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Oltrepò Pavese Riesling Kafir 2006

Updated on March 8, 2009

Production area and history

The Pavese Oltrepò wedged between Piemonte and Emilia Romagna to tap the Appennino Ligure, is the land of wine.
Many civilizations have left their mark of their passage, and have exploited the fertile land that has always suited to the cultivation of the vineyard, producing quality wines.
Riesling Italico DOC is a wine of slightly straw yellow with greenish discharge, bright, medium viscosity.
Made from grapes of Resling Italico grape, this wine has been suggested as crisp and firm Martinotti method sparkling wine with a residual sugar content not exceeding 25 g / l. The Oltrepò Pavese has the primacy of national qualitative and quantitative production of this grape.
The Oltrepò boasts the primacy of national cultivation of Riesling Italico, which is one of the most common varieties in the area. It grows a little 'all over, although the largest concentrations are found in the media center hill band eastern Valle Versa, Scuropasso Valley, Mornico Losana, Oliva Gessi, Montalto Pavese.
The origins of the grape Riesling Italico are very old because it seems to have similarities with the Greek di Tufo vineyard.
The grape in fact derives dall'Animea Gemella described by Columella and used in Roman times to produce the wine animee. It is thought also to an French or center-European as in 1800 had spread along the Drava, the Sava and Danube. During the same period would come in Veneto during the Austro-Hungarian Empire and then in Oltrepò the end of 1800.
The Denomination of Origin Controlled Oltrepò Pavese Riesling Italico dates back to 1970.
Riesling Italico DOC is produced with grapes Riesling Italico least 85% Riesling and 15% maximum.
The method of production of white, is a very delicate process, as the white wine is easily subject to deterioration and microbial fermentations abnormal. Once crushed the grapes, is the sgrondatura which allows the separation of liquid from the skin that could affect the color of wine. The skins are subjected to pressing to extract the juice. The must extract the first two successive pressing is added to liquid.
it's then added sulfur dioxide as an antioxidant and to select the microflora. With the addition of yeast is to begin on the alcoholic fermentation takes place in cement tanks or metal to temperatures of 20 ° C.
Shall be racking in storage containers, and after a period of aging the wine is ready to be bottled.
Martinotti method for the production of sparkling wines is called Martinotti from  the Italian oenologist who first recreates in processing the spumante the taking of the wine fermentation in autoclave that occurs with the second fermentation in the bottle of Champagne. As an industry, working on large quantities, is not conducive to achieving the quality of bottled refermentation. Often you find the words Charmat method named  of FranchEnologia  perfected the technique devised from the Italian
The bottles are kept horizontally in wooden shelves, because this material cushion the shocks and vibrations, must be kept in the dark, at constant temperature between 10 and 15 ° C and with humidity around 70-75%, in so that the cork does not dry.

Type:                                              D.O.C. white
Grapes:                                          Riesling Italico
Alcoholic strength:                       12.5%
Manufacturer:                               Fattoria il Gambero

Organoleptic features and characteristics

Load, with a straw tending to the beautiful golden light and a slight carbon just poured in the glass that disappears shortly after.

Dried fruit, apple and sweet notes of vanilla and tropical fruits.

In the mouth plays more on softness component that raises fresh. Slightly bitter finish and discreet persistence.


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