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Wines and Vines and Rhymes

Updated on September 5, 2014

A Poetic Exploration of Wines and Vines

In this lens I'll suggest some excellent wine accessories and additional resources for you, the wine lover! Along the way, I hope you'll enjoy reading my original poems celebrating the beauty and creation of wines, vines, grapes and vineyards.


All Poetry is Copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) - Reprint with Permission

Scarlet Red

Scarlet red this glass of wine

A nice bouquet delivered

I taste it with this tongue of mine

A'fore I be aquivered

The Vines

About Our Concord Grapes Growing Wild

The long meandering grapevines we discovered

Have a really deep root system we uncovered

The original root is at the back of the garden

And only the shed and brambles are its warden

In the fall we'll harvest the purple spheres

Before the birds have absconded clear

One year we made preserves quite fine

One year a friend bottled us some wine

The vines grow totally without any care

A tree is the trellis as they climb thru air

The vines are long years old; this is evident

We don't know were they planted with intent

Or perhaps a bird dropped seed as he migrated

To let nature care for the vine as it procreated

The vines intertwine with the limbs of their tree

If it had feelings, I think it would be happy

Making a protective form

A temporary shelter

From the helter-skelter

Of a passing storm

Wines And Vines Are Intertwined

Vines and Wines are Intertwined

Through history, we've wined and dined

From Bible days their cultivation

Has been important to many a nation

Bottles of Wine

Bottles of wine in the cool dark recesses

Aging slowly, being tended

In the cellar the vintner possesses

Climate controlled and well defended

The Rule

The rule is red, when eating meat

Which wine with fish or fowl?

Rosé perhaps for a fruity treat

As the sommelier pours with a towel

Champagne is the bubbly of la France

Shiraz is a newer grape type

You can pay what you want to finance

But don't fall too hard for the hype

A glass of red wine they say

Is s'posed to keep the heart healthy

Toast 1

I raise this glass in toast to the future


Of being discerning

Of adequate earning

Of satisfying yearning

The Vineyard - An Acrostic PoemFor Your Enjoyment!

Armchair Travel to Great Vineyards

Fun Gadgets

Fun gadgets to pour the wine

To uncork them and preserve

Do I need them? show me a sign

Who cares; a new toy I deserve

Toast 2

I make a toast this day

To a future hopeful and bright

To happiness in every way

To wisdom, justice and right

Save the Corks

Save the corks

-- We'll make a hot pad

-- -- -- In a picture frame

But if in 5 years

-- The corks are loose

-- -- -- The idea would be lame


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