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Coffee Poetry

Updated on December 6, 2014

How I Think of Coffee - Coffee Poetry

This is a hub especially made for coffee lovers.

Let's imagine the heady aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans as we tour the World of Coffee in all its forms by way of a delectable variety of Original poems about coffee --

All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) - Reprint with Permission

From the Lips of a Coffee House Patron

There's nothing wrong saving money brewing your own joe

Especially if you've been paying $5 and taking it on the go

But there is something we coffee house patrons know

That ambiance and atmosphere mean more than the dough

I, fortunately, live in a town where there're probably twenty

Quality coffee shops around with cozy nooks aplenty

I have my fav 4 that are each special in their own ways

For Meeting, Reading, Sitting Outside, depending on the days

It's like the difference between seeing a movie on the Big Screen

Versus watching one at home, sitting on your couch; so routine

Save a few bucks for once in a while drinking coffee in style

You'll find the camaraderie, even if you're alone, worthwhile

Beans, Beans from the Hills of Brazil

Beans, beans from the hills of Brazil

Roasted well; we don't drink swill

French press or dripped, whatever

Drink bad coffee? No, Never!

Picking Coffee

Sitting at a Coffee Bar in France

aka Coffee, Like Wine, is Holy

Sitting at a coffee bar in France

Quite a number of years ago

I was taken by the deep romance

The French have for their joe

Almost always a strong espresso

Sometimes a double sitting at the bar

It's like a French manifesto

Part of what defines who they are

A sugar cube sweetens the brew

The dark liquid sipped slowly

Watered down coffee is taboo

Since coffee, like wine, is holy

This Starbucks

This Starbucks has a patio where

You can bring your dog

To sit while you enjoy the view

Of mountains under fog

Or sip a vente mocha frappacino

On a sun-filled day

With lots of water for the puppy

Lying in the shade

The Client

Summer sun diffuses thru the mesh shade

So as not to bother the client's eyes

He lifts the cup of coffee, freshly made

The cup before his face, is his disguise

He can brew his own at home but he prefers

To sit in this seat at this café most days

A morning camaraderie of sorts it confers

For the lonely ones to find their way

Have Iced Coffee

Have iced coffee with sugar and milk

A frugal drink that's smooth as silk

Make it from what's left of your morning pot

At no extra cost, it'll hit the spot

And keep you awake for late afternoon

A jolt of caffeine stirred with a tall spoon

Coffee @ Vics

We meet our GM weekly @ Vics

A local coffee shop in Boulder

"Regular coffee for here" sticks

The barista, that's what we told her

Coffee tastes better in real cups on dishes

We also get our usual sweet cakes

Poppy schneckens, flaky, delicious,

Choc or almond croissant locally baked

We get our loyalty card stamped

Save for a latte or cappuccino later

After the meeting we're still encamped

To do the crossword and read the paper

Pick a coffee shop that suits you and keep going back.

Your barista will remember what you drink

Barista, Barista

Barista, barista, make me a caffé latte

And I insista, a squirt of chocolaté

My tongue loves the crema

A feeling I can't namea

But maybe, next time, I'll ask for a maté

A Good Cup of Joe

I appreciate a good cup of joe

In certain mugs set aside

The ones with lids for on-the-go

The porcelain ones for inside

In the Quiet Morning

In the quiet morning when the world is waking up

I diddle in my notebook while caressing my cup

At non apparent intervals I'll take a small sip

And return to my contemplation without a skip

Time slides quickly out from under me

Till I reach my last drop of dark, dark, coffee

A New Bag of Beans

When I open a new bag of beans

A deep inhalation hits very keen

Even before they're finely ground

The heavy scent fills the air around

The Chess Player

Seen at a Local Cafe

The chess player kept his corner spot

As challengers took their seats across

But he was on a roll, he was hot

A master of the game, he counted no loss

Click the clock and stay seated

Take a white pawn, take a black rook

Soon this winner would be defeated

To stand above the game, to wait, to look

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    • profile image

      othellos 4 years ago

      Excellent lens on a coffee topic. I never thought of that but now I'm convinced that they really match. Thanks for sharing:=)

    • profile image

      TheCoffeeConnoisseur 5 years ago

      Cool idea on mixing the poetry with my favorite drink : ) I'm not much of a writer, but fun to read your poems.

    • MyFairLadyah2 profile image

      MyFairLadyah2 7 years ago

      @myraggededge: Thanks so much, blessings are a treat

      This lens has many coffee lovers to meet

    • profile image

      myraggededge 7 years ago

      Wonderful! Lensrolled to my Best Coffee Recipes and blessed by a Squid Angel :-)