are the toughest food critics that I know. They each took a bite and in an instant each one of them devoured their slices and asked for more. I gave everyone seconds and took a piece for myself. I have to say that because of my new pizza stone my homemade pizza went from good to out of this world.

I can only really say in my Old Stone Oven 14-Inch by 16-Inch Baking Stone review is a that this baking stone is a must own, and is a great tool to have in your home baking arsenal. If you are like I was don't waste another minute and order yourself one today, and you will never want to make pizza or bread without it again.

If you never used a pizza stone to cook on before just check out how easy it is to use one in this video.

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