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one of the cheapest full course meals ever

Updated on January 27, 2011

can't get any cheaper than this

Just as the title and subtitle reveals, there is an answer and only 3 things needed for basics. Many people may have these items in their kitchen, cabinet or refrigerator. But many rarely use them, especially the way i'm going to present it. These items are vienna sausage, cabbage and ramen noodles. Now some details, any 5 ounce vienna sausage brand can run from 39 cents to 80 cents. Cabbage is usually 49-59 cents, it is one of the cheapest vegetables on the market. Any brand and flavor of ramen noodles can run from 15-25 cents for one pack, i remembered when most where 10 cents a pack. So you're looking at the lowest from $1.03 to no more than $1.64. A near full course meal with groups for protein (from vienna), veggie (cabbage) and calcium & starch (ramen). Best of all it takes 6 minutes to cook so it's quick and cheap. Other uses with keeping the ramen can be replacing the vienna with either ones favorite sausage, hotdog or whatever chopped up meat. A replacement for cabbage can be broccoli or mixed vegetables.

Just some small info on ramen noodles. It came from Japan, was commercialized to the US, but originated in China which was similar to lo mien and chow mien. These different companies make more than 10 billion dollars every year. There are many flavors some sold more to other countries than others. The top companies in the US by my research are Nissin, Maruchan, Nong Shim and Sapporo Ichiban. Most of  these can be found in any supermarket or deli, the usual base flavors are chicken, beef and shrimp, but rare and exotic flavors may have to be gotten online.


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    • ritsukakunx profile image

      ritsukakunx 5 years ago

      Hahaha, my husband and I actually like the taste of Ramen. We live near Houston and have huge places, like Hong Kong Mall on Bellaire nearby. They have isles and isles of different ramen - more ramen than you could ever imagine! :p and we love going there! We always make ours on the stove, add eggs, mushrooms and dried veggies - like seaweed. It actually isn't that *bad* of a meal and it is easy to keep everything on hand - and cheap!